10 celebrities with beauty lines

From Spotlight to Beautypreneur: 10 Celebs with Banging Beauty Lines

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With the increased popularity of social media, many people are always trying to copy their fave celebs.

We always want to know what designer their wearing and what makeup products they're using to look so bomb. Creating a makeup line is always a great move because they already spend so much time in the makeup chair. We, unfortunately, we can't live their lavish lifestyle, but we can imitate some of their favorite looks by using their brands.

Here are ten celebs who have bomb beauty lines.



I live for everything Rihanna from her music to hair and the way she dresses like she's an overall goddess. And her Fenty beauty line got me singing wild wild wild because it's just phenomenal.

For those who did not know Fenty is Rihanna’s last name. Rihanna dropped the makeup line in September of 2017 and this one the most highly anticipated makeup launch of the year. She came out with a whopping 40 shades, which is incredible.

The launch included the 40 pro filt’r soft matte long-wear foundations, pro filt’r primer, match stix for contour highlight and shimmer highlight, a Killawatt freestyle highlight, Blotting paper and powder, two brushes and a beauty blender. The coolest thing about the match stix is that they are magnetic, so they stick to one another so you”ll like never lose them in your bag.

Then she came out with a super cute holiday line that was galaxy themed. I give Rihanna props because the packaging for all of her items is summer chic and cute. With this launch everything was glittery.

She came out with an eyeshadow palette with 14 glittery shades this palette priced at $52, a glitter release eyeshadow which comes in three gorgeous shades and a price tag of $20 for each liner. As well as a Starlit Hyper lipstick with four shades for $19, and Cosmic lip glitter which comes in for shades for $19 as well.

Then there is the Stunna lip paint which is also gorgeous. It is a super pigmented red that suits all skin tones that you can apply all over your lip with just one swipe. Yes, I said one swipe which is just insane. In January she also dropped the Mattemoiselle lipsticks which come in 14 very different shades.

I have not used any Fenty product, but I am dying to get my hands on the foundation and the Stunna lip paint.

All Fenty Beauty Products are available to purchase online on the Fenty Beauty Website as well as in stores at Sephora and online.


Kylie Jenner

A lot of people have a love-hate relationship when it comes to Kylie, but I like her.

Surprisingly enough Kylie was the first "Karjenner" to come out with her makeup line in 2016. No shade, but Kylie all of a sudden had these beautiful full lips, and everybody was asking how she did it. She initially claimed that overlining her lips gave them this full look.

She later revealed that she had gotten fillers which most of us knew, but her plump lips became a segway into creating the Kylie Lip Kits, and when they launched they sold out in a couple of hours. The lip kits go for $29 each but you can but just the matte singles for $17.

She did not stop there and later came out with Kyshadows which are available in 7 gorgeous palettes. I didn't even know, but she also has loose powder highlight which she calls Kylighters, pressed highlighters, and blushes.

The loose powder highlighters come in four shades and are priced at $14 whereas the pressed highlighter comes in six shades at $22, and there are five blush shades with $20.

She recently just dropped new concealers with 30 different shades which are pretty lit. And it’s no 20 shades of white with three brown shades, but she has five shades of fair, light, medium, tan, deep, and deep dark.

People said that she was just copying Fenty but why would we want brands that include men and women of all shade ranges. Each concealer shade priced at $20.

Kylie Jenner- Green Hair

Kim Kardashian

The queen of contour followed suit of her younger sister and created her makeup line.

When she first came out with the line, many people wondered why she didn’t do this sooner. It all first started when she did a lipstick collab with Kylie cosmetics which was the low key debut of the brand.

Then in June of 2017, she finally came out with her line which included four shades. Then she finally launches KKW beauty with her creme contour and highlight kit which everybody was trying to purchase quickly.

This kit initially came in four shades which were light, medium, dark and deep dark. This product comes in monochromatic encasing and regular plastic packaging. The kit includes two double-ended sticks with a brush/sponge applicator.

Kim K debuted her powder and contour kit which once again everybody went crazy over.

These kits came in only light, medium, and dark shade which left some people disappointed. Each palette comes with four shade, two shimmer highlights, and two contour shades. The highlights have one gold and one pinky color whereas the contour comes with one with a red undertone and a neutral shade. The kit also comes with the dual-ended brush applicator. This item costs $52.

Then she came out with the ultra-beam highlights which look gorgeous. And I want to get my hands on them. These come in five shades which include Iridescent, rose gold, yellow gold, bronze, and copper. Sets include an ultra-shimmering loose powder and a matching high shine lip gloss. You can buy the duo for just $32 or all five duos for $160.

