the perfect dream client for a hairstylist

The Perfect Dream Client for a Hair Stylist

What Makes You A Dream Client

We often think about the perfect hairstylist. Ladies, you know exactly who I am talking about. A stylist that can do it all.

You don’t have to go to anybody else for anything ever. But have you ever wondered about the perfect dream client for a hairstylist? In my opinion, a loyal client may be harder to find than a good stylist.

I mean honestly, stylists are a bit easier to find, you have some that are more passionate about braids than actual extensions. To reiterate, stylists are easy to come by, but hard to find one that does it all but why is it so hard to see a loyal, trustworthy client.

So in this article, we will address some things that contribute to the perfect dream client for a hairstylist.

Perfect hairstylist

Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty

Although in the hair industry, men contribute as well, I would like to focus in on my ladies for a second about having loyalty to your hairstylist.

I find it funny how particular a man can be about his barber. I mean to be real, what males do you all know that really don’t care about what barber they go too? Right, I don’t know any either. Men are so loyal to their barber it is ridiculous.

I have seen them go past due for a haircut just so nobody can touch their hairline until their barber comes back into play. Now for my ladies, this conversation changes a bit. Don’t get me wrong there are women out there who won’t let not a single hand touch their hair except their personal stylist but so many fall short of this concept.

I believe sticking to the same stylist causes better hair growth and ultimately healthier hair but we will tap into that later. Right now I am going to go with my theory about women wanting to constantly change their hair and their personal stylist may not know how to accomplish every style.

I myself being a woman who may go to a certain girl for braids but another stylist for my sew-ins. Does that mean I’m not loyal?

 Loyalty to hairstylist

Stylists For Every Style

It’s like a dream come true when you can find that one stylist that can do it all.

It is rare, but there are some stylists out there that have mastered their craft on a whole new level. By that I mean they have taken the time to learn things about cosmetology outside of class.

I being a former cosmetology student, I know how easy it is to master one craft and fall in love with that specific hairstyle so you may lose sight in other styles that may be able to expand your mastery. This could potentially play a part in why women do not stick to one stylist because they have a hard time finding people who have mastered it all.

Just a suggestion for stylists, try your best to learn your craft in any and all forms because you will be able to provide a variety to your clients. And you don’t have to worry about them cheating on you with another stylist because every style they ask for, you can achieve it for them.


Products May Be Different

I told you before all that I believed that if a dream client sticks with a specific stylist, you can attribute to the growth and maintenance of healthy flourishing hair.

It is imperative that you visit your stylist consistently because just like everybody doesn't cook the same, drive the same or even walk the same, believe me, they do not do hair the same either. Some salons use hair products from a vendor and thing you may not have access to in stores yourself.

For that reason sticking to the same stylist is beneficial for the dream client because you may find out that using different products on your hair all the time can cause your hair to suffer. You want to keep the pattern the same for success.


Lines of Trust and Communication

If you do happen to find that dream hairstylist that you are always loyal too, it can be a healthy happy relationship.

I am a stylist, and I can honestly say we get real enjoyment out of consistency in a dream client. If the client is on time for their appointments and keeping a consistent schedule are great qualities of a good client. And most importantly, a client you have built a relationship with.

Many times just like a man’s barber, a woman’s stylist is her open ear, heart, and mind. A client gets away from her home life to talk about life and even gossip about her problems. It ultimately builds the relationship of trust and communication between dream clients and stylists.

Nothing is more promising than a stylist that can slay you and pray with you!

Relationship of trust and communication

Perfect Client

Ultimately as a stylist, as long as you are a master of your craft on your end, your dream client will be happy and loyal on their end.

Be sure to keep your appointment times to the best of your ability. If anything changes let your client know. Take this time to ensure you’re doing everything on your end to be an exceptional stylist. You are what you attract.

If you are a professional stylist, you will attract professional women who are willing to pay you every two weeks like clockwork every time they get paid. Carry yourself as a professional, and you will ultimately be successful in gaining loyal clients, and that’s all a stylist’s want.

We are all imperfect, so your perfect client will never exist, but you can bet that she will match your fly as a stylist. You give a dog a bone; they will keep coming back. You give a dream client a bomb slay; they will keep booking those appointments.

I said all this to say, if you are looking for a dream client, you have to be a dream stylist!


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