7 Celebrities With The Best Hair & Wig Switch Ups

7 Celebrities With The Best Hair & Wig Switch Ups

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I'm sure we all would love the power to switch up our look without any long-term commitment; this is what makes wearing wigs so fun and enjoyable.

If you're in a major hair rut and need a new look, check out these seven best celebrity wig switch-ups, sure to inspire your next hairstyle.

Nicki Minaj

It’s safe to say that Nicki Minaj is the queen of wig changes. She has made a significant comeback music-wise this year, and hands down have started the latest trend of 40inch weaves and wigs. From the moment Nicki has stepped into the music scene, she has also blessed us with her incredible taste in wigs. If you never had the confidence to rock a pink wig, I’m sure you do now!

Nicki has done almost every hair color that exists, from rustic orange, honey blonde, neon green, and even a two-toned split color. If anyone ever feels that a wig will never look right on them, I suggest that they take some tips from Nicki’s lookbook. She is a true queen of the wig switch up.

Nicki minaj switch up


Zendaya usually gives us natural hair vibes, but lately, this queen has been slaying us with her killer short hair wigs. It's clear that she can rock luxurious bouncy curls, but she put all the haters to rest with her sexy Halle Berry cut wig.

The short hair look gives this 21-year-old star a dip into the sexy mature side, that we are all not used to seeing. Zendeya will switch this lookup occasionally with a voluminous curly bob.

Even though Zendaya is known for her innocent young look, her wigs have been on the bold and daring side, and trust me girl; we are all here for it!

Zendaya short hair cut

Halle berry zendaya short cut

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer has been spicing up the scene with her new appearance in the hit T.V show “STAR”. Today's topic of discussion is her wigs that have been giving us so much life lately. She has no filter, as we can see from social media. The hair she wears also gives us that quirky, unique, boss girl vibes.

She can go from a platinum blonde wig to a vibrant hot red within a matter of seconds. Not only are her wigs edgy, and sometimes out of the norm, but she wears every hairstyle with such confidence. That ladies and gentlemen are what make Keke’s wig switch ups so epic!

Keke palmer red-bob

Keke palmer hair and wig switch up

Amber Rose

This bald beauty has been giving us many new wig styles, and I for sure love it. We noticed Amber Rose when she first came out on the scene with her former boyfriend Kanye West. Since then, we have applauded her for being arguably one of the sexiest females to rock a buzz cut.

Lately, it seems like Amber has been getting tired of her no hair ways. Within the past few months, Amber has given us multiple brunette hair looks, along with a blonde bombshell look as well. Maybe her new boo 21 Savage is to blame for the recent long hair transformations. She is an excellent example of how having a short haircut does not mean you can’t switch it up. Wearing wigs makes it so easy to switch it up.

Amber rose hair and wig switch up

Tammy Rivera

Tammy Rivera’s wigs have been making a fantastic appearance on social media lately. This singer, fashion designer, and wife to Waka Flocka Flame has been gaining such a large fan base. This all started when she appeared on the latest seasons of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

If you are not too fond of her on the television show, there is no way you can dislike her remarkable wig collection. Recently she has been seen rocking a blonde 70’s wig with bangs, and this hairstyle has everyone wanting to pull out their favorite pair of bell-bottoms. Tammy stunned fans when she pulled up to the BET Hip Hop Awards with a spunky jet-black pixie cut wig.

Let us not forget her most recent ad for her “I am Afro-Latina Campaign”; she is seen rocking the kinkiest and the thickest afro on top of her head.

Tammy has shown us all that singing and fashion is not all she has to offer. Keep slaying these wigs' love, trust me we are all patiently waiting for more!

Tammy rivera hair afro wig

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson has stolen viewers' hearts with her amazing role as “Cookie” in the hit show Empire. She even told ET that her co-star Terrance Howard is jealous of the wigs that her character gets to wear on the show. Taraji is known for her wild, reckless, and rambunctious attitude, and she also has the wigs to match.

Although Taraji has just debuted her new natural haircut, this still has not stopped her from rocking several stellar wigs. Her personality exudes with every new hairstyle she takes on, from a blonde bob to a wavy twenty-inch hairdo, we all know that Taraji can pull off almost any hairstyle.

By far a different wig that caught fans' eyes was an incredible blue, purple, and grey ombre wig. This star is teaching us that there is never a hairstyle too daring. If loving Taraji's wig switch-ups are wrong, I don’t want to be right! Keep on slaying Cookies!

Taraji purple grey blue ombre hair

Taraji snapchat wig

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor has given us so many awesome looks this year, including the ones at NYFW! From the runway to live performances, she has shown us that the sky is the limit for this icon. We all know that Teyana’s body is any women's dream, but her wig collection is as well. Below are the killer blonde wigs that Teyana has blessed us with at this year’s NYFW.

You are probably thinking about how one person can slay three different kinds of blonde wigs? Well, Teyana did it gracefully and effortlessly I might add!

She has been seen sporting, orange, jet black, and even a cute seafoam green bob. Blonde isn’t the only thing that this woman can pull off!

Let's not forget, everyone is entirely in love with her black pixie cut that she has been rocking lately. The style icon has given the female population so much when it comes to diverse hairstyles.

Teyana has earned her spot on the best wig switch up the list. What are some of the best celebrity wigs that you've seen so far, this year?

Teyana taylor blonde hair

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