Kim Kardashian- Gray hair

KKW Fragrance

In November of 2017, she also dropped KKW Fragrances. She came out with three fragrances called Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus, and Crystal Gardenia Oud.

This launch came with She also recently dropped three new fragrances just in time for Valentine's day! These scents titled Kimoji Heart Fragrances come in packages that look like the little candy hearts we all love to hate and are called Bae, Ride or Die, and BFF.

Unfortunately, the fragrances are already sold out but hopefully, Kim will bring them back because of the great response.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

We know her as a fabulous actress who has graced our tv screens, but I bet many of you did not even know that Jessica Alba had a beauty line!

She is the founder of an honest company that has already of stuff for women and babies! Her brand started off with selling nontoxic and eco-friendly items to parents but has now moved into the beauty world.

“I founded The Honest Company because I wanted safe, effective products that perform. After all, you shouldn't have to choose between what works and what's good for you,” Jessica shared.

You could already be using this product for your kids without even knowing that she was the face of it. Honest Beauty includes makeup, skin, and hair products.

For skin, she has a line called Young + Cleare that has seven skincare products. This line includes a Resurfacing cleanser ($18), Night Serum with Honey Pure Retinol ($38), An anti-acne + anti-aging kit ($29), Spot-on Remedy ($14), Clarifying Toner ($18), and a Nourishing Lotion ($32).

Honest Beauty also includes makeup products as well! The makeup she has is a Luminous Base primer, eight shades of Cream foundation *insert frowny face*, a concealer duo with five shades, a makeup palette, and a cheek palette, and so much more.

But it doesn’t stop there; she also has products for your hair! Beyond hydrating shampoo, Beyond Hydrated Conditioner, and a Beyond Hydrated Moisture Milk Leave-in Conditioner where all three of these items cost $20.



Iman talks about when she was modeling she always had to bring her makeup because mum never had any dark shades. She started her business back in 1994 with a focus on difficult to find shades for women.

IMAN Cosmetics has a large array of products within her brand. She has everything you need for a full face and even has skincare products. The best thing about the skincare items is that they target skin issues that women with darker skin may face.

These products target hyperpigmentation, mature skin, and many more skin issues you may face. Products include Time control all day moisture complex, Skin tone evener bb crème, Correct & Cover cc powder to crème concealer.

Now let’s get to the makeup. This line as every single face product you can think of from powder foundations, creme foundations, corrective concealer, and several other products.

All of the face products fall into three color categories which are sand, clay, and Earth. The sand shades are more medium and tan shades, the clay would be deep shades, and the earth would be deep dark shades.

Each of these categories has products with several different undertones and shades. Also, the website has a cool tool where you can find your perfect shade and all of these shades are brown girls friendly, and the formulas are great!

Also if you go to the website which I recommend, they have different looks you can create with the products. It's super cool because they use models of different shades so you can see what shades will look good with your skin tone.

The best part about Iman cosmetics is that is available at Walmart and local drugstores!


Tyra Banks

I adore Tyra Banks. I remember growing up watching her talk show and watching endless episodes of America's Next Top Model, trying to achieve the perfect smize and perfecting my catwalk.

Even Though we associate Tyra with Covergirl, she has her own beauty line as well! Tyra launched Tyre Beauty back in 2014, and this line has every makeup product you could imagine!

Her brand started out as a direct sales beauty line like Avon and Mary Kay. Women and men selling the products called beauty trainers, but she moved her products to retail sometime in 2017.

Tinted moisturizer, sculpt in a stick, light in a stick, cheek in a stick, and she also has bundles called Tyovers where you can buy several products at a lower price. Being the queen of smizes, of course, she has several eye products!

She has several different kinds of liner mascaras, brow tools, as well as eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadow bases to give you the perfect smize. These products range from $15-$35.

She also has several lip products to complement the perfect smize. The products include a matte lipstick, satin lip color, lip gloss, a plumping lip gloss, a sheer lip color, metallic lip color, and liners.

Tyra Banks

Kat Von D

Some people may not know that Kat Von D is a celebrity. Before becoming a household name, Kat was and still is a tattoo artist. She started out on the TLC reality TV show, Miami Ink. After being asked to leave the shop, she acquired her own show LA Ink at her tattoo shop High Voltage Tattoo.

In 2008, she transformed her tattoo artistry into a beauty empire! Her line specializes in high pigmentation and long-wear formula. The brand is most famous for its Lock It foundation which can cover up tattoos.

Lock-it Revolution collection is all her face products which are full coverage foundations and concealers. Of course, there is the Lock-it liquid foundation which has 30 shades then there is the Lock-it Concealer Creme ($26) that comes in 21 shades.

Aside from the Lock-it collection Kat Von D also has several other face products which include a refillable face contour palette ($49), a creme contour palette ($49), and Highlighter palette ($32-$36). Eyeshadow palettes ($15-$49), Tattoo Liner ($20), and several lip products.

She even has two fragrances that are named Saint and Sinner.

You can purchase Kat Von D online and in stores at Sephora.

Kat Von D Beauty

Drew Barrymore

This one probably came as a surprise to you because no one knows that Drew Barrymore has a beauty line. The name of this line is FLOWER, and its goal is to empower women with makeup products that make them feel beautiful in their skin. These products are also cruelty-free and super affordable. You can purchase most of these products at your local Walmart.

But I'll be honest and say that the shade range is pretty limited and the foundations aren't really black girl-friendly. I believe if she wants to empower all women she needs to step up with the shade range.

She does have three different foundations; The first is the About Face Foundation which is full coverage and claims to neutralize skin and even out your skin tone. Then there is the Skincognito Face Foundation which is a weightless buildable formula with Gotu Kola that stimulates collagen and helps hydrate skin.

Lastly, there is the Powder Trip Foundation which contains brown seaweed extract which softens the skin. This line also includes concealers, eyeshadows, and every form of makeup that can be used to fill in your brows. It also includes an array of eyeshadows and lip products. The best part about all of this is that every single one of these products is extremely affordable only under $10.

Influencers are the new celebrities. With the rise of youtube, several people are becoming extremely famous through the creation of makeup tutorials and other beauty-related videos.

Several of these people who started making videos just for fun have been able to achieve collabs with big brands and in some cases their makeup line.

drew barrymore

Patrick Starrr

Although it is not exactly his makeup line, Patrick Starrr did an awesome collab with MAC cosmetics.

Patrick Starrr first made his mark on Youtube and has now become a huge influencer in the beauty community. He has worked with celebs such as Kim K, Zendaya, and many more. If you listen to his story, Patrick started his career in makeup by working at mac, so it is super cool that he was able to launch this line with them.

A couple of the products have super cool trendy names like She betta werkk, Goalgetter, and Glam Af. The packing is also super cute because they are variations of what, clear, and silver, and all have his name in glitter on them.

His line has three lipsticks that also come with a lipgloss to match. He rebranded the famous Ruby woo naming it Patrick woo which I think is super cute. These lip glosses also have lip liners to compliment them as well.

Patrick also has two mini eyeshadow palettes that come in four different colors. Lastly, there is the Patrick Starrr set Powder which everyone has been raving about since the launch.

This product is a setting powder that is supposed to mattify your skin and keep your makeup in place all day long. It is also a pinkish shade and goes well with every skin color.

Patrick Starr Makeup

Huda Kattan

If you have not heard about Huda Kattan, you are seriously lacking.

She is the woman behind Huda Beauty which she started back in 2013. Huda dabbled in YouTube videos but made it big on Instagram. She was named one of the wealthiest influencers on the gram! And her line stands out from the rest because she is the only one that carries lashes.

Huda Beauty has four different lash collections which are the Classic Collection, Eazy Collection, Faux Mink Collection, and the Mink Collection. The prices of the lashes vary from $16-$50, so there are lashes for you even if you are on a budget.

She recently launched her #FauxFilter Foundation ($40) which comes in 30 different shades that fall under the categories light, medium, tan, and rich. This product has gotten several great reviews. She also has the Complexion Perfection pre-makeup base ($35) which is a primer with a super fancy name.

Her line also includes Eyeshadow Palette, Highlight Palette, Lip contour, Lip sets, Lip strobe, Liquid Matte. These products come in an array of colors perfect for any occasion.

Huda Kattan

Huda Beauty Lipgloss

What Brand Will You Try?

Hopefully, I have persuaded you to go out and buy one of these products.

Each of these brands has a product that will fit any budget or look you are trying to achieve! So go out and treat yourself to some new makeup! Maybe try a color you usually wouldn't with makeup the possibilities are endless so go out there and slay!

What are other celebrity beauty lines that you love? What celebs do you wish would come out with a beauty line? Comment down below.

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