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Establishing Your Clients: Hair Clientele Vs. Hair Customers

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Establishing Your Clients: Hair Clientele Vs. Hair Customers

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

If there is one thing I love, it is a loyal client. Being a client means that whenever I have a need that my go-to provides, I am knocking on their door ready to be serviced. I like being a client because it helps me build a bond and an understanding of the person providing the service. For example, those of you that specifically read PLE Blog for hair care and business advice, and to keep up with the latest in bundles are loyal fans and followers. You aren't merely a reader, someone who is passing by, but a devoted person who turns to us to seek out information and entertainment, and for that we thank you. Now, imagine that you have a business, or if you do, think of your business. Do you have followers or occasional readers? Are those that contribute to your business customers or clients?

Clientele Vs. Customers

Clientele refers to a body of clients. A client is a person who engages the professional advice or services of another repeatedly. A customer is a person who purchases goods or services from another; buyer; patron; a client is a person one has to deal with for business. From a definition standpoint, they are necessarily the same thing, however, in practice, they are very different. Customers are people who are seeking a service, though it may be random and they may never return. For those in the beauty industry, you may have seen a lot when you are applying to work in a salon or a beauty bar that one of the specific requirements is "must have clientele." Your clientele is more of a group of dependable customers that will continuously come to you for service.

Which Are You?

There is no shame in only blessing someone's hair or lashes once. You were able to make them happy, get practice, build your portfolio and collect your coins! Additionally, there is no shame in being non-committal to a stylist. Some people may do a particular style differently like the woman who slays your blowouts you wouldn't dare go to for a frontal. Or the man who fleeks your eyebrows, you don't want even touching your lashes. Once upon a time, I was a faithful client of a woman named Alonda, she would slay my sew-ins honey! Shout out to her in Upper Marlboro, Md. Then I discovered wigs and the prices at Private Label Extensions, and that was the end of our hair love story. But one thing that I learned and adored about being apart of someone's clientele is that there are so many benefits!

Which Would You Rather Have?

At this point, I am honestly an advocate of having and building a steady clientele for any business you have, whether it is real estate, selling bundles or doing nails, it is nice to have a decent amount of people you can depend on to need your service week after week or year to year.

How To Build Clientele

Here's where I drop the real jewels. To build and retain a stable clientele, you must be willing to go above and beyond in the areas of service, personality, and commitment.

1. Advertisement and Service

To build your clientele, you must first have clients. A crucial part of getting people to seek your services is the advertisement of your goods or skill. In countless other articles on Private Label Extensions Blog, we focus on advising that you build your social media to showcase your talent, connect with your audience and provide useful information. Social Media can be a means of showing what you have to offer and will allow you to market in your sleep. Don't skip over making an Instagram or Facebook. Potential customers can view this to help make their decision about your business, and your clients can use these pages as a point or reference. One advertising tip that will help you build your clientele will be to post daily and have clear instructions for booking, locations and how to send inquiries. This forwardness will save everyone time and stress. But if people do have questions, try to answer quickly and politely.
Use a "look-book" made of your work. A lookbook will help your clients get familiar of with your work, with services they may have never obtained from you or even seen on your page. A look-book can help make servicing easier and showcase your work simultaneously. Show your clients time and consideration when it comes to their service, and always make sure that they are satisfied. Before they leave or when they receive their package, ask questions to ensure they are happy, be open to criticism and changes. Overall, attempt to give your clients the best service possible.

2. Personality

Respect and customer service are essential to establishing and growing clientele. Clients, old and new, want to feel respected and cared for while receiving a service. Always speak in a professional manner and treat people with care. It seems to be a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people forget how personality can be a deal breaker. Maintaining a positive attitude and being responsive is an excellent way to provide your customers with the reassurance and comfortability they need. Even if they never come back, it is your job to make the service enjoyable.

3. Commitment

Commitment is the most important part of establishing a loyal clientele. You must be committed to your work, delivering a timely and correct service and your clients. Now that you've advertised to perfection using business cards, word of mouth and social media, you've got some clients. Then they come in and you wow them with your professionalism and bubbly attitude, what's next? Keep them coming back!

