How to Clean Your Hair Extensions Like a Pro!

Keep Your Hair Extensions Looking Beautiful

You are probably saying "who doesn't know how to wash hair,' but you would be surprised at how many people know how to wash their hair but not their extensions. People wonder why the beautiful hair they just bought doesn't last past a week or two; it is all about the handling of the hair. Want to know how to make your extensions last? It is as simple as taking care of the hair like it is your own. You won't just put any natural hair products in your hair so have that same mindset when taking care of your beautiful hair extensions. Some people keep their extensions for a short amount of time. Then you have others like me who try and keep weave as long as possible. I have some extensions from 2012 that are still full and look brand new; wanna know why? Because its all about taking care of your hair and washing it properly!

TIP #1 Wash with The Right Shampoo/ Conditioner

Just like with your natural hair, you want to use sulfate free shampoos or just find a good conditioner and use that. Frankly, just finding a great conditioner is all you need to give your hair extensions the TLC that they need. Depending on where you purchase your extensions from, when you first open that packaging for the hair, it is always best to soak them in a warm water and apple cider vinegar mix to get all odors out before you co-wash it. When washing the extensions you only need one handful of conditioner or shampoo per wash, do not over wash your hair as it can cause a product buildup and the hair can lose its luster over time. It is not hair attached to your scalp so you do not need to take as long to wash extensions as you would washing your hair. Merely rinse first, lather with one handful of conditioner, clean again, and then you are done.

TIP #2 Detangle Hair Extensions Before Washing

Before washing, always detangle the hair to ensure that there won't be any tangling during or after washing is complete. Washing extensions with the right conditioner can make all the difference in saving the hair and keeping it for a long time. Ladies while washing your extensions please do not feel like you have to swirl the hair around in the water to ensure it gets clean. Swirling your hair around will only cause it to tangle. Just let the hair sit in the water, it will get clean on its own without you scrubbing it. Once you take the extensions out of the conditioner and water mixture, you want to rinse the hair under the tap and ring out any additional water and lay the hair flat on a towel or t-shirt. Let the hair air dry overnight before installing it.

TIP #3 Let Your Hair Sit In A Conditioner Mixture

Another tip is that mixture will also help with the shedding of curly hair as well. Once you finish soaking it, you always want to rinse it with warm to cold water. To prevent any tangling during the cleaning don't use super cold water . Begin to condition it while combing through it with your fingers, which is always my go-to method for detangling. With straight or loose wave hair, however, it is ok to detangle with a comb while washing it but with curly hair, it is best to use your fingers to detangle so that there is minimal to no shedding once dry.

TIP #4 Don't Use Hot Water

For some reason hot water causes unprocessed hair to tangle. Always use warm to cold water, better for the longevity of the extensions. The choice of where to wash your hair is entirely up to you, for less mess, it is best to find a big plastic bowl and clean it that way but washing them in the sink or bathtub works just as good. The only thing with using the sink or tub: you want to make sure there isn't any excess dirt or chemicals. Those need to be removed entirely before placing your hair in the sink or bathtub. You do not want any chemicals messing up the hair you paid for right ?!

TIP #5 Apply Leave-In Conditioner or Natural Oil

Once you have cleaned the hair, it is up to your discretion whether you want to apply a leave-in conditioner or not. With any texture, a leave-in conditioner works wonders and helps keep the hair full of luster and body. I would suggest using any product with Argan oil because it is not too heavy but still maintains the hair. Do not over apply any products that could weigh down the hair. If you overuse products you will have to wash the hair continuously; too much washing can cause it to become dry and brittle. The only product that you can never apply too much of is conditioner. Use as much conditioner as often as you like because unlike your hair, it takes extensions longer to get greasy.

TIP#6 Use A Wide Tooth Comb

Once you have completed the above, let the hair air dry overnight. Once your hair is dry make sure to comb it with a wide tooth comb. Remember to always comb from the bottom upwards, once you have combed the dry extensions thoroughly, you are ready to install them. Taking care of your hair extensions is not as difficult as it seems, it is pretty easy. You've most likely spent a lot of money on your extensions so you definitely want always to get your money's worth. You never want to continuously buy new hair every two weeks because you do not know how to maintain it. Just like with anything we do ladies, it takes an effort to complete. Would you want the hair on your head to be damaged and unwearable, no right? That same mind frame goes with dealing and taking care of hair extensions. As you journey through the world of hair extensions, you will learn many tips and tricks. Share hair care tips that can help the next woman who is looking for an answer. Remember sharing is caring, pass along the information ladies. Tell them you heard it from Private Label!
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