spring cleaning your hair products

Spring Cleaning Your Hair Products

7 Items To Toss For Effortless Spring Hair

As a hairstyle enthusiast, I have changed my hair a ferocious amount of times. I have worn wigs, sew-ins, and clip-ins. I have had my hair long down to my butt and am currently rocking bald (one of my favorite styles to date). Not to mention I have dyed my hair every color in the rainbow and a few colors in between. Needless to say, my bathroom cabinet, or affectionately known as my hair arsenal, was filled to the brim with haircare products, hair extensions, hair dyes and almost every styling tool in the Ulta catalog. Springtime brings warmer weather and the undeniable feeling to start fresh and clean. As you are cleaning your room, wardrobe and Facebook friends, consider decluttering your hair arsenal as well. I currently began to take a minimalist approach to my hair product collection and strip my essentials down to the bare minimum.

My Hair Product Collection

When I culled my collection, I realized that most of my hair products and tools are unnecessary for my current style and the weather. I also realized that there are alternate ways of achieving my desired hairstyles with fewer products. By reducing down on hair products and tools, I can save time in the mornings and spend my money on vacation (Oh hello, Miami!). I decided that the fewer items in my hair arsenal and the simpler my haircare routine, I would be able to use my day doing the things I truly enjoyed doing, rather than crying over the lactic acid buildup in my arm from trying to style the back of my head. Do not worry; I am not going to convince you to cut off all of your hair to reduce hair arsenal. That's pretty extreme, but if you are up for the change, it is the most minimalist way of creating a smaller haircare routine. But, I will be sharing items you can toss from your collection and alternative styles to rock this spring. But first, let's clarify something.

What Do You Mean By "Toss?"

Before you get terrified that I am coming for your entire hair closet with a black garbage bag like the host of one of those hoarder tv shows, take a few deep breaths. I am merely suggesting an alternative way to spend your mornings (and evenings) instead of wasting precious daylight on mundane hairstyling tasks. You do not have to throw away any of your products in the trash. I am only suggesting a method to save you time and money while still looking fantastic all the way into the summer. Instead, you could store your hair products and tools out of sight in a separate closet much like you store away your heavy coat. I would recommend storing away your more expensive items and tossing other products that are easily replaceable. Experiment with what will work best for you and your current hairstyle. Hopefully, that helps ease your mind about this process. Now let's get ready to have the bare essentials for your hair that will leave you with effortless style and plenty of time to make it to cocktails by the pool. Here are seven items to ditch from your hair care arsenal:

1. Blow Dryer

I know people who use their blow dryer religiously every morning and cannot go a single day without it. However, the blow dryer is first on my list for a few reasons. As useful is your blow dryer to get you volume and efficiently dry your hair, it still can add heat damage to your hair even if you use a heat protectant. Instead, opt to air dry your hair. Air drying your hair does take longer, but this process retains more moisture for your hair and completely eliminates additional heat. Also, the cooling effect of the water drying on your head is a nice touch when the heat outside is slightly unbearable. Of course, if you are heading into a corporate office, you may have to wash your hair at night and style it in a way that will give you curl and volume in the morning before your commute. Do not worry, if your fear is frizz; you can do a number of things to reduce the frizz in your hair from adding a small amount of oil or styling your hair with braids until your hair is about 80% dry. At eighty percent wetness, your hair is less likely to frizz up as you go throughout your day. Depending on the climate where you live, the humidity will be a huge factor in the warmer weather and the style of your hair. There are few things more frustrating in life than to spend hours blow drying your hair to walk outside and turn into a puffball. You can beat humidity at its own game by rocking voluminous hair through air drying.

2. Flat Iron/Curling Iron

Naturally from our first item to toss, flat irons and curling irons are the next tools to cull from your hair care arsenal. Mainly because of the heat and the humidity. As the sun is getting hotter, your hair will actually experience heat damage every time you step outside. Sunscreen is not only for your skin, but your hair needs protection from the sun too. You do not want to aid in the heat damage from the sun by flat ironing your hair every morning. Besides, the task of flat ironing or curling your hair every morning is adding a ridiculous amount of extra time to your morning routine that is better left for breakfast (Ah, yes, eating). Again, the humidity will also be a huge factor as the weather is warming up. It is better to embrace air drying and bigger hair during this season. If you absolutely cannot live without straight hair, try a full sew-in with extensions that are straight or wavy. That way you can protect your natural hair and still rock a classy, slick style.

