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A Pop of Color: Different Coloring Techniques to Dye Your Hair

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A Pop of Color: Different Coloring Techniques to Dye Your Hair

Make Your Hair Come Alive

Coloring your hair (Check out this post on what color hair should I have) is always a unique way to get your hair to pop!

There are various techniques and methods you can use when dying your hair. Also, so many different colors are available at your disposal. The options are endless.

The great thing about deciding to change your hair is that you can find a dyeing technique that you are comfortable with or venture outside of your comfort zone and try something new!

In this article, you will find different ways you can dye your hair. The great thing about each technique is that if you do not want to go for a natural look and you want to spice it up a little, adding a few different colors can do that.

Looking for a change and do not know what to do? Look no further! I am about to break down some dyeing techniques and how to achieve each look the best way you can. It's time to finally add some different hair colors to your look!


Great tips to follow before coloring your hair

Although coloring your hair seems like a fun process there are some precautionary measures you want to take as well. Adding unique hair colors to your look isn't easy.

Not only that, but you want to