Attention to Detail

Try to remember if you guys had a conversation the last time or some detail about your client. Attempt to make the experience more personal. Remembering things about someone will make your client feel like you know and remember them. If you are a hair stylist, pay attention to the last service you gave this person the last time they came in. For instance, "Oh my gosh, your curls held up so nice. You probably need a trim this time", or "You usually get it straight and long, do you want to try some layers?" these simple strategies will help create a relationship between you and your client. You are meeting the needs of their hair and showing genuine interest. Clients want to feel cared about, and they are.
Another way to pay attention to detail is to cater to the age groups or needs of your clients. For instance, if you sell hair, even strictly online, take a poll using Instagram to ask the ages of your followers or forward an email with a quick survey to those who have purchased in the past to ask their periods and locations. Services like Mail Chimp, are free for the basic version and make this super doable. This strategy can help you tailor your sales to those who support you the most. An example would be if your poll filled with high school girls, have a prom sale of end of summer blow out.

How About Some R and R?


Reward your loyal clients. Rewards are beneficial to both you and the client. Rewards help build clientele, show appreciation and foster a friendly atmosphere. Two of the salons I have been to in my whole twenty-two years of living and getting slayed have had a 'client appreciation day.' Those that faithfully book with them are welcomed to come as well as those with an appointment for that day. They usually have light refreshments like wine and lemonade, and finger platters and as a side dish a sale or percentage off of your service. As someone who frequents the shop, I like to be able to come and know that I am appreciated, and my loyalty rewarded. I can look forward to these pop-ups, and it will be an incentive to book again. Try a referral reward system. My friend, Chelsea, would always purchase her bundles from one place. Before you knew it, she would get $20 of a sale whenever her name mentioned as a referral. It's a win-win!

Don't Forget Reminders

Additionally, makeup "sale cards" or flyers to give out to your customers for discounts on certain days or even a "punch card" for something free or reduced after a certain amount of visits. Doing so will reward the client's loyalty and entice them to come back. All the major department stores do it and even food places. How many times have you gone to Old Navy because of their Super Cash or have overshopped in Victoria Secret because of their gift prizes? No one? Just me? Furthermore, try to get some of their personal information like an email or phone number to send reminders about appointments, rescheduling, sales, and events.
And last but not least, check up on them! For instance, if you do lashes or have just done a "big chop" for someone, ask how they are holding up and if there is anything they need. Be thorough when it comes to your clients; in and out of the shop. Rewards and Reminders are the bread and butter of growing and maintaining clientele. The combination of these two gives people motivation along with your excellent service, to continuously spend their money with you and depend on your services. The nail and lash business have the reward and reminder methods down pack by offering "fill services." This method sets the clients up to book their next appointment before they even leave because a) a fill is cheaper than a full set b) they love your work and c) they do not want to risk the chance of missing out.

Perfect Your Craft

Whether you've been in your field for six months or six years, there is always room for improvement and education. Take classes to brush up on your skills and new information. Attempt to keep up with what is current in your field. You never want to turn customers away or have clients stray because of your lack of know-how, bite the bullet and obtain the knowledge you need to grow with your clients and provide the best service possible.

What it's All About

Little extra work on your presentation and personality can take your business far. Committing to the process of serving your clients in every way possible will encourage them to return and will do some of the legwork for you. Think about each client as a small pool of potential clients. Molly loved your customer service and her wig, and now she will be a walking talking promotion for you. Molly will wear her fabulous hair, showcasing your bouncy bundles, tight curls and flat construction. Alicia will rave about how you have a sale almost every month. Kiesha will gush about the delicious candy apple you gave her on her tenth visit after keeping up with her punch card. Lily will babble on about how happy she was to receive free shipping for buying from you at every sale. Tasha will tell them how you always remember to be gentle around her left ear because it is still fragile from surgery.
As a provider, take pride in your service and your goods. Being consistent with your practices and service will allow your clients to know just what to expect when dealing with you. To gain a loyal clientele base offer your clients a great attitude, impeccable service, support, and rewards. Each client counts towards building a steady stream of customers that will blossom into a regular clientele.