The Top 7 Best Hairstyles of Celebrity Kids

These Celebrity Kids Are The Bomb

When you think about the fountain of youth, rarely do we ever actually think about the youth. They are setting the standard for style, fashion and hair today. Celebrity kids have been killing the game. If I have learned anything about style, it is that we must not undercut the celebrity kids who are setting new standards of style in 2018. From the limelight to our Instagram feeds, these celebrity kids are without a doubt killing the style game, but when it comes to their hair, it makes us all want to know how they did it and how can we get it! With bright and bold colors to stylish cuts to long braids, laid locs and slayed updos, they have the game all the way together and do not miss a beat. Outlined below and in no particular order are seven bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids and we must say, to know these kids are to love them! Well, maybe we should not call them kids. But it is hard to believe that they have grown up and blossomed into their own way right before our eyes.

First Up, We Have Marsai Martin

The Little producer and Black-ish actress has not only warmed our hearts but has always managed to keep her hair laid, no matter the occasion. One of my favorite looks from the star is when she effortlessly rocks her long box braids. Like many of us, box braids are not only a summer staple but are a way for us to express ourselves without the struggle of trying to keep our hair straight and our closures laid. The best thing about box braids is how versatile you can get in the process. Try braiding them all the way down for that really sharp look or braid them halfway with a little crinkle or curl for the carefree look. Add in your favorite hair accessories, and wow, you have a look that every hair lover wants to recreate.

Zonnique Pullins

Daughter of 90’s Xscape group member, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, and Atlanta rapper, T.I., Zonnique has managed to create her own identity even early on in her music career. If you remember, Zonnique helped set the trend of colorful hair and great length when she was apart of the teen group “The OMG Girlz.” Though her days as a teen sensation are behind her, she has managed to transfer some of those stylish parts into her young adult life. Back then you could catch Zonnique with bright orange hair complimented with hot pink streaks, blue spiral curls with lime green highlights and even spiky high ponytails. These days, Zonnique still rocks out of the ordinary colors, but they are definitely turned down in terms of color. One of the most bomb looks that she has recently sported is a blue curly do that she has worn up with a headband or down and fluffed out with the best sunnies and earrings. Outside of her curly style, dark blue seems to be her signature color these days where she will move in between chunky braids or long extensions. Overall, it is safe to say that Zonnique has a plethora of styles that always has a way of finding a life on our Instagram feeds.

Reginae Carter

Now when it comes to laid hair, this young lady is the epitome of the phrase! If you follow Reginae Carter, then you know exactly what I mean. The daughter of rapper Lil Wayne and businesswoman Toya Wright had to make this list of the seven bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids because you will rarely see her without her hair done. From our television screens on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta to making her move at Clark Atlanta University, Reginae shines merely no matter where or what she is doing. Speaking of shine, have you ever noticed her hair? In the trend of warm weather, Reginae has ditched the inches and has been rocking her signature short bob with a middle part and occasionally a side part. So why is this style so bomb? I have the perfect answer, and that is confidence and taking the risk to change when you feel like it. Even though I don’t know Reginae personally, she always shines when she enters a room. She expresses herself through fashion and style, with her hair choices included. Hairstyles can still be a hit or miss situation depending on how well your execution is, but for Reginae, it seems to be a hit consistently.

Riley Burruss

For the past few days Riley Burruss, the daughter of boss lady Kandi Burruss, has been in the media discussing her 52-pound weight loss. This beautiful girl who is seemingly quiet has blossomed right before eyes since meeting her on our television screens during the first few seasons of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. With all the talk about her new healthy lifestyle, I have always been curious as to who does her hair because she never falls short on the bundles or the curls okay! In our fourth spot of 7 bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids, Riley definitely had to be mentioned. Have you all seen her full bundles? If not, then pay attention because she is definitely out here giving lessons on quality. If you visit Riley's Instagram, you will see Riley wearing her signature side part paired with waist length extensions that frame her face perfectly. Complete her look with a body wave or a few loose curls and ladies and gentlemen; you have an entire look. However, do not be fooled by the dark hair color. She gives us some variety too as she has had her fun playing with bone straight pink hair, an wanded ombre red look, and a blonde number that provides us with the summer feels.

Jillian Hervey

Her mother was the first black woman to receive the title of Miss America. And if you love a good movie, you have probably seen her mother in projects such as Soul Food, Ugly Betty, and more. If you guessed Vanessa Williams, you are right! However, looking at her daughter Jillian Hervey may have you confusing mother and daughter for sister and sister. Jillian, however, is the queen of unique and daring hairstyles and has earned her spot on the list of 7 bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids. Where do we start with the Lion Babe singer? There are so many directions, but what first caught my attention was her initial entrance to the music scene with her golden curly fro. Her hair was big, lively and certainly took on a personality of its own. Follow that up with her various fashion and ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Over the years, Jillian has traded in the curly fro for blonde braids. So much inspiration!

Yara Shahidi

When talking about hair, you cannot leave Yara Shahidi out of the conversation. This activist and actress has always pushed the boundaries when it came down to her hair. When selecting which bomb hairstyle to pick, I had a difficult time because they are all so amazing. For this reason, I chose the editorial spread of Yara’s pom-pom ponytail mohawk. This profile shot of the do does not serve it justice. Yara serving face from the side view. She is also giving us inspo for what to do next when we get bored with our current hairstyle. Honestly Bantu knots and twist outs get boring. However, Yara’s hair will have so many of us ready to take on the day. All in all, this is definitely what we call “a look.”

Chloe and Halle Bailey

Perhaps these sisters are the most talked about duo in music right now and for a good reason! Honestly, have you seen them and all of their natural glory? It is so amazing! These ladies have rocked their locs since we saw them in Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns. The way that they style them today proves that hairstyles do not stop at straight hair and flat irons. Yes, I know it seems like I’m cheating but you cannot mention one without the other. Locs are a bomb hairstyle itself, they manage to take the way they get styled to the next level. One of my personal favorites is the 2018 Wearable Art Gala and Silent Auction at the WACO Theater. Both sisters opted for a low bun with flat twists in the front. The precision on this style added to their look for the evening without taking away from their presence.

Skai Jackson

Last but never least we have our favorite fashionista, Skai Jackson. This young lady slays social media trolls. She also slays some of the best looks in young Hollywood. Skai takes the cake when it comes to being one of the seven bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids. Skai makes it known that her small stature is not to be taken lightly. The 16-year-old actress can pull off any look! From half up and down dos to rocking her beautiful natural hair, the little sis can do it all. One of my favorite looks is the blown out hairstyle that she slayed in an editorial spread for Paper Magazine. Miss Skai gave us different looks for the shoot. The blown-out hair reminded me of Diana Ross in the 70’s. Her hair paired with a fringe mustard yellow jacket and of course a smile. If you want this look, then it is your best bet to try Private Label’s Brazilian Spanish Wave. Brazilian Kinky Straight hair works as well. Make sure you blow it out and flexi rod overnight. Take them down the next morning and separate lightly with a paddle brush.

These Celebrity Kids are More than Alright

Who says that just because you are young, you cannot inspire? It is the younger generation setting new trends and helping the world take new risks when it comes to hair! I mean, let’s take a look in the 1990’s, we saw an emergence of weaves, color, shine, texture and length. The beautiful things about the seven bomb hairstyles of celebrity kids are that they were not afraid to stand out! These looks definitely defy the odds. There is always an inspiration in their looks, and you can achieve them to your liking!
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