How to Choose The Right Clip in Extensions for Your Hair

Time to Clip, Ladies!

Clips in extensions are the most convenient way to get inches in literally seconds. Ever wondered how so many celebrities and influencers get their gorgeous hair, that seems to last them a long time? The secret is hair extensions! You probably knew this already, but clip in extensions are easy to put in, and you can use them over and over again. Also, there is no need to book that salon appointment just yet.

Why Use Clip-In Extensions?

We can probably all agree that most hair extensions can have a magical effect on your hair and overall attitude. Clip in extensions is excellent whether you want to boost your volume or if you wish to add a little extra length. When you go to the salon, there are various semi-permanent methods of hair extensions, from glue-in to tape and micro ring extensions. While a great stylist will leave you looking and feeling a million dollars, these kind of extensions are expensive and require a lot of upkeep. Although hair extensions are pricey, they are beautiful and worth every penny when installing the right way. This situation is where clip-in extensions come in. Because you have the option to take them in or out, they are perfect if you like to switch up your look or if you want to experiment with different looks and different colors. Whether a more long-term option is worth the investment, you can be sure that clip in extensions will come in handy. Plus, you don’t need to wear them all day every day like the other options, and they are less likely to put a strain on your hair and scalp. We are trying to save the edges all 2018!

Tips for Wearing Clip-In Extensions

Let’s get into what it takes to master the art of wearing clip in extensions. They may seem simple, and they are, there is still a way to install them without them looking like visible hair extensions. Even clip-ins are trainable.

Choosing the Right Extensions

Synthetic hair is usually the most affordable but can be harder to blend into your natural hair, since the style of the hair comes with a curl memory. Curl memory means that no matter what type of manipulation you do to your extensions, the method will generally still be the same. Natural hair is often more expensive but can be dyed and styled to match your natural hair perfectly. Once you find out which style works best for you, it will be easier to pick out your extensions.

Choosing the Right Shade for Your Hair

Choosing the right shade and color for your hair is crucial because it depends on how you want it to look. If you get the right shade of hair, it will make a massive difference to your finished look. You can try to color match, or you can dye your natural hair to match your look perfectly. If you are going for an ombre look, make sure the hair blends naturally towards where the clip ins and natural hair meet.

What’s a Good Length?

While extensions are fab for adding length, for a natural finish, opt for no more a couple of inches or so longer than your natural hair if you want it to blend. If you are buying extensions to cut and style with your hair, then remember to choose a longer length that you can trim.

How to Apply your Clip-Ins

Trust me; this part is not as scary as people can make it seem. One of the things that scares a lot of people about extensions is the task of putting them in. However, with a few simple tricks, it is much easier than you might think. Let’s get started!

Have Your Tools/Products Ready and on Hand

There is nothing more frustrating than not having everything you need to perform a task. Hair tools will make your life much more comfortable. Invest in some sectioning clips and a tail comb to help you separate your hair as you put in your clip-ins. You can purchase these things at any of your local beauty supply stores!

Do a Little at a Time

Good things take time to complete, and that includes your clip-in hair extensions. This tip is key to getting a gorgeous finish. Most clip-in extensions come with a few different size wefts that work best-applied section by section. By parting and sectioning your hair and then applying piece by piece, you’ll be able to blend them correctly into your natural hair. It will look as if the clip in are coming straight out of your scalp if applied successfully.

Start and End Small

This tip is the best way to remember your application steps. The smallest wefts start at the nape of your head, then as you move up through the hair, they are fuller, and finally, you can finish the look with small sections at the side of your head above your ears. That will keep volume where you need it and stop the tapes or clips being visible.

Give Them Something to Grip

A big concern with clip-ins is that they can slide down your hair. The best way to keep them in place is to give them something to hold on. Either backcomb the roots of your strands gently before you clip them in, or tie little sections of hair into tiny hair elastics just below where the clips need to go.

Make Sure to Blend Them In

Styling your extensions once you’ve applied them will help them blend seamlessly into your natural hair. Whether you choose to curl them, straighten them, or want a different look like an updo, styling up your extensions will help them look part of your everyday style.

How to Care for Clip-In Extensions

If properly cared for, clip-ins can last you a reasonable amount of time. There are a few tips you can follow to make sure your extensions stay in the best condition.

Keep The Direct Heat to a Minimum

When you’re styling your extensions, try to minimize damage by keeping your heat tools on a low heat setting. It is also always worth remembering to use a heat protector on your extensions as well as your natural hair, to avoid damage.

Minimize Washing and Styling

The scalp doesn't naturally nourish hair extensions, so it is essential to try to avoid stripping them of oils by washing and styling too much. Wash them when necessary.

Use Sulfate Free Everything

When washing and conditioning your extensions, stop product build-up or oil stripping by opting for a sulfate-free formula. If the ends of your extensions look a little lackluster or dry, then a hair mask can help revitalize them.

Brush the Hair Gently

When detangling and styling your extensions, make sure to go gently and look for brushes that won’t snag and rip at them. The brush won’t only pull and tug on your clip in extensions, but you will also be tugging on your hair as well.

Store them Carefully After each Use

How you store your extensions will have a significant impact on whether they get tangled or damaged. Always detangle and brush through them before putting them away.

The Best Clip-In Extensions

Whatever color, length or volume you are looking for, there are the perfect hair extensions for you on look fantastic. These are some of the ones that we love.

Clip-ins are Every Women’s Best Friend

Remember to take your time finding and installing the right clip-in extensions that work for you, your personality, preference, and lifestyle. The perfect ones are out there for you, but it is up to you to do your research, save your money and invest in what you value. Have you tried clip-in extensions? Did I miss any tips? I would love to hear all of your experiences! Make a comment or question below!

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