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Coachella Vibes: How to Slay this Festival Season

Get Festive with Unique Styles

Our favorite time of year is here, that's right, festival season! With Coachella right around the corner, this only leaves you with a few months to get prepared. Amazing artists like The Weekend, Eminem, and Beyoncé will be headlining this year, so you got to make sure your style, as well as your hair, is poppin! Coachella is a music festival that happens once a year in California. When people go there, it's to show out in the best of the best. When it comes to hairstyles there is no limit, unicorn colored hair, box braids, buzz cuts, this is the time to try out and experiment with your creative side. So, before we get started on this excellent list here are a few things to know.

Tips For Coachella

#1 Think outside of the box!

Anyone who attends a music festival is going to bring a unique, crazy, and corky personality to their style; this is no time to be shy! Go out there and give your look all that you've got.

#2 Practicality!

Yes, looking bomb is excellent, but having an outfit that is functional is even better. Trust me at and music festival you are going to be jumping up and down, dancing your butt off, and sweating up a storm, you don't want to worry about your hair falling off of your head or a wardrobe malfunction. So, another important tip is to make sure your hair is practical or functional.

#3 Have fun!

Whether your bonding with your bae or jamming out to your favorite artists with some friends; you want to make sure you're having fun with every outfit or hairstyle you try out. To look good, you must feel comfortable, so stay within your comfort zone. Well, we have covered the basic ground rules on how to look bomb at any music festival. So now let's get into this fantastic list of 7 hair and outfit inspirations to try for Coachella this year!

Creative Hairstyles to Rock

Faux Locs

Faux locs hit the scene last year, and this is a trend that everyone still seems to be loving. Imagine being able to rock such a unique, versatile hairstyle as this one with no long-term commitment. Faux locs are a short protective hairstyle that has the look and feel of real dreadlocks, but the versatility of changing up the style and not keeping it for a long time. Faux Locs are perfect for Coachella and festival season. You can do the locs in different colors and textures, meaning you can use synthetic hair or yarn. Faux locs come in different styles, for example, Goddess, side-swept, shaved sides, the list is endless on how you can style this rocking look. If you don't want to worry about fixing your hair every day, you should give faux locs a try at Coachella this year.

Jumbo Cornrows

You have probably heard of jumbo braids, but, what about doing cornrows? Having your hair braided down to your scalp makes for an edgier look. With this style, you can add color and hair accessories to amp up the creativity. Cornrows are great for Coachella because the hair is out of your way and leaves your face more exposed. Now that your face is free and clear it leaves more opportunity to be creative with your makeup or head jewels. If you want to go for a remarkable hairstyle for Coachella, you might as well do it big and go for the large cornrow style.

Colorful Hair

Like I've said before Coachella is the best time for showing your creativeness and a different side of yourself. What is so great about having your hair colored is that everyone compliments you since it is such an eye-catching look. Another advantage of having your hair dyed is the different shades you can try. Just think about this for every blue, purple, pink, or red, there is a brighter, darker, or pastel version of that color. What's even better is that you can match your hair with your outfit, talk about taking the monochromatic look to the extreme. Coachella will not be ready for you or your colorful hair, so give this look a try if you're in need of a breathtaking hairstyle this festival season.

Braids or Twists Leading into Ponytails

Ponytails can sound like a boring hairstyle to try for Coachella, but you can easily spice it up by adding braids or even twists. Try doing three or four cornrows in the front of your hair. Braid your strands halfway and seal with a rubber band. The remaining hair that it left out you can place into a high or even low ponytail. This look is perfect if you don't want to try something as outrageous as dying your hair, and what is also great is that you can complete this hairstyle within minutes. If you're one of those people who is late for everything, now you have this stylish ponytail that is time efficient. Get ready to slay at Coachella this year.

Colorful Box Braids

Box braids are another protective hairstyle that has been around longer than you can probably remember. At Coachella 2017, Chanel Iman had everyone jaw-dropping when she showed out in pastel unicorn colored box braids. This hairstyle is bold, fun, and downright gorgeous. What I appreciate most about this look is that even little girls have been seen wearing it, I guess we have Willow Smith's 2010 hit "Whip My Hair" To thank for that! Colorful box braids are the ultimate form of youthful expression. What is even better is that you don't have to bleach or dye the beautiful hair to achieve this look. All you'll need is some colored extensions or synthetic hair, and you are good to go. If you are thinking about giving this hairstyle a try, hopefully, these rocking pics of celebs and fashionistas sporting their unicorn box braids will provide you with that extra incentive!

