the difference between wholesale purchasing and dropship buying

The Difference Between Wholesale Purchasing and Dropship Buying

There are ways to do business and ways to make money. When you have your hair extension business, your aim is to maximize profits while keeping the overheads and acquisition costs low. It can make a huge difference to the operation costs of your business where you source your products from and how much you pay for them. There are two things that are critical to your hair extension business. One is the quality of your product and the second is the cost of procuring it. You can find the right supplier, but storage and inventory is a whole different ball game.

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Wholesale Purchasing

Wholesale Purchasing is when you buy your product or goods at a wholesale buying rate from a supplier. This means that you get a discounted rate and not the retail prices of what is normally found in stores. These rates help you purchase your products in bulk as they do have minimum quantities that you must buy and although this will help you get your products at a low rate, you will be stuck with a lot of products that have yet to be sold. That is a huge amount of your investment tied up in one shot and you will have the headache to ensure that the product constantly moves so that you don’t have dead stock lying around.

With wholesale buying, you may think that you’re getting a great deal and you are. This separates the Wholesale Customers from the Retail Customers and encourages businesses to give them added incentive to use wholesale purchasing. The difference between prices for retail and wholesale is enough to convince businesses to invest large sums of money to procure the products at a cheaper rate. This can be then sold to the end customer at the retail price, earning a comfortable profit. Private Label Extensions offers the business who deals with them a very comfortable profit margin which could up to 75%.

No business can ignore such savings. Wholesale purchasing also means that storage space is utilized at your warehouse. If you’re just starting out, this can mean that you have to set aside capital for purchasing inventory, renting out space, dealing with non-moving items and on top of that, staying ahead of the competition.

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That’s where Dropship Buying comes in.

What is Dropship Buying?

We’ve just spoken about wholesale buying. While undoubtedly that is an added advantage, dropship buying takes it to the next level. All you need to do is sign up with an account at Private Label Extensions. When a visitor looks at the prices given on the website, they see the retail rates. While these are lower than many of the competing business online, it gets even better. The minute you enter the website as a member, the prices will change to reflect the wholesale purchasing rates. This is already one step in the right direction and something that you probably were searching for.

You can choose from the various products that are listed on the website. From clip-in hair extensions to sew-in extensions, from closures to branding - you’ll find what you need for your hair extension business on Private Label Extension’s website. The only constraint is the minimum order for Private Label Extensions. Before your mind starts jumping into absurd numbers, the minimum number is only $300. This is peanuts compared to what you would have had to spend if you bought your products from another supplier. Other suppliers will most likely want high minimums per item.

If you are a hairstylist or own a hair salon – this would be a great deal for you. You can order what you want online at the prices you are comfortable with. Private Label Extensions realizes that you have to grow and in turn, the company will profit. If you are selling hair products to your customers, then you need a reliable supplier for your products. Once you sign up with the private label website, you can use the dropshipping services with Dropship Bundles.

Dropship Bundles allows you to place smaller orders once you are signed in with the website. So you thought $500 was low, it just keeps on getting better. You have a client who wants a certain style and you don’t want to stock that product, you can order a smaller order for convenience. The minimum of $500 gets dropped. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about inventory and stocks and high minimums. With, you can order the specific number of products that you would need to start your business. What makes it even better is that it will be shipped to you.

If a customer wants to order a hair extension product from you at your salon or from your hair extension website, the order gets forwarded to us and we will deal with it. The package will be shipped to the customer either on the same day or by the next working day in a package that contains your branding and logo. You do not have to worry about logistics, shipping, tracking, inventory etc.

Now when you think about it, dropship buying has the upper hand. You are receiving the same attractive wholesale purchasing rates that wholesale buying will provide without the headache of dealing with storing those minimum quantities. Just stocking up on certain styles, patterns and curls can set you back thousands of dollars to say the least and you can’t have only one of each pattern in case a customer wants to order more than one. That will leave you in a fix.

By signing up with Private Label Extensions, you get the chance to utilize the services of both Private Label Extensions and Dropship Bundles.

Explain in detail how private label extensions dropshipping sister company, dropship bundles can help my business.

It can get confusing when there’s too much data thrown at you, so here’s the break-up of the deal with signing up with Private Label Extensions dropshipping. When you sign up as a member and open an account at Private Label Extensions, you get the following benefits:

Whole Rates for all products listed on the website. This means that you start off by offering great competitive rates for your clients which will ensure that they will always turn to you for their hair extension needs.

When you become known as the company that offers great pricing on your products, more people will approach your business for various products.

But it is not enough to be known for offering great prices. You have to be able to deliver high-quality products. If your product is well priced but the product is not great, you’ll lose business. Word of mouth is a great marketing strategy and one that can potentially harm or improve the success of your business. The next important thing is to ensure that your products are consistently of the highest quality. You can never ensure this and back it 100% with your own business brand when it comes from overseas. However, as our company is based in Atlanta, you can be rest assured that we ship out only the best to your customers and our clients.

Less worry of extra overheads and added expenses. We know how many small details add up to create a massive hole in your pocket. We also know that new businesses need a boost. This is why we created a tailor-made plan for hair salons, stylists and hair businesses. When you become a member, you are entitled to purchase the products at a wholesale buying rate. But you will have to make a minimum purchase of $500 which is not much in relation to the hair extension business. Once you are signed in, you can also use the dropship service provided by Dropship Bundles. You can now purchase any quantity – there are no limits once you are a member.

All you have to do is send us details of your branding and logo and we’ll get that all sorted for you. That’s another checklist off your list of responsibilities. We understand that branding is an important part of the whole marketing umbrella. This is why we provide the best materials in attractive packaging so that your brand speaks out even in transit. It is important to showcase your brand in the best light at all times.

When an order is placed, we will get it packaged in your brand and shipped to the customer. We will also send a tracking number so that your customer can track his/her package along the way. This way, you do not have to stock an inventory of products, yet you can advertise like you do. You get the best of both worlds. When you look at the possibilities and money saving strategies, you see why dropshipping is better than simple wholesale buying.

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