Bundles of Hair: Why You Should Be Selling Bundle Deals


Sell More Bundles of Hair with Bundle Deals!

Every shopper that visits your website is looking for a "deal" of some kind.

What has become common in the hair industry are bundle deals that offer multiple lengths in a particular style of hair. Virgin hair bundle deals are all the rage!

Most retail hair stores will give you a discount on buying multiple bundles at once. Shipping just one bundle will not be as profitable as three so entice your shoppers to go for the bundle deal!

Let's take a look at how to offer and price bundles of hair for your online store!

What is a Bundle of Hair?

Before we get into selling bundles deals and the calculations let's first talk about what is a bundle of hair?

The common term "bundle of hair" refers to a single weft hair extension piece. The standard weight of bundles is 3.5 oz or 100 grams. The common lengths of bundles range from 10" - 32" long while celebrities are seen wearing as long as 40". A single bundle's origin can vary from Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and more.

Most bundles are a dark brown/black color also known as a 1B. Other bundle colors vary from lighter shades of browns, reds, and as light as platinum or Russian blonde.

Three bundles of hair are generally referred to Bundle Deals (Check out some wholesale hair bundles here). Let's look at what are bundle deals and how you should price your hair for sale.


Popular Bundle Deal Packages

There are so many hair bundle deals. The most common bundle deal packages will group three bundles of hair together at increasing lengths. Brazilian bundle deals are really popular and are definitely an offer that you want to sell.


Brazilian Body Wave Bundle Deal

  • 14"/16"/18" = $$$
  • 16"/18"/20" = $$$
  • 18"/20"/22" = $$$

I think you get the idea!

Some stores will also offer a closure option as part of the bundle deal. Not a bad idea but it can get technical with so many product variations. Something else to consider would be to offer a closure as an up-sell on your store in the cart.

All you need is some quick calculations to price out your bundle deal and give your client a discount. First, let's look at how much is a bundle of hair when sold at the retail price.

Let's do a quick example:

Average Retail Prices Brazilian Body Wave Bundles

14" - $60

16" - $65

18" - $70

20" - $75

22" - $80

Your total retail price of an 18"/20"/22" Brazilian Body Wave if you purchased the bundles of hair individually would be: $225

We suggest taking about $5 off per bundle. This discount would create a bundle deal price of $210. This pricing is just a suggestion, and you should set your prices that are going to increase sales and profits!

Initial Price Shock Value

Now you may need some help pricing bundles. Don't worry, we've got you covered! The first price you see on a product page can make a big impact!

Obviously, a lower initial price might keep a shopper from clicking away and finding something else. Are we all sensitive to pricing? Yes!

So what strategy can you use with bundle deals?

Well not everyone that is shopping might need the common three bundles of hair that are included in a bundle deal. What if a client wanted a short bob hairstyle? They would most likely only need two bundles if in the 10" - 12" length range.

Pricing Strategy

As a hair extension marketing technique, consider offering a 10"/10" or 10"/12" length combination for a bundle deal.

On our sister retail site Luxury Hair Direct you can see that the Body Wave Bundle Deal has a 10"/10" option that is much lower than the bundle deals with three bundles of hair.

Take a closer look at this bundle deal option below. It is priced $75 less than the 10"/12"/14" bundle deal.


As you can imagine a customer visiting your website would be enticed by a bundle deal for only $109.99 as opposed to $184.99.

This is a pricing strategy you should consider when selling multiple bundles of hair.

Bundle Deals on Our Site

We do offer bundle deals on Private Label Extensions. Because we are a wholesale hair supplier there is no additional discount on buying three bundles.

Our bundle deals are available for the convenience of shopping on our site. With bundles of hair starting at $21.99 it is hard to give excessive additional discounts and stay in business. I am sure you understand that. We do offer discounts on higher volume purchases, but you would want to contact us for those details.

The wholesale hair market is a little different than retail as the margins on retail sales can be 2X - 3X that of wholesale.

What about Four Bundles of Hair?

We have seen some companies offer bundles deals with four bundles of hair instead of the traditional two or three. Is this a good idea?

Sure! As you know, a sew-in with bundles over 24" in length with most likely require four bundles. Offering this option could increase your sales.

Our team has not specifically tried this method because of the price shock value, but we have seen other retailers giving it a shot.

Here is an example of the popular hair retailer Diamond Virgin Hair. They have these four bundle offer for their "Mink" hair.

Now before you ask, "Does Private Label Extensions sell Mink Hair?", please read our article on Mink Hair Extensions that explains the Mink Hair term is 100% MARKETING.

One more note - No, we do not supply Diamond Virgin Hair and congrats on their success. Because we are a "Private Label" company we do not discuss who are clients are so we had to use another company as an example.


Create Your Bundle Deals Price List!

Now that you have all your bundle deal pricing calculated it's time to start making a price list.

We love the online program, Canva. It allows you to quickly design all sorts of great marketing materials. If you want a customer to buy your bundles of hair you better have it marketed properly.

With some practice, you can make your bundle deals look great with Canva. Below is an example of what Private Label Extensions has designed for its wholesale virgin hair price list.


Are You Selling Bundle Deals?

If you are not selling bundle deals, then please consider it. Private Label Extensions supplies hundreds of clients with wholesale hair extensions and has a very good idea of what is working in the retail market.

Bundle deals work! Virgin hair bundle deals are the best way to offer value to your customers.

We understand some clients don't have the startup capital to invest $5,000 - $10,000 to have all the hair extensions on hand. This is why we created our Dropship Program that allows you to sell online in a snap without the upfront inventory costs.

If you have any questions about bundle deals just drop it in the comments section below!


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