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New Fall Hair Color Trend: Flannel Hair

We Are Approaching the Fall Season

It is almost the fall season, and we are all excited!

Do you know that meme topic on Twitter where they say, “I can’t wait until it gets warm so I can start dressing,”? Well, that is how I am feeling right about now. In the fall, we get to stay warm, layer up and dress the way we primarily want to.

Some of us can’t wait to bring out the boots, flannels, jackets, beanies and fall-inspired makeup and hair. So, once again, we’ve hit that time of the year. Fall, but let’s talk about a new trend that we are starting to see on and off the red carpet and close to a home near you.

If you remember me talking about flannels, then great job! No, I’m not about to discuss the material of shirts. We are talking about hair color right now. Are you confused? Hold on for a minute. When you hear the word flannel, what comes to mind? A soft, cozy, and thick fabric made from cotton or wool that is usually worn in the fall to keep warm.

Am I right? That is correct; a flannel is meant to be worn in the fall and also contains warm colors.


Hair Color Named After Fabric

The term ‘flannel’ evolved into a term that describes the hair color that mimics those same warm and cozy autumn colors.

This new trend can do that for you and make you look good while it is at it. Think about the soft reddish-brown and orangish colors of the leaves you see falling piled up on the sidewalk or street.

These colors provide a brand-new edge to your look for the season but can also help elevate your overall appearance. Imagine someone looking at your hair, looking at you and then instantly feeling safe and warm? Fiery colors and visuals have always been a way to change one’s appearance drastically.

But the flannel hair color does this in a powerful, yet, subtle fashion. Let’s begin this fantastic discussion.

Where Did This “Flannel” Hair Color Originate?

This flannel hair trend has been around for quite some time now, and it is difficult to trace flannel hair back to its roots.

One thing is clear, though, that the culture has grown tremendously and continued to do so. The trend may feel sudden to a lot of people, but many stylists around the country are finally happy to see this trend hit the masses.

If you want to achieve this look, it is best to go to a professional who knows what this trend is, what you want and how to make it in the best way.


How Does This Color Trend Look?

The flannel hair trend involves a combination of deep red and rich brown tones like burnt copper, Auburn, and cocoa.

If you need visuals, check out celebrities like SZA, Keke Palmer and Bella Thorne who are known for rocking this look time and time again. When SZA first made her debut as an artist, her fiery red tones were only one part of her daring, yet sweet personality.

The same goes for Bella Thorne when we reminisce on her time on the television show “Shake it Up” where she would sport her natural reddish orange locks every episode. The best part is that these warm, rich tones look good on everyone, so you can make it as subtle as you want or give it some flavor by adding more color to it.

You’ll be seeing hundreds of victims of the What I asked for vs. What I Got this season. Accept it, learn from it, and don’t let it be you. Let us prevent our aspiring flannel hair sisters from losing stride this last quarter of 2018.

As stated before, it will be difficult to find a stylist who can effectively provide you with this look. Having a picture on hand of one of these stars or doing a quick Pinterest search will help you accurately describe the style you want.


What Makes It So Special?

There are a few things about this hair color that make it stand out from other hair color trends.

One of the things about this color that makes it so unique is the fact that it looks good on everyone, as I already stated. Everyone's favorite fall fashion also inspires the color trend, so it's perfect for the cooler weather right around the corner.

Do you know how good you would look with it being in the middle of fall and you are cozy on the weekends with cute sweaters, hot chocolate, warm cider, and some auburn colored locks? If none of you try it, somebody else will! This color may be sometimes hard to achieve, but it is so great for the people who want to do something different with their hair but keep it natural and easily changeable.

There is usually a spike in this trend around August because people are so tired of being over bleached from summer. Around this time, people want to add rich and deeper hues into their look.

Every year, the hair color trends go through cycles, and they usually mirror the season. Have you ever got a specific nail color or wore a particular outfit because of the seasons?

Well, people tend to do the same things with their hair! We are moving away from golden summer locks and replacing them with a unique bronze color. The best part of it all, because I have to keep reiterating this, is that red hair is flattering on pretty much all skin tones, thanks to its many variations.

Most stylists believe that golden skin tones look better with coppers, oranges, and golds because it does not wash them out. Darker and olive skin tones usually compliment cooler blue-reds. Some of these colors include colors like merlot, burgundy, and Auburn.

To get a simple, yet daring and bold look it would be cute to weave in multiple hues in the flannel tones. It makes the look current and modern.


How Do You Maintain the Color Throughout the Fall Season?

Keeping up with this flannel hair color all season is not as hard as you might think.

But there are a few things you can do to keep the color as bright and beautiful as the day you got it. It takes minimal effort but is worth it in the end when you realize the color barely faded in the last two months.

So, are you wondering how to maintain your new shade? You can use a sulfate-free shampoo, cleanse less than three times per week (depending on your hair type, this can range), and use a UV protectant spray for your hair to help shield from sun exposure. It is also best to switch up your wardrobe and makeup to accommodate your new shade.

Certain colors and patterns you used to wear might not look as good anymore, but that is the risk we take on when getting a new hair color. Specific heavy eye makeup or lip colors you’re used to wearing might no longer be as flattering, so be open to exploring different shades and products.

You never know what you might find that looks good on you.


Other Trending Hair Colors of The Season

Did you think that the whole world would be red?

The great thing about everyone is how different we all are, which means we have other interests including hair color. Other hair color trends are taking the world by storm, and we are here for it! Let’s check out some of the other hair color trends that we will see all season.

Some of these may even give you a few ideas on what you think you should try next!

Cold Brew Hair

This trend is relatively new, but according to stylists in Hollywood, we are going to see much more of it this upcoming fall.

We can’t accurately pinpoint where it originated, but it has a similar backstory to flannel hair. The name is a little bit deceiving because the name is not talking about plain coffee, but rather a play on varying degrees of the cream that's added. The technique is about swirling of neutral and golden tones down the hair.

Just like when you pour cream in coffee or milk in hot chocolate, which is both perfect drinks for the winter time!


Shadow Roots

You all know what I am talking about, whenever you get your hair colored.

The process of it growing out and getting it retouched can be outrageous and costly. Dark roots are a painful part of the natural growing out process, so why not embrace them? Shadow roots have taken over our social feeds lately, and with good reason. A shadow root makes hair color appear more natural, while also allowing the color to grow out seamlessly.

You can try these with any colors you see fit, but the hard part is getting the roots to blend seamlessly into the hair color itself.

Sombré Hair

There are so many ombré hair color techniques that sometimes it can be hard to keep up with it all.

In the past, ombré hairstyles have been anything but subtle. However, there has been a sudden rise in popularity for animal prints, and it will likely have people looking for hairstyles that best complement their walk in the animal kingdom, which includes their hair colors.

This style encompasses both medium and dark color hues, and in the right setting, it will make your outfit and other features shine.


Rose Gold

There is something about rose gold that we all have an obsession over.

Think about it: We have phone cases, computer laptop cases, nail colors and makeup that the colors inspires, so why not add a cute hair color into the equation for the fall? Stylists are bringing a new twist to this hair color, and it is by adding some soft copper undertones so that the rose gold can shine and stand out in the light.

It will also make the hair color look a little more natural than past rose gold trends where the undertones were hues of pink and magenta. If you want to go for the bolder look, then go right ahead!


Gem Lights

This trend might be my favorite, just because I love gray and pastel colors with a few rainbow hues to compliment them.

This look is perfect for blondes who have grown tired of their usual balayage. The brand-new hair coloring technique involves dying hair with shades inspired by gemstones and crystals. Those like the rose quartz (subtle pink), amethyst (lavender), Angelite (sky blue) and green aventurine.

The trick to nailing it is to die just a pinch of hair strands at a time, to lend lengths a more blended, seamless effect, and to avoid any chunks of color.

Pops of Gold

This look is for the ladies who want to keep it simple but want to look bold when they feel like it.

Keep your fall months warm by adding gold tones to your hair, a method that's ideal for those with darker complexions. You can add the gold towards the bottom lengths of your hair, or you can do it throughout the hair strands.

The point is to keep the actual distribution of the color subtle but making the color itself bright. However, according to local Hollywood stylists, it is best to be sure to stay away from too much warmth or red tones, so you don’t wash out the skin’s natural glow.

Flannel Hair: Try it Out!

This new hair color trend, flannel hair, is the best of all worlds because it nicely contradicts itself most elegantly and uniquely.

Now that we understand what it takes to rock flannel hair, do you think you would want to try it out? Have you thought about switching up your hair for the fall? What other hair color trends are you interested in for your fall look?

I want to hear what you have to say, so leave your comments below!

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