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Coloring Tips: Clip-In Hair Extensions

Add a Splash of Color!

We are huge fans of coloring hair extensions and the amazing results our hair can achieve. With a dozen colors of clip-in extensions to choose from, sometimes it is not enough. Maybe you are looking to add a multi-color dimension or a perfect match for a client's hair. Either way, it is crucial you know how to properly color the clip-in extensions. Making a mistake can be very damaging to the hair and that can get expensive.

We reached out to Paul Mitchell National Educator, Dallas Christopher. Dallas is the best hair colorist we have ever seen. When he starts mixing the Paul Mitchell colors you never know what to expect. Nothing but exceptional! From layered purple wigs to a multi-dimensional blue bombshell that will turn heads morning, day and night. We also have Dallas color test all our new products to ensure the quality of the products we offer to our wholesale clients.

Russian Blonde Color Test

This is a quick color test we had Dallas do with our Russian Blonde Sew-In Extensions about a year ago. It had great results and now offers the product in a body wave style with multiple length options.

Russian Blonde Color Test

Coloring Clip-In Extensions

The team received a call with questions about how to color their clip-in hair extensions. We know installing clip-in hair extensions is really easy but what about coloring? It is a little more difficult to color hair extensions but having the knowledge on how to properly do so is key. Dallas Christopher has some great tips for you for making your next coloring project a success.

Shopping for Clip-Ins

Now that you have some tips on coloring your next set of clip-in extensions it is time to try some out. Our wholesale clip-in extensions are the perfect solution for you to provide to your clients. With an array of colors to choose from you have a great starting point when coloring your next set. As Dallas mentions, make sure you start with a lighter color and then bring it back darker.

Darker Clip-In Colors

Looking to get a color like Purple? You will want to start with a much lighter color like the Russian Blonde Clip-Ins. There are many other colors to choose from including Gray and Malbec Plum. The Private Label Extensions product line of clip-ins continues to grow every few months.

Dark Clip-ins

Lighter Clip-In Colors

Lighter Clip-ins

With the increasing popularity of clip-ins, we see a great business opportunity to offer them to your clients. With Private Label Extensions being a leading wholesale hair extensions supplier of clip-ins we are here to help you grow your business with the best quality products for the price. Our Atlanta based team is always excited to answer your questions and help you either get started in the hair industry or help grow your current business. Take an inside look at our company by following us on Instagram or Facebook!

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