all about our color wig collection wig line

All About Our Color Collection Wig Line

Colored Wigs Are In Style

Colored wigs are everywhere lately, and they are making a scene especially on social media. Everyone is rocking them, and everyone wants to get their hands on one, but where can you get them?

Well, look no further because we’ve got some new colored wigs in stock and they come in a variety of beautiful colors.

In this blog post, you will learn all about our new color collection here at Private Label Extensions and all the bomb colors that we have in stock.


We’ve Got Every Color on the Block

When I say that we’ve got some of the most beautiful colors when it comes to wigs, I mean it — the color range for our new color collection are bold and beautiful, so you’re bound to stand out.

These are quality human hair wigs made with a swiss lace frontal. The density of these wigs is an astonishing 180%. So get ready to rock a vibrant and full head of hair!

With a variety of new colors, you will have so much fun testing out these different wigs. With potent colors that won’t bleed, the color is what makes this collection.

Let’s take a more in-depth look into the various colors that we have on this wig line.


Blue Diamond

Do you love the deep blue sea or blue skies? Well, now your hair color can be apart of the blue family as well.

From baby blue to indigo, there are so many different shades of blue. Our blue diamond wig is a deep and rich royal blue. The blue diamond color is reminiscent of the deep blue sea.


Cotton Candy

In this wig collection cotton candy is the yummiest color. Our cotton candy wig is a vibrant hot pink. Hot pink is one of the most popular bright colors on the block, and it looks incredible on hair.

Rocking our cotton candy wig is bound to get you noticed. The shade looks so beautiful on every skin tone and is the perfect color for my ladies that don’t mind standing out in the crowd.


Purple Pop

Everyone seems to love purple hair lately. Our purple pop wig is perfect for those who love rich, deep colors.

It is vibrant and rich and perfect for those who want to spice their hair look up.


Red Sapphire

For the boldest of the bold, rock a bright and vibrant red wig. Our red sapphire lace frontal wig is perfect for the ladies that want to spice things up!

What I love about red hair is that it fits almost every season from winter to summer, red hair looks great. Rock a red wig around Christmas or even in the summer while it’s hot and you will look hot as well.


Yellow Flame

Can you believe that yellow hair was another one of the most popular hair colors in 2018? Well believe it or not there is a popular yellow hair craze going on. You can see it all over social media.

Who would have ever thought that yellow hair would ever become so popular? This is why we have a bomb yellow wig in our new wig line.


Teal Temptress

Out of all our amazing colors, the last but not least color on the list is our teal temptress. Teal temptress is such a beautiful and vibrant color. Our teal wig is a shade that is a mix between blue and green and screams tropical vibes! This wig color is perfect for any island getaway or trip.


Frequently Asked Questions About These Wigs

Our new colored wig collection has everyone hype, and everyone has so many questions. Here are some of the questions that you guys asked about these bomb wigs!


What type of lace?

This wig is a made with a light colored swiss lace frontal that can easily be tinted to match any scalp color.

Are these wigs easy to use for first timers?

Yes, these wigs can easily be used by first-timers. The wigs come with adjustable straps and hair combs. You can “Learn to Melt Your Lace Frontal For The Ultimate Slay” in this blog post, or you can get a hairdresser to install this wig for you.

These wigs are human hair and can be treated just like any regular human hair wig correct?

Yes, these wigs are human hair, which means they will last longer with proper care and can be curled, cut and dyed to achieve a variety of styling results.

Will these wigs be available for dropshipping? How can I get them to my customers?

Our colored wigs in this collection are considered special order items. Special order items are only sold on Private label extensions, as they are made-to-order.

To get them to your customers you will need to order them from us, receive them and then ship them out to your customers.

Where can I order one?

The wigs are available under the “Shop” section of our site, and they are listed under the “Color Collection.”

Where are the pictures so we can post them?

You can post any of the various photos or videos from our Facebook group “Start A Hair Business” to advertise the wigs.

Is this Brazilian hair?

The wigs are 100% human hair.

When will all the colors be available for purchase?

The wigs are all now available for purchase at under shop and listed as "color collection".

Will the color bleed?

We suggest that you wash the units in cold water and use shampoo for color treated hair to preserve the color.

How long will they last?

These wigs can last over a year with proper maintenance. Make sure to check out this blog post for some bomb tips on how to take care of your human hair wig: “Human Hair Wigs: Tips for Proper Care to Last!” Knowing how to take care of your wig properly is imperative in making your wigs last.


Save You Time and Energy

We’ve told you all about our new color collection of wigs. Each wig and every color is so amazing, not to mention the wig already comes pre-plucked with wig combs and straps.

What is best about these wigs is that there are so many lengths and colors to choose from. Our lengths range from a modest 10 inches, which is perfect for a bob to an astonishing 24 inches for all my long hair don’t care ladies.

Wigs in general are already a time saver! These wigs save you even more time because trying to achieve such colors on your own can be very time-consuming. These wigs save you both time and energy.

To create such a wig on your own would take a significant amount of time and energy as well as skill. You can now rock the color of your dreams with minimal skill and effort.


Which Color Will You Rock?

We love that bold colors are making a coming back! Colors that were thought of as unconventional are now becoming the norm.

With so many colors to choose from, we are curious to know which one will you chose?

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