coconut oil for hair and its amazing benefits

Coconut Oil for Hair and It’s Amazing Benefits

Why Coconut Oil?

There are many natural ingredients that can be beneficial to your hair, and coconut oil is one of them. Many of us are already aware that coconut oil can be used in food and even on your skin. It can provide you with tasty dishes and radiant skin. Are you aware though that coconut oil can also be used for hair? Coconut oil is filled with antioxidants and has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. It fights off the bad guys aka bacteria while promoting healthy hair growth and providing moisture to your hair. Still, don’t believe me? Let’s go over some of the benefits of coconut oil for hair.

Pre-Poo Before You Shampoo

There are so many benefits it's almost too long to list. Let's first start off with pre-pooing! Now you may be wondering, "what is that?" If you are not hip to pre-pooing then girl you better get your life! Pre-pooing is a hair care treatment that allows your hair not to dry out after shampoo and coconut oil is perfect for this. Being that it is an oil, when you use coconut oil before you shampoo it helps to seal your hair strands to eliminate the dryness caused by shampooing your hair. For the best results make sure to apply the coconut oil to your hair as a pre-poo for about an hour before you shampoo.

Take Your Conditioner to the Next Level!

Did you know that you can use coconut oil as a deep conditioner? Mix coconut oil within you conditioner or deep conditioner and let it sit. You can also create your own natural conditioner using coconut oil by mixing it with other ingredients. Ingredients such as mayonnaise, avocado, honey all have great conditioning properties especially when applied to hair. Because it is an oil, it can be soaked up by your hair allowing it to penetrate through hair strands. This is great for all my natural hair girls that really want a great deep treatment for their hair.


The rich oils in coconut oil moisturize your hair strands. It is a thick butter-like oil that you can work into your hair to promote moisture along with healthy hair growth. What I love most about the texture of coconut oil is that it can be mixed with other hair products and natural ingredients. You can create a variety of at home healthy hair products by using this product as the base.

Scalp Oil

Although coconut oil has a thicker texture than most oils, you can melt it down to make it more liquified. You can easily melt coconut oil in the microwave to create a quick and easy scalp oil. A lot of times we take care of our hair but neglect our scalp. That is like watering a fruit from a plant but not watering the roots. The fruit will eventually die because it is the root that sustains it. The same goes when it comes to hair care. If scalp oil is the water, then your scalp is the root, and your hair is the fruit. You need to apply oil to your scalp, it is essential for healthy hair growth and helps prevent dandruff and dry scalp issues. Due to its antifungal properties, when coconut oil is used on the scalp, it fights fungus and helps improve scalp health. What makes it even better is that coconut oil does all of this without having harmful chemicals. It is very essential that you take care of your scalp, a healthy scalp promotes healthy hair growth. Your scalp serves as the foundation of your hair’s health so make sure to give it some extra TLC.

Hair Mask

Using a hair mask? Don’t be afraid to add some coconut oil to your mix. Hair masks are another great way to give your hair a much needed deep treatment. While hair masks are still new to many, like pre-poo, they are a great add-on to your hair care routine. Don’t shy away from these masks; they are much easier to create and use than you think. Check out our blog post on “Our Favorite DIY Hair Masks to Make At Home Right Now!” We have a bomb recipe for a coconut oil hair mask and other hair masks that contain coconut oil as well.

Add Some Shine and Shine on Em Girl!

Coconut oil is an easy way to add shine and luster to your hair. It serves as a great alternative to hairspray which may contain harmful chemicals. To make it sprayable, mix it water in a spray bottle and spray it onto your hair. To make this process easier melt down the oil in the microwave the same way you would turn it into a scalp oil. It will add a natural shine and a lustrous finish that is bound to get noticed.

Smells Good

When it comes to hair, who doesn’t want their hair to smell good? While hair perfumes are great, they don’t do much for your hair when it comes to nutrients and care. Many natural oils are good for your hair but have smells that you’ll want to get rid of. Coconut oil gives you the best of both worlds with a fragrant almost tropical like smell and not to mentioned it is packed with nutrients that promote healthy hair.

Give It A Try!

The reason why coconut oil is a must is that it’s an all in one product. It gives you the conditioning of deep conditioner, moisturizing effects of a hair moisturizer, shine of hairspray and more all in one. Why purchase a bunch of products when you can invest in one quality hair ingredient that covers the majority of your hair needs? Have you tried coconut oil? It is already quite popular but did you know that it had all these different benefits and if not how do you plan on using the oil differently? What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.
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