top reasons to visit the curlfest nyc natural hair event

Top Reasons to Visit The Curlfest NYC Natural Hair Event

Melanin, Food, Fun!

If you didn’t know or didn’t hear, Curlfest NYC is approaching! It happens to be the most significant natural hair event, which takes places every year in New York City! It’s one of those events that you don’t want to miss! It’s packed with fun, food, music and even celebrities slide through! There are also hundreds of food trucks and games too! Bring your best curlfran, daughter or Mom and your Husband out to Curlfest NYC to experience a time of your life! Although Curlfest is a great event to attend, it goes deeper than just the fun and games. It’s a great way to interact with people and build relationships. So if you’re someone who is looking for purpose, below you will find the top reasons to visit Curlfest NYC!

Networking Experience

In the business world, they say it's not what you know but who you know! And if you have any business in the natural hair community, then you need to be at Curlfest! For starters, I can tell you that all of your favorite YouTubers will be in attendance! So if you’re someone who is thinking about starting a Youtube channel, what better place to be to ask some folks some questions? Shoot, bring your camera along, and you can catch some footage while you're there! Also, the Curlfest event would be the perfect place to collaborate with someone. Vloggers, bloggers and natural hair companies will all be there so don’t be shy. Bring your business cards, a pen, and paper and start networking! You never know whom you may meet! Your golden ticket to the next best opportunity may be right at Curlfest!

Learn More About Natural Hair

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been natural or how many twist out videos I’ve seen, I am still learning about natural hair! When you attend Curlfest NYC, you will be around thousands of people who all have natural hair, just like you! That alone should get you excited! Do you know how much knowledge you will walk away with if you attend this event? Tons! You will have the chance to ask people how they were able to style their hair, what their favorite hair products and how they keep their hair healthy as well. Also, Curlfest will have live natural hair demonstrations and speakers who will discuss all things natural hair! Still can’t figure out how to do a three-strand twist out? You better make sure to ask someone there when you go because I’m sure someone will know!

Support Black Owned Businesses

Curlfest goes deeper than just talking about natural hair and eating some great food; it's also a chance to support black businesses! Because if we don’t help each other, who will? Each year, Curlfest has many different hair vendors who have all took time to work on their craft and present it for the world to see. There will be vendors in the building who will be selling everything from custom headwraps, clothing, jewelry, you name it, and it will be there. Being in attendance of a predominately black event, to me, is essential. It not only shows unity but also shows that we respect one another. Also, the creator of Curlfest is black, of course, and we all must show love to someone who is doing something positive for their community. Every year so many non-black companies gain millions of dollars from their consumers. Why aren’t the black companies pouring in money like that? It’s because we don’t support enough! The African American community needs to come together and show out for each, how we do with other companies. And of course the more we stick together, the further we can go! So, you have to start somewhere right? Well, attending Curlfest NYC would be the best way to go!

It’s The Ultimate Celebration

Curlfest NYC is like your favorite Aunts yearly bbq with all your best cousins in town, times 100! It’s the ultimate celebration because it's black-owned, of course! What is better than attending an event, in the middle of summer with all your melanin brothers and sister? Oh yes, I said Brothers, because they aren’t left out! You will see men in attendance representing their locs as well! Little kids and babies will be there showing off their baby afros, and so much more! Sadly, there aren’t many events like Curlfest where people come together to celebrate each other. Therefore it’s a must that we keep it rolling, and pack the place out! Over the years, the natural hair community has grown so much. It’s just beautiful to watch people tap into their natural side and be proud of their curly, kinky, wavy hair. And I don’t care what anyone says, its a great thing that it's celebrated!

So Will You Be Attending?

Be sure to google Curlfest NYC to find out full details and how to purchase your tickets. Don’t come alone either! Be sure to drag out all the natural queens that you know. This event is not one that you want to miss! Curlfest NYC has been around since 2014, and each year it gets bigger and better. Curlfest will be in Prospect Park which is in Brooklyn New York. People travel near and far for this event, and they are never let down. It doesn’t matter what your hair type is, curl pattern or length is. It’s a fun gathering event that everyone can attend and make it a learning experience. Even if you’re currently rocking a relaxer, go! Sure you may stand out just a little bit, but you also may gain some great motivation that will help you grab the scissors for your big chop! Have you ever attended a Curlfest NYC event? If not so, tell me some things you learned! Talk about it below, in the comment section!
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