5 celebrities who did the big chop

5 Celebrities Who Did the Big Chop

You Need to Cut It!

Okay, so this is your season! You finally got yourself to go to the salon and get prepped for the “big chop”! Now, you keep thinking in the back of your mind all the consequences that come with this decision. You start hearing familiar voices. Who do you overhear? Your boyfriend and best friend are telling you not to do it. You are trying to be your person, so you are determined. Now, you've probably asked yourself a few if not all of these questions, when it comes to making this decision. What do you do? How is it going to end up looking? What if you end up hating it? Will you still be considered “pretty”? It is sad that these question even exist, but issues like these have plagued the minds of women everywhere. All you have to do is remember that this cut has been done before by women who were brave enough to break out of the status quo. In the end, they rocked it! Of course, this can be you. Maybe, you’re bored with your look, desiring something new or you are tired of managing your hair. Either way, it goes, do what is best for you and your style! The look of the strands falling in front of your face may seem scary at first, but you will feel liberated when it is all over! The big chop is a fantastic way of retaining your individuality because you are straying from traditional societal norms. Most women tend to have a love and hate relationship with their hair. Our emotions are attached to our hair, which can sometimes feel like our hair is an extension of ourselves. At the same time, we hate how much money and maintenance it takes to keep it up every week. If you think it is finally your time to reposition your crown, why not?

Some Things to Consider

Remember that the big chop is a process for anyone to endure, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing! You will be in shock when you leave the chair, point blank. Everyone has a vision for how they want their hair to look, but remember that it may not come out exactly the way you want it to as soon as you leave the salon. Don't compare your hair to anyone else. It'll grow on you, just give it time! Your hair may even feel a little dry. You won't understand or like the fact that your hair won't retain moisture, but eventually, it will! You may even want your hair to grow faster. But, keep in mind that it will flourish the same amount it always has. It's just thought this time you will be able to see the growth. People may also stare at you. Ignore them! If you are not too comfortable with change, try shortening your hair a little bit at a time before you decide to do a big chop. This way you can see the transition, and over time you will become more comfortable with your look! You may become obsessed with your new look. It will take some time, but once you've gotten the hang of how your hair's natural chemical makeup is you will love what is growing out of your scalp!

The Pros and Cons

There are benefits and downfalls to all things in life and hair is included. It's important to be 100% aware of what you are getting yourself into when you decide to do a big chop. If you aren't, you could have some severe regret about your decision. We do not want that! I know sometimes we act impulsively based on how we feel and feelings change! I also know that others like to do their research about something before they pursue it thoroughly. So, I decided to help out with the manner and discuss what are considered to be the general pros and cons of getting the big chop.

What Are the Pros?

Let’s talk about what happens when you are in the transitioning phase. You need to understand that the big chop gives you one texture automatically. Therefore, if you are transitioning, you may have a hard time taking care of your real feel as your hair grows out. That may not be true if the textures aren’t too different from each other. If the compositions are different, be prepared to take care of both. That means you may need to use different methods on each texture and even different products. You have to practice particular attention so that your hair doesn’t start tearing at the line of demarcation and falling out. Fortunately, taking care of short hair takes way less time to style and manage. In a lot of cases after a big chop, you can do your hair in just a few minutes. How amazing does that sound? If your chop is low, you could be in your hair for only a minute with a small application of some moisturizer or conditioner or even just spritzing with some water. Shampooing and conditioning will also be quick routines. Say goodbye to those rainy days when you forget your umbrella and have to worry about what the water will do to your hair! The weather no longer factors in how your hair will act. When you big chop you don’t have to worry too much about what the weather is going to do to your hair. If it begins to rain, you don’t have to run for cover like you would with your processed or even natural hair.

What Are the Cons?

I know one of the biggest cons for most people is how you will look after the cut. But, in my opinion, there are very few women who are not able to pull this off, and I don’t believe you will be one of them! Looks are all about confidence. Once you are used to your look, and you think you look right, then the world will see it as beauty! But, if you are that concerned, maybe you should hold off receiving a big chop for now. The second biggest con that I know many women have trouble with is styling. It's hard to accept that the styling options are limited. In fact, you may even be ricking one hairstyle the first couple of months just to get used to your new look. When you are ready, you’ll discover that the option may be limited, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Add some accessories or change up the color. Wigs are also an option! The last con can get to peoples’ heads if they aren’t strong enough to handle it, opinions. Forget all the naysayers, because there will be many. Remember that this is your hair journey and the only person you owe happiness to is yourself. Become confident enough to wear your short look around anyone without fear of negative feedback.

