what type of hair extensions are celebrities rocking

What Type of Hair Extensions Are Celebrities Rocking?

Interested in Hair Extensions?

Ask yourself what type of hair extensions celebrities are rocking! The days of chopping your hair and waiting for it to grow back are no more! With so many fun and fabulous styles to play with, you don't have the time to sit around and wait for your hair to get some length. That is where hair extensions come in! If you are stuck with a short haircut you hate, or your hair doesn't grow fast enough to your liking, then you may be interested in investing in some excellent hair extensions! There are so many to choose from nowadays. Not only are there various types of hair extensions, and ways to apply them but there are also so many paragons to base your choices off of! Celebrities are great role models for everything fashion, trends, and hair! When it comes to hair extensions, you'll want to see an example of what you're getting, and how to rock it! Well, get ready. Here come some great examples of which hair extensions celebrities are wearing and how to rock them!

The Truth Behind Kylie Jenner Locks

King Kylie is an excellent model for hair extensions. Though she is also known for wearing wigs, Kylie is a huge fan of adding in hair extensions when she's rocking her naturally dark hair. Showing off her natural short hair on Snapchat isn't a new thing for Kylie, but when she is stepping out for an appearance she is always looking snatched with her long gorgeous hair! Kylie Jenner may use a variety of different ways to add hair to her looks, but the most common form is through tape ins. Tape in hair extensions is convenient and comfortable to remove. They last anywhere from six to eight weeks and are reasonably easy to manage! Care for your tape in hair extensions consists of keeping them clean, brushed, and detangled. You can shower with them in, and style them as you would your hair. Wearing them up at night, or in a braid will ensure that the extensions stay detangled, as will brushing them several times a day. With the correct protection, you'll be ready for eight weeks of being fabulous!

Chrissy Teigen's Love of Clips Ins

Celebs just want to look their one hundred percent of the time, and why wouldn't they? Always being in the public eye makes each celebrity venerable to criticism, but instead of hiding it model Chrissy Teigen flaunts her short hairstyles and raves about her clip in hair extensions! Also a Snapchat lover, Chrissy shows her fans, through her platform, that it is okay to own your hair extensions! She chooses clip-ins. This type of hair extension is easy and straightforward. They are wearable on a day-by-day basis, and are easy to protect, apply, style and remove! With a fast pace lifestyle and frequent wardrobe/fashion changes, clip in hair extensions are magnificent and are usually pretty easy to come by. With proper hair hygiene and storing the clip-ins will last you up to a year! Since you're not wearing them every day and you're not sleeping in them, keeping them detangled and clean is relatively painless. You can order your clip-ins in different lengths, and colors so there is no commitment to just one style. Get some clip-ins so that you can be just as fly as your celebrity equivalent!

Nicki Minaj Loves Her Wigs

Nicki Minaj is always re-inventing herself? It’s been about a decade since the Queen emerged on the scene. She’s been doing it with pizazz by wearing bright-colored wigs and matching makeup to really stand out. The upcoming artist has served us a lineup of outrageous and memorable looks. Each one of them portraying one of her alter egos. My personal favorite has been the Harajuku Barbie. She was really colorful and expressive during that era.

In the world of hair, Nicki Minaj is an icon! She’s never been afraid to think outside the box and create looks. A lot of her looks in the beginning of her career were full of color and spunk. She’s been killing the game when it comes to hair, and majority, if not all, of her looks were created with extensions. Lately, she’s been wearing her natural hair. It looks beautiful but let’s get into her stylish hair extensions!

To achieve looks like Nicki’s, you’ll need to be adventurous with your styles! Also, you’ll need to choose which color you love most! If you’re really feeling up to it, you can try them all. Luckily for you, achieving her looks is easy. You can buy one of our wigs and color it yourself, or have a professional do it for you.

You can also purchase our extensions and have your wig custom made. For example, to achieve the Harijuku Barbie look, you can create a wig with our straight Malaysian hair. Cut the hair into the style she had it, and create some bangs. Add a splash of color by dying just a strip of whichever color you choose.

