let's talk about cardi b and her breathtaking hair in be careful

Let’s Talk About Cardi B and Her Breathtaking Hair in ‘Be Careful’

Cardi B Takes On a Whole Lot of Styles

Cardi B is slaying hairstyles in 2018. Within two months while waiting for her little one to arrive, she wore a short emerald green finger wave wig at her Saturday Night Live (SNL) debut performance. And she wore a long-styled Passion Wave wig at the Met Gala, and her unconventional tri-ponytail style at her “Boachella” performance at Coachella in Southern California. And to top it all off, all her wig styles were created by the same hair stylist--Tokyo Stylez!

Romance to Revenge

As we are paying closer attention to Cardi B, we are excited by her latest hairstyle in her new music video. “Be Careful,” showing a romance gone wrong in her new music video for one of her famous songs on her newly released album, Invasion of Privacy, already certified gold. The video was inspired by the 2003 Kill Bill film, based on a story of a bride who gets revenge on her assassins. But, in this music video, the rapper’s revenge is towards her soon to be deceased husband. She portrays a hurt lover that marries then buries her groom at the same church. The video opens with Cardi B in an angelic appearance. As the video goes on, she goes 180 degrees with a darker Cardi look and an appearance of vengeance towards her groom at the end. Cardi B rocked a platinum blonde wig and a hot red couture ponytail hairstyle in the music video.

The Man Behind the Hair

30 seconds into the music video, we see yet another hairstyle slayed by Tokyo Stylez, a world-renowned A-list celebrity stylist. He is known for his hair extensions styles and fantastic wig creations. His wigs have cost over $3000.00. Talk about expensive. Tokyo Stylez has styled Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Lil Kim, and Teyana Taylor, and so much more. Cardi B uses Tokyo Stylez for many of her appearances and performances. The breathtaking hairstyles he did for Cardi B’s music video stole the spotlight. The hairstyles that Stylez created aligned with the two distinct themes of the video.

Cardi B’s Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

In the music video, Cardi B, the bride, is walking down the aisle in a church in the middle of nowhere in the desert. Cardi is first shown wearing a white sequined wedding dress drenched with silver jewels. In various scenes throughout the video, we see her platinum blonde hair fabulously blowing towards her direction: the “windy hair blowing effect” emphasized the wig that portrays an angelic style with grace. This wig was a perfect sentiment throughout the beginning of the music video. The platinum blonde frontal is not just a regular frontal. The hair is a high focal point in the music video. Platinum blonde or white is a color that represents purity and perfection. It is a color that “inspires trust” and sentiments a heavenly aura. In the video, Cardi B displays just that.

Get The Look

Platinum blonde is a bold statement that will continue to serve looks. Private Label Extensions provides hair extensions that help you to recreate and style Cardi’s look. With Russian blonde hair, you can bleach the hair a bit more to create a platinum blonde/white color. Private Label provides the Blonde Body Wave Lace Frontal and bundles as well as a Brazilian 360 Russian Blonde Body Wave Lace frontal wig. Take a leap of faith and show off a platinum blonde colored hair. It's a bold statement yet a look that can serve with angelic looks.

Cardi Serving a Fiery Red Look

In the second part of the music video, Cardi B appears much darker in her clothing, makeup, and hair. She rocks a fiery red hairstyle served by yours truly, Tokyo Stylez. Shortly after the marriage, Cardi B returns to the same church, but this time, it is her groom’s funeral. Cardi’s did a turn around having an appearance of vengeance, darkness, and goth. Cardi portrays an angry bride that loses it due to the deceit and lies of her estranged lover. In the music video, Cardi slams her husband's coffin shut and expresses her hurt towards him through her music lyrics. Her glam team was able to pull off a look that would fit this particular scene of the music video of an angry, resentful wife. The main focal point of the second half of the music video was the goth-inspired outfit and her well-crafted ponytail reaching past her waist. Her fire red hair styled in a low pulled back ponytail. The waist length ponytail involved a longer hair extension that was linked with rings to create the 'Dior' ponytail. This hairstyle provided a creative touch to the hair. Tokyo Stylez crafted two ring loops attached to Cardi’s hair and another ring loop attached to a long hair extension faux tail.

Get This Look

Because Tokyo Stylez is a magician when it comes to hair, turning this look into a DIY might be more difficult than it looks. The "Dior Couture ponytail" was the focal point of the Dior fashion show back in 2015, where most of the models that walked that show displayed the hair look, making it a definitive hairstyle of the show. Guido Palau, a stylist at the 2015 show, stated that "It looks effortless, but it's very technical.” Palau was the inventor of this hair design.

Styles Like These Are Exciting to Try Out

Tokyo Stylez has some fabulous creations up his sleeve. I wonder what hairstyle Cardi B will get next. What did you think about the video and the hairstyles? Did the hairstyles align with the theme of the music video? Would you ever wear these hairstyles? Let us know!
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