Preparing for the Big Chop, Mentally

Most men don’t understand the pressure and emotional trauma a woman’s hair can put her through. Sometimes women don’t give themselves enough time to process decisions before making one. Before you decide to do a big chop, think about why you want to do it in the first place. Is it because of damage? Are you ready to let go of your old hair and try something new? Do you want to let go of the attachment you have to your hair? Are you in a rebel stage? It’s important to think about these things because we often make our hair decisions based on feelings. Feelings always change. So when changing your hair, understand that your opinion has to be somewhat concrete at least for a little while. Some smaller things you can do to help you out with the journey can include researching different styles you’d like to try. Rack up on the wigs that you would want to buy or screenshot that picture of that hair color you’ve been thinking about for months. It’ll get you more excited and anxious to do it. Once you are comfortable with the reason you have for doing the big chop that’s it. You are ready. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it or control your motive. It is all about your well-being!

Celebrities are Hopping on This Scissor Train, Too!

Many times we get our hair inspiration from our favorite stars. But, who’s to say they don’t get inspiration from the general public as well? They are regular, people who experience all the anxiety we feel when it comes to our hair, and maybe they want a change too!

1. Tamar Braxton

Only within this past month, Tamar Braxton revealed her new big chop look on Instagram, and she was stunning! Her caption captured the hearts of many everywhere who may have been feeling similar ways. "I'm over feeling captive to a wig, weave, people, people’s comments & opinions hell...even my feelings!" she wrote on Instagram. "We can choose to stop these things from having the power and victory over us!! And for me, that starts ️ TODAY #happysttamarsday. "

2. Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan pleasantly surprised us all earlier this year when she revealed her new look on the internet after shooting for her upcoming role in Netflix's Nappily Ever After. We aren’t sure what motivated the decision, but she looks freer and happier than she has in years!

3. Taraji P. Henson

Back in June, Taraji P. Henson opened up about how she felt about embracing all that is natural which includes her hair. She was more than willing to cut everything off when her stylist told her that he would chop it all off!

4. Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer is someone we millennials grew up with for years. We’ve seen her blossom from a child to a beautiful young woman that is true to herself and aware of everything around her. We couldn’t be more proud to know that she decided to join the TWA movement. When she chopped it all off, it was no surprise. Her outspoken and humorous personality fit the bill and her face. She’s gorgeous!

5. Michaela Coel

The beautiful black woman with the British accent who stars in her written Netflix series Chewing Gum made her debut appearance with no hair! She is British, right? She showed up to the Olivier Awards last April looking stunning and bald! That’s right I said it! Bald does not have to be a taboo word nor does it have to mean anything negative. She owns this look! Some of these celebrities had always embraced their hair, while others had to come into it. For some of these celebs, it was a highly personal, difficult decision to transition to natural hair, while for others, it’s merely a fun change of pace. Whatever the case may be, we love to see black women rocking the scene with their fresh cuts! They are gorgeous and ready to take on the world one head at a time!

Just to Chop Things Up Real Quick

The big chop can be a deal breaker for a lot of people. But, it can also be life-changing and liberating for others! Whether it’s to signal a significant event in your life like a breakup or a new job, too much damage on your hair, or even no reason at all, more and more of our favorite celebrity women have been cutting off their locks and embracing their all natural features! Why not get on the wave and find out if you like what you see? Remember to think before you act, do your research and forget all the negative feedback! Take control of your life and power! Is the big chop even an option for you? Have you thought about doing the big chop? Have you already done it? What are some reservations you may have? I'd love to hear what you have to say! Leave your comments and questions below!
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I have been thinking lately on doing a big chop again after 6 years of having my hair relaxed now that all my gray hair has grown in with a bit sandy brown and pinch of blond in it and I am ready but scare to so I need some encouragement from the ladies that just did their big chop.


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