The Best Hair Care for Blonde Hair Extensions

The Best Hair Care for Blonde Hair Extensions

Blonde Hair Extensions

We've all heard the saying, "Blondes have more fun," and I could not agree more. Here is the thing about blonde hair; it comes with great responsibility. While it is the new rave in the hair industry let's face it, your blonde hair it is only as good as its care. When it comes to blonde hair extensions, the proper care is key to the longevity of the extensions. Dying extensions any color puts a strain on the hair but more so when bleaching hair lighter. That does not mean you slack on the upkeep ladies! You spend a pretty penny on your hair extensions, right? So it's always in the best interest of the consumer to know how to take care of the hair once it's colored.

A Little More Maintenance Than Usual

When buying your blonde bundles, the last thing you want to deal with is tangled, matted and dry hair. Whether you buy the hair blonde or you dye the hair yourself, the care will be the same. Blonde hair can become brittle and dry because dying hair strips the hair of its natural oils. So with that, you will need to make sure the extensions remain moisturized at all times. A key to keeping the hair moisturized is finding a color safe yet sulfate free conditioner. Once you find a great color safe conditioner, you should condition the hair at least 3-4 times a week. Do not be afraid of the conditioner; it is your friend ladies! Although you may be scared to oil your extensions, it won't hurt to use oil on your blonde extensions. Lightly oiling your extensions helps retain the moisture and that is what's it's all about.

Great Color Safe Conditioners

Below are a few great conditioners to help keep your hair color fresh and extensions moisturized all in one: Aveda's Color Conserve - With a plant base, this product is not only all natural but very light on the color-treated hair. Super Rich by Bumble & Bumble - This conditioner can be found at Sephora. It helps hair go from dehydrated to super rich, no pun intended Herbal Essences Color Me Happy - I find this product to be great for wavy or any hair with some texture. Herbal Essences keeps your color treated extensions silky and hydrated. When you get your hands on one of the mentioned or any other color safe conditioner, please co-wash the extensions at least twice before installing. Upon air drying, use oil to seal in the moisture. Jojoba, almond, and even coconut oil are the best for color treated extensions. These oils are not heavy at all and will not weigh down the extensions. I know what you are thinking; "won't the oil make my hair greasy?" the answer is no, mainly because you only need to use a small amount.

Co-Wash vs. Shampoo

Now you are probably wondering why I have not mentioned shampooing the extensions right? That's because shampooing usually is useful in cleaning the hair only. While on the other hand conditioning helps treat the hair of dullness, brittleness, dryness while also cleaning the hair. With blonde hair extensions moisture is the number one thing. Don't get me wrong; color-safe shampoos are just as important. They help make sure that the hair remains clean but it does not always help protect the extensions (co-washing does).

What To Avoid

What did we say about dry blonde hair, it sucks! At best, once you finish washing the extensions, just lay them flat on a towel, no harm in that. With so many hair companies selling hair, it's hard to tell who is the real deal and who isn't. The game of buying hair extensions is all about preservation. How long can you maintain the quality of hair you have and make the hair last? Once your extensions become fried, they will either remain in that state, become extremely dry or you may experience a lot of shedding. Your extensions can also fall from the weft if they are too damaged! While there are probably more things to avoid when having blonde hair, the ones listed are the most important. Chemicals on top of chemicals can only cause further damage and frankly who has time for that? So before you turn into a mermaid ladies, please remember that chlorine is not your friend and will harm your blonde extensions. Adding excessive distress or chemicals can do nothing but damage the hair beyond repair. Here is a list of things you should avoid if you want to take care of your blonde extensions.


Try to wear a swim cap while swimming. The chlorine can cause the hair to tangle or even become matted. Another cool thing to know about chlorine is that if your hair is already wet before, the chlorine has a harder time attaching and damaging your extensions.

Too Much Heat

With any texture of hair, too much heat can also damage your hair. This too goes for blonde hair extensions, too much heat can cause the hair to fry permanently. Using heat once a week is more than enough on your hair. No one is saying you can't use heat, just use sparingly and always use heat protectants.

Sun Damage

Didn't you think the weather could affect your hair huh? Think again; extreme climates can cause hair color to become dull which is essentially drying out the strands. Ladies before you head out to the beach on a sunny day, grab you some UV hairspray and make sure your extensions are protected. A hat works just as well, why do you think they make those cute sun hats.

Dry Shampoos

Dry shampoos are all the rave, they do not protect or adequately clean extensions. Since essentially hair extensions are dead hair follicles, this type of shampoo does nothing but cause an issue. Stick to what you know, regular color safe, sulfate free shampoos will do the trick. Don't try and take Loopholes to haircare.

Liquid Bleach

For those ladies who like DIY projects when it comes to hair, try to use a powered bleach when dying your extensions, opposed to liquid bleach. The powder isn't so harsh on the extensions and will give your hair that perfect shade of blonde. While liquid bleach is just as or perhaps more efficient in bleaching hair, it is also full of harsh chemicals.

Use A Towel

Drying your hair with a towel is normal for you right? Sounds harmful right? Wrong! While drying your hair extensions with a towel isn't going to make the world combust; it will dry out your locks.

How To Repair Blonde Extensions Gone Bad

Do not, I repeat, do not panic! Your hair can be repaired with proper care. Where there is a will, there is a way. Because your extensions are not attached to a scalp, there is room for error but correction. Thankfully there are so many excellent leave-in conditioners that can be used to help restore blonde hair extensions. Anything with an oil base can help restore the moisture which is all I have been screaming this whole article. Here are some helpful tips to restore your blonde hair extensions:


First you want to detangle the hair. Detangling will stop any further tangling. Using a wide tooth comb or brush is acceptable. Always start from the end all the way up to the weft, never top to bottom. Of course, while detangling you want to either damp the hair with water or a mixture of apple cider vinegar & water.


Make sure to rinse out any products or oils, just with warm to cold water. Too cold or hot water can take a toll on the hair, especially if it isn't super dense.


Soak the extensions in a mixture of warm to cold water & your conditioner. Let the hair soak for 20 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the level of damage.

Comb/ Brush

As the extensions are submerged in the water, comb/brush through the hair to make sure it is no longer tangled. You can also tell while doing this step if the hair is getting back to its normal state. With this tip, remember that hair extensions are most fragile while wet, so go easy with the combing and brushing.

Rinse Again

Lastly, rinse the hair one last time to get out all of the solution and conditioner. After these steps, the hair should be back to its original state at purchase. Easy enough! Repairing your blonde extensions isn't so hard to do. We want to make sure that we are correctly taking care of them so that you won't have to do any repair at all. Things happen, and that's why we are here, to help you. Things happen, and not all hair (good or bad) can withstand such active chemicals such as bleaching blonde. The information given in this article is catered to blonde hair extensions but can be used for all hair extensions of all textures. Remember ladies, you pay a pretty penny for your extensions, let the care you give them reflect that. Comment below letting us know your thoughts and advice as well!
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