why you shouldnt cheat on your hair stylist

Why You Shouldn’t Cheat on Your Hair Stylist

Stay Faithful

Once you find a hair stylist that you visit regularly, it is known to be taboo and even disrespectful to visit another hair stylist. It is easy to understand why your dedicated stylist may feel confused if you randomly visited another stylist, but there may be times that you are forced to visit another stylist. Is it okay to cheat on your hairstylist? Let’s debunk this taboo topic.

Why You May Want to Cheat

1. You’re Bored

You may be like many women who have been going to the same stylist for years, and you may even take your daughter to the same stylist. You’ve been getting the same cut and color for years, and the only time you switch it up is when you allow your stylist to take another ½ inch off your trim. You see your stylist every 4-6 weeks, and you guys talk about the same topic, every appointment. Things have simply gotten old, and maybe you’ve just outgrown each other, or so you think. We stylist love creating new looks and giving our client’s a makeover, but most women are stuck in their ways. The first few appointments we may recommend a new cut, color, or even a new treatment, but if you continuously deny any suggestion, your stylist may have given up and settle for your trim and root touch-up. Next time you visit your stylist ask him or her, “If you could do anything with my hair, what would you do?” If their eyes light up with excitement and they ramble on about a new color or cut, then you’ve got yourself a keeper. Allow your stylist to try one of their new suggestions on you. You don’t have to take the plunge and get a purple pixie cut but allow them to refresh your look with something simple yet brings profound change. What is the point of visiting a new stylist if you’re only going to allow them to do the same thing as your old stylist?

2. Your Stylist Is Too Far Away

If you drive an hour or more to visit your stylist, you may have become tired with the long drive to the salon. If you live in a major city, you may also have to deal with crazy traffic and parking costs to visit the salon. The dreaded travel to the salon may have you avoiding your stylist. You may be considering finding a stylist in your neighborhood so that you can avoid city traffic.

3. Your Stylist is Terrible At Doing Hair

When you first met your stylist, they slayed your hair every appointment. Now, it seems that they’ve become relaxed and their skill has declined. Your hair never looks that good when you leave the salon, and you wonder why you still go. Some stylist becomes too comfortable with their craft. They build their clientele and make the amount of money they want, so they stop investing in continuing education, and they take no interest in improving their client’s experience. You keep going to this stylist because you think one day they will give you the same level of service you received when you first started visiting them, but the truth is you won’t! This stylist is going to continue to give you mediocre service or worse, ruin your hair!

4. Poor Customer Service

Maybe your stylist’s customer service is poor, and you’ve become fed up. We all have experienced a stylist that can lay and slay some hair but is super rude! Some hairstylist will bail on you last minute, show up late to every appointment, and even try to start arguments with you for complaining about something. Some stylist wants you to come with your hair already washed, conditioned and braided down. A lot of hair stylist work out of their home and don’t give you a full salon service. This type of treatment will drive you crazy and have you ready to quit and find another stylist.

5. Your Stylist Is Too Booked

We love to see our stylist succeed, but sometimes they take on so many new clients that we can never book an appointment! When you can’t book appointments for necessary maintenance for things like frontal sew-ins or full lace wigs, you will be forced to learn to upkeep yourself. Without the proper education, you can easily damage your hair, your frontal, or even improperly apply your frontal leaving your hair flaky. Yikes. All of these are legitimate reasons why you may be considering seeing another hair stylist. If you aren’t getting proper service, then you may just be forced to leave! It is hard to work with a stylist that simply doesn’t care anymore and has no desire to give you the best experience they can. Before you decide to call it quits, consider these reasons why you shouldn’t leave your stylist hanging:

Reason #1 Your Hair Color Depends On It

If you have been getting your hair colored for a long time by the same stylist, then I am pretty sure that they have been using the same color line on your hair as well. Your dedicated stylist knows exactly what is in your hair, what your hair can take and what it can’t, and most importantly what kind of color has been in your hair. Unless you have a paper document that details every chemical you stylist have applied to your hair, then your new stylist will have to guess based on what you tell them. This can result in an undesirable color, or, worse, damaged hair. Any seasoned hairstylist should know to complete a strand test to determine whether they can perform a chemical service on your hair, but some will, unfortunately, be in a rush and slap whatever color on your hair. This kind of carelessness can result in a nightmare.

