why you should be using canva for your hair business

Why You Should Be Using Canva For Your Hair Business

Using Canva Will Benefit Your Brand

One of the most important things to understand when it comes to branding is that the overall look of the brand matters. As someone that has been adamant about being an entrepreneur, I’ve found that the vital thing that companies are missing is aesthetically pleasing and efficient graphics. When I first started using different platforms, I saw that getting good graphics was expensive.

Different products such as Photoshop and Adobe cost hundreds of dollars. Also, getting a graphic designer can be even more costly when you’re trying to achieve a specific look. So, as someone starting out, what’s the best way to make sure that you present your brand without breaking your pockets? Canva! The evolution of graphic design has given us the ability to create our outstanding graphics for our hair brands.

This online tool is fantastic for giving you all kinds of templates and tools to create graphics such as fliers, photos, and even ebooks. After discovering Canva, I was able to complete tons of projects for myself and my clients. Overall, it is a fantastic creative tool for anyone in need of creating quick, efficient projects.

What’s Canva?

For those of you unfamiliar with Canva, it is a website that you can use to create a multitude of things using simple and easy graphic design tools. It also has easy downloading and publishing tools so you can post your creations anywhere that social media in your area allows. For flexibility, it is available in 100 languages and can be accessed by desktop or mobile app for your convenience.

It was founded in July 2012. Melanie Perkins was teaching graphic design when she saw that her students were struggling to learn the basics. It was that moment that persuaded her to partner with Cliff Obrecht to brainstorm ideas for more natural graphic design methods. After their initial project together, they paired up with Cameron Adams to create Canva.

After it was formed and after obtaining investors, the importance of Canva skyrocketed. Since then, the founders of this graphic design platform have built a team that cares about its users and is always working to make their creation better than it was before.

Who Is Canva For?

It's for everyone, but it’s especially essential to those that need graphics and projects created for their everyday work. Canva is excellent for professionals like teachers looking for different ways to keep their students engaged without spending a ton of money. It’s great for nonprofits, charities, and firms that need to get the word out about their companies and create a call to actions.

The program is especially great for small businesses that want to stand out without breaking their budget. Large companies can also benefit from using Canva by allowing their teams to be flexible yet consistent. Overall, Canva is indeed a great asset for anyone that wants to develop their design skills and use them at work, or for fun. Canva is free, and although they do have features you can pay for, it’s not necessary to do the job.

License Agreements For Canva

There are different premium options available for purchase on Canva. For example, you can pay for licensing on canvas to have continuous access to the premium media sources found in their library. The pricing goes as followed:

  • $1 for a One-time use.
  • $10 for a Multi-Use
  • $100 for an extended license

By purchasing a license, whether one time or extended, you’re able to use your purchase for at least 24 hours. For example, if you buy a one time use, then you have only 24 hours and up to 2000 copies. If you purchase a multi-use, you have use of multiple graphics with no time limit and up to 250,000 copies. If you buy the extended package, then you will have unlimited access to everything. The investment is worth looking into, primarily if you use Canva often.

Canva For Work

Canva for Work is one of the new features, and it seems to be doing well. This is a paid service that allows you to add team members to their Canva network. Team members can add designs, add comments and give each other feedback. By paying for this, you’re gaining access to a ton of new features that you wouldn’t have with the free version. For example, you have unlimited storage for photos and projects, exclusive access to 400,000 free pictures and templates, and priority support should you ever need official Canva help.

For companies with larger teams, there is Canva Enterprise which allows for up to 30 team members to access the same account. By having the Enterprise plan, you’ll also have access to a dedicated account manager should anything cause an issue for your team. Canva for Work is a great benefit for small to large organizations and still more cost-effective than outsourcing.

Overall Benefits Of Canva

Overall, Canva is extremely easy to use. There is a step by step guide that allows you to see exactly how you can create beautiful campaigns using it. Also, there are hundreds of templates and designs available to you without having to pay. There are graphics, and illustrations and a support team ready for your usage. If you do decide to spend, different licenses and benefits come with your payment.

Canva has made it easier for communities to improve their graphic design skills while also saving money. Even if you don’t need it for work purposes, Canva helps you by allowing you to explore the many possibilities that can occur when you try to design something of your own.

Need More Help With Canva?

Luckily, we offer an essential and amazing course to help you navigate through Canva. One of the worst feelings is trying to figure out something that you don’t know anything about without live assistance. When I first started using this tool, I had a bit of trouble. Even with the step by step guide, I could never figure out what color schemes, fonts, and themes looked best. It was annoying, and during various moments despite needing to finish my work, I gave up.

Trying to figure everything out can be overwhelming! With this Canva course by Private Label Extensions, you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know.

The course curriculum includes a message from one of our representatives, how to create from a blank canvas, tips, and tricks, and how to create a basic design. The course is cost-effective and informative, and you won’t regret it! Learn everything you need to know without all the frustration. Click here to get started!

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