You can easily be as iconic as Nicki by choosing to wear an iconic wig. If her old looks aren’t really your style, then you can always replicate her current looks using some of our more natural styles. For example, you can buy some our jet black extensions and create a natural look with a leave out.

Keke Palmer Loves to Add Length

Keke Palmer is a queen when it comes to changing up her hair. She is known for switching it up from natural protective styles, to mainstream hair trends. Celebrities are not afraid to get down to the nitty-gritty when it comes to styling their hair. They like to be different! However, Keke always keeps it real. One of the ways that Palmer and other celebrities rock their hair extensions is by simple sewing them in! Keke is living her best life as an actress and singer, and with such a busy life she isn’t letting her hair get in her way! She stays looking fabulous. Sew in hair extensions are fantastic for kicking off new growth. With a flat iron of your natural hair, you can add length and volume with a straight style of sew-ins. Or, find something similar to your natural hair pattern and run with it! Either way, you’re bound to look beautiful! Sew-in weaves take some time to put in but are lovely in the long run. They can last for up to eight weeks and can be washed and styled like natural hair, primarily because most are human hair! With sew-ins, you’re guaranteed a flawless finish.

Christina Aguilera Flaunts it All

Christina Aguilera loves to flaunt her different hairstyles. Since her debut in the music scene, she’s been showcasing her versatility and diversity. She’s never been scared to wear hair extensions, and probably won’t ever be. Over the course of her career, she’s had braids, dark hair colors and more. Many of her looks have required that she wear extensions, especially for her to achieve a full, luxurious looks. Luckily for her, she’s slays the runaway in just about every hair look she’s tried!

For example, her full looks with platinum blonde were created with extensions, a mixture of clip-ins and sew ins. To recreate the look, just purchase some of our platinum blond extensions. We have clip-ins and wefted extensions, as well as wigs. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Many people think that to have extensions, you need hair that already matches, but with the right extensions and style, you can wear a protective style that covers all of your hair. The important part of recreating her infamous looks is to have the right stylist. This is especially true if you don’t style hair yourself. To achieve this look, you’ll need the best of the best!

One of her most famous looks is her blond curly look. To achieve this particular look, you’ll need our platinum blond extensions. If your hair is already platinum blond, you should try tape-ins and clip-ins. These types of extensions are good for a quick switch up. If your hair isn’t already blond, you should try using extensions with a full closure.

Get a stylist that can help you get your look together. Christina has been showcasing her hair versatility for years! If you need inspiration, don’t be afraid to look at her past and current looks!

Beyoncé Glued

Maybe one of the least sought types of hair extensions are glue in hair extensions. Though they come with troubles, like many other things that we do with our hair, they may just be right for you! Who knows? You can decide. An exemplary case of the correct use of glue in extensions is Beyoncé! Though she usually is the queen of, well, everything, she is a massive fan of frontals. However, she takes a break from her frontals and wigs and is the occasional glue in customer, and she does it beautifully! Glue in hair extensions is great for seamless application. A fresh set in not noticeable. It looks just like your hair! They can undeniably give you length, volume, and texture you desire! Queen Bey is a role model for so many girls and women because of her inspiring words. Her vocal skills, her hair and fashion sense are no different! If glue in extensions is an option you are considering, then Beyoncé is an excellent place to start and get some ideas. Much like clip-in hair extensions, glue-ins are easy because they only last a few days. Unlike clip-ins you do not have to remove them before you go to sleep. They are a cheaper alternative to sew in or tape in extensions, and if taken care of properly will not damage your hair. Though they last a short few days, taking them out can get a bit tedious. To remove the glue, you’ll have to use an oil-based solvent, but as the cheapest form of hair extension, you get what you pay for. If you need extensions just for an event, then this option is ideal for you!

Find The Perfect Fit

There are pros and cons to all types of hair extensions, but the key to finding your perfect fit is doing your research. Find what celebrity hairstyle suits you the best and rock it with your choice of hair extensions! Whether you are looking for something short term or long lasting, you’ll love the outcome that hair extensions can give you! Check out the hair extension selection available on Private Label Extension website, and be on your way to looking phenomenal! Take a look at our other articles for tips on styling and care tips for your hair, and let us know your favorite way to wear your hair extensions! Happy Styling!
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