2. No One Knows Your Hair The Way They Do

The inevitable fact is your dedicated stylist has been with for a while and knows how your hair reacts to simple things like water and conditioner and how it reacts to more severe things like chemicals and heat. When you visit a new stylist, you may not think to mention the little details that were a no-brainer for your original hair stylist. The new hair stylist does not know that your hair gets super tangled if washed with a sulfate shampoo. And they surely don’t know that you can only use conditioner on your ends because your roots will get oily. They don’t know that you hate big barrel curls and they don’t know that you only diffuse dry 80%. Oh, and if you’re tender-headed, bring some Tylenol. Sometimes, it is the little details like those that make the most significant difference in your salon experience.

3. Who Wants To Start Over?

It is evident that no one wants to start over with someone new. Regardless if you’re only planning for a one-appointment-stand or completely switching on your hair stylist, you’ll have to reintroduce yourself. I mean more than just your name and where you are from, you will have to explain how you prefer your hair to be colored, styled and maintained. Even if your new stylist does a great job on your hair, you will still have to start a new relationship with them!

Alternatives For Cheating on Your Stylist

1. Be honest and completely transparent

We’re all adults here! Next time you see your stylist, ask to talk to her about the things you’ve been experiencing that you aren’t too fond of. Try to speak to her in private and ensure her that you aren’t attacking her, you want to solve the issue! If she is reasonable, she will be grateful that you decided to speak to her instead of leaving her behind. Hopefully, you can work something out, and if not then you know it’s time to go!

2. Tell Yout Stylist about your Second Stylist

If your stylist is super booked and never has time for adequate maintenance appointments, you should explain to her that you go to someone else to keep your frontal maintained. If your stylist is amazing at giving you the perfect DevaCut, but you prefer to visit a professional colorist for your highlights, tell her! Communication is key.

How To Break Up With Your Stylist

When all else fails, its time for a breakup. Beautiful hair is a worthy investment, but when you’re leaving the salon feeling less than a million bucks and things don’t seem to be getting a better, its time to cut ties. Breaking may hurt, especially since you’ve probably confessed every detail of your life over the course of many slay appointments. Because of your emotional attachment, you’ll want to break-up with your stylist in a way that will not burn bridges between you two. Here’s how:

Be straightforward

Tell them why exactly you are unhappy with your service and why you feel the need to switch things up. They may try to win you back by working some things out, and if you choose to say then woohoo! You have saved the relationship. If not, then proceed to the next step.

Don’t be Awkward or Rude

If you decide to switch to a hair stylist that works in the same salon as your “ex,” it may feel pretty awkward. How can you possibly walk right past your old stylist and sit in someone else chair and not feel shame? Well, it's easy. Be the same person you have always been. Say hello when you see your hair “ex” and ask them how they have been doing. Express how happy you are to see them and how you wish them the best. Don’t make the situation awkward by pretending not to see them or by avoiding them in the salon. Remember it is their salon, you are simply visiting! Be friendly!

Go On The Days They Are Off

To avoid seeing your hair “Ex,” try to book your appointments with your new stylist on the days that you former stylist is off. This is a little extreme, but if you are that nervous about seeing your former stylist, then this can help you maneuver around their schedule.

Go To A New Salon

I highly recommend finding a stylist at a new salon if you plan on switching stylist. When you switch salons, you don’t have to be concerned with any harsh feelings or awkward salon visits. You will also get a completely different salon experience compared to your former salon, allowing you to switch up your salon experience. Try to find a salon in your area, so you don’t feel like you are driving too far out in unfamiliar territory just to get your hair done.

Remember, It’s Never That Serious!

I know the idea of “cheating” on your hair stylist is taboo. And the idea of breaking up with your hairstylist is nerve-wracking. But keep in mind that it is your decision when all is said and done! Your money is worth the level of service you want to receive. And if your stylist cannot provide you with the level of service you require then it’s time to kick them to the curb! Do not feel guilty for having more than one hair stylist; sometimes one stylist is just better at one thing compared to the other. You are not legally bound to your hair stylist. So if you feel like its time to move on then speak to them with confidence about your concerns, weigh the pros and cons, and make your final executive decision.

What Would You Do?

Have you ever broken up with your hair stylist? Have you considered breaking up with your hair stylist but rekindled the relationship with working your issues out? We love hearing your feedback, your comment below and let us know what your experience is! If you are a hair stylist, leave your feedback in the comment section as well. How would you advise our readers to handle this sticky situation?
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