5 reasons to buy cruelty free hair care products

5 Reasons To Buy Cruelty Free Hair Care Products


Before I was well-versed in the world of makeup, and hair, I didn’t think twice about the fact that most products then were tested on animals. I always had the notion that, even though products were tested on animals, these products were safe to use. If a product wasn’t safe on an animal, how would it be safe for us? What I didn’t take time to consider were the many different ways that animals are tested. Cruelty-free products, however, don't test on animals!

We see how many products are on the shelves but what about the ones that aren’t? The testers had to conclude that those products weren’t safe enough for a purchase. An animal had to suffer for the product to be denied access to the market. Besides the fact that animals don’t deserve to be tested on for our benefit, there are some other perks to choosing cruelty-free products.

Since learning more about the reality of hair care products, I’ve done my best to use cruelty-free products. Luckily, there’s been a shift in the industry, and it’s easier than ever to get cruelty-free products. There are so many brands that support this movement!

Let’s get into my top five reasons to choose cruelty-free hair care products!


Less Toxic

Without the process of animal testing, many cruelty-free brands have to go the extra mile to ensure that their products are safe for usage. Many of the brands that don’t practice animal testing use green products. Green products are products that are free from potentially harmful chemicals. Most of the ingredients in these products are natural.

It’s also easy to find the origin of them. This is great for anyone needing less harsh hair care products because of sensitivity. These products are healthier for you because as your skin and scalp absorb these products, you’re not adding anything harmful to your body. These cruelty-free brands are less toxic for you, and for animals. They don’t cause any issues with any species, and they even provide some benefits.

Many people have noticed a difference in the nature of their hair. The products are less harsh, which means that your hair will be left soft, while still being fresh. One of my favorite cruelty-free brands is “It’s a 10.”

They are a great hair care brand with all kinds of products for the ultimate hair experience.

Testing Is More Harmful Than States

Many people think that animal testing is entirely safe because of the way that brands lead people to believe so. However, despite what methods they use, all animal testing has the potential to be cruel to animals. In most testing centers, animals are confined to small areas, such as cages or extremely enclosed spaces.

The conditions are entirely inhumane. Most animals are tortured and eventually killed, especially if the experiment doesn’t go as planned. The animals have no way of fighting back or declining treatment.

Be mindful of these facts as you’re choosing your products!


Animal Testing Isn’t Necessary

Most countries around the world have banned animal testing. Canada and the United States are the only places that haven’t wholly diminished animal testing. They claim it’s necessary to reach new strides in research. However, to formulate different products, companies don’t need to test animals to prove they're safe.

There are over 5,000 ingredients that are shown to be safe. This means that if companies use these ingredients, they won’t need to test for safety because they’ve already been deemed as safe. Most companies that continue to use animal testing are only doing so to increase their profits.

It’s always important to look into the integrity of a company before buying their products! Also, many domestic animals that we consider to be pets, such as dogs and cats, are used for testing purposes. That’s right, your cute little pooch or kitten has the potential to be used for testing.

Imagine what a horrific situation that would be!

Save Money!

Not only are cruelty-free brands better for your hair, but they are also better for your wallet as well. Many of the brands that claim cruelty-free products are budget friendly. For example, “It’s a 10,” products are so cheap and easy to find.

Also, don’t confuse cheap with ineffective. Many competitive products will save you money while still give you the best hair of life! Don’t be afraid to try something that’s outside of your comfort zone.

When I started transitioning to cruelty-free products, I found that I had savings of more than $50! That amount of money is enough for a new nail set or a pedicure.

Switching over might be the best financial decision you make, especially if you spend a lot on hair products.


You’ll Never Go Back

Honestly, once you switch your products to cruelty-free, you’ll never want to go back! When I changed over to these brands, my hair was lighter, softer, and way more moisturized.

I didn’t feel that my hair was being stripped of its necessary moisture, or nutrients. Once I was able to see all the benefits, I didn’t want to go back to my old products.

I remember donating the old products I had left and used only cruelty-free products. Also, since these products are cheaper, it doesn’t hurt my pockets. It’s a win-win all around!

Remember This

Switching over to cruelty-free is a beneficial move for everyone including you. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be saving animals from unnecessary cruelty. You’ll save tons of money by switching to products that are considered free products and don’t contain harsh chemicals.

I love using cruelty-free brands, especially as I think about my pets and how they could be harmed if I used products that weren’t cruelty-free. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box, and look up different companies and their policies.

Look into it, and let us know which cruelty brands or products are your favorite.

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