3. Curling Pudding/Thick Hair Creams

With the winter behind us, it is normal to have a variety of thick hair creams, butters, and puddings taking up room in our bathroom cabinets, especially since with the dryness of the winter, your hair needs the extra moisture. However, with the spring months, it is better to ditch your heavy styling creams for products lighter in density and consistency. No one wants to go to the pool with thick white product running down their face. Products that are clear or almost clear in color will be your best option for styling products. Try serums, oils, and leave-in conditioners to ensure that your hair gets the moisture it needs but also has the flexibility and buoyancy to flow in the wind.

4. Hair Masks

Again, you may have gotten away with using a hair mask underneath a hat while you were running errands in the cooler months, but those days are over. With spring, you want to think light and airy, much like your spring dresses and flowy silk blouses. Instead of thick hair masks that can weigh your hair down, use a deep conditioner during your shower after your shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will still get the nutrient-replenishing power of a mask, and the steam of your shower will help the moisture penetrate deeper into your hair's cuticle layer. Bonus points that you can rinse off in the shower and get ready for the day with moisturized and lustrous hair.

5. Rolling Brush

This hair styling tool goes along with your heat styling products. Since you won't be needing your blow dryer and flat iron, you can add this item to the list. The purpose of the rolling brush is primarily to aid in getting the hair evenly dry when using a blow dryer and it also adds body and volume. However, as you air dry, excess water evaporates from your strands and leaves your hair light and airy, which naturally giving you more volume. Instead, use a paddle brush or bristle brush with a small amount of plant oil or serum to tame any unwanted frizz.

6. Gel/Hair Spray

Who does not love a great styling gel? Especially one that holds the hair in place without any white flakes. I know you are in a committed relationship with your Eco Styler gels and Gorilla Snot, but maybe its time for a break. The hard truth is that warm weather causes your body to sweat (I know, but it's real). There is no need to go through the stress of trying to keep a perfectly sculpted style in the sweltering heat. Free and effortless hair looks best for the spring and summer months. The same goes with hairspray. Let your lungs and hair have a break from being rigorous and stiff and let your hair be free this season. If I must have a style that needs to hold for a time, I will opt for a light mousse that will give my hair a little bit of hold but does not feel like a solid rock on top of my head.

7. Hair Dye

For anyone that knows me, or seen my Instagram profile, may gawk at the fact that hair dye has made the list of items to toss, but hear me out. Although I love hair dye as much as the next person, you can only dye your hair once at a time. My bathroom was full of hair dyes from previous sessions and hair looks that I no longer had any interest in repeating. Even when my hair was dyed multiple colors at once, I typically kept the color in my hair for at least a few months. In order to make sure your cabinet is not turning into the hair color aisle of the beauty supply store, toss any hair dyes that you are not currently using (for touch-ups and the like) and any old dyes. Much like other cosmetics, hair dyes do have an expiration date and are no longer useful or safe to use on your hair. The expiration dates will ease the decluttering process. Now you will have room for when you decide to change your hair color. Another option would be to get your hair color done professionally (which I recommend if you are lightening your hair more than one level). That way you will not need to have hair dyes in your home and leave the hair color collection up to the professionals.

Welcome to Your New Orderly Hair Arsenal!

Once you have done the hard part of getting rid of some of your hair products and tools, you will instantly see a difference in the cleanliness and order of your current hair arsenal. A few adjustments to your hair routine and with the tips in this article, you can have gorgeous hair while saving money and more importantly time. Also, by putting away your heat styling products, you save your hair from unnecessary heat damage and help retain its moisture, which means healthier hair! Who doesn't want that? You do not have to have crazy looking hair when you declutter your haircare routine. There are plenty of low maintenance styles and tips to ensure you are slaying and looking like the effortless beauty you are! Protective styles such as sew-ins, wigs, and braids can give your hairstyle variety during the warmer months. Experiment with straight, wavy or big curly styles. PLE has a great variety of extensions that will protect your natural hair while satisfying your love for changing your hairstyle. It is time for rooftop parties, beach getaways, and pool hopping! You do not want styling your hair to put a funk on your fun this season. What did you think of our seven items to toss from your hair arsenal? Are there any other items you would include? What are some tips for more minimal hair essentials? We would love to hear your suggestions and tips in the comment section below!
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