Glitter Roots

Glitter roots are taking the world by storm. It's an excellent look for Coachella, and even better if you're trying to grow your roots out but want to hide them for a little while. Glitter comes in different ranges of colors so that you can be diverse in your choosing. The trick to mastering this look isn't just dumping a boatload of sparkly confetti on your head and calling it a day, but to mix the glitter with a styling gel and precisely stroking it from your root to about 1 inch down. This hairstyle can get messy, so make sure you're not wearing that awesome outfit just yet. But if you love glitter just as much as I do, then a little of it will only make your wardrobe look even more amazing. If you want to be the brightest and shiniest person at Coachella you should give this awesome glitter hairdo a try!

The Center Braid

The middle part braid is the perfect way to add some edge to your overall look. This hairstyle is a simple one to try for the upcoming festival season. All you'll need to do is gather about a 1 to 2-inch mohawk section from the front of your hair and braid it back. This center braid is an exciting, bold, and funky hairstyle that is just perfect for Coachella. The twist can be big or small; there are plenty of ways to style this look and be the center of attention for this festival season.

Get Stylish in The Valley

Now Coachella is the mark of the fantastic summer fashions to look forward too! Although some music festivals are for one day, Coachella is a three-day event, and if you're one of the few who plan to attend for all three days, you will need some style inspiration. When it comes to choosing the perfect outfit to wear it may be a little stressful to stand out in the crowd, but still feel comfortable. Some of us may like to show a little skin, and others may be a little more on the conservative side. So, I have a list of 7 banging outfit ideas that would get any of us all super excited about music festival season.


Sundresses are the perfect outfit choice for Coachella. The sun is shining the breeze is blowing, and it's perfect to show off that tall figure for some of you ladies. I know when you go to music festivals it may be intimidating to see a lot of people showing some skin and baring it all out, but that doesn't mean you still can't steal the show with your outfit. Beauty is all in your confidence so, go ahead and show out at Coachella this year sporting the many types of sundresses the world has to offer.

Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots

The denim shorts and boot combination is the perfect look for music festivals. This outfit has been a go-to style at Coachella for years. Not only are daisy dukes comfortable, but you can style it in so many ways. You can pair these shorts with v neck tops, with frilly long sleeves, even simple bandeaus, trust me you can rock this look in your sleep. If you're in need of some outfit inspiration, you can pull out the daisy dukes and cowboy boots this festival season!


Wearing a Kimono is the perfect accent to any outfit you're going to wear at Coachella. It adds an extra spice to any wardrobe. Kimonos come in many different colors and sizes, the longer ones a are better if you're tall or planning to wear shoes with some heel, that way people are not continually stepping on it or tripping over the trailing end of the Kimono. Some even come with frills at the end of the sleeves adding a fun effect to your outfit. So, if your look is a little bit on the dull side try adding a sexy Kimono to lively yourself up a bit!

Bathing Suits or Bikinis

Now if you're a little bit more on the risky side, wearing a sexy bikini or a cute bathing suit can be an excellent and straightforward outfit for Coachella. Kylie Jenner made sure to catch fans attention at the 2016 Coachella event in her bedazzled Evil Eye Bathing Suit. If showing too much skin scares you then you can wear some shorts to cover your bottom half. So, if you're looking for an affordable, simple, and comfortable outfit to wear this festival season, I think scooping up a new bathing suit will be a great addition to your look.

Crochet Anything

Crochet outfits scream boho chic! What better place to catch people wearing crotchet clothing than at a music festival. This trend looks flawless and complements anyone's body shape very well. My favorite piece to try on would have to be an off-white crochet bra or top, and who can forget the crochet swim coverups. You can style this look easily with some comfortable tennis shoes, or even some sandals. If you love everything about knitted clothing, then try the crochet look on for size this year during Coachella.

Lace Outfits

Lace is another material that looks super great during the music festival season. My favorite color lace to see would have to be black; it adds a level of sexiness and mystery to your outfit. Lace is also a very lightweight material, so you won't be too hot when you're wearing this look outside.

Matching Two-Piece Sets

Getting an outfit that incorporates a matching top and bottom can be an outstanding look for Coachella. Merely having the luxury of your clothes already matching makes it easier to style. What is even better is you can have your outfit go along with any hairstyle that you choose. So, be ready for the ease of getting dressed because with this simple look you'll be ready to jam it up in no time!

Are you Ready for Festival Season?

There you have it! An impressive list of some hair and outfit ideas that you can try this year at Coachella or any music festival for that matter. Remember all the tips I've told you, especially the main point of having fun. You've saved up and spent your money so you can listen and see your favorite artists with the people who are close to you, so don't lose sight on that. I hope I have inspired those of you who plan to go to music festivals this summer. Let us know which one of these looks you plan to try in the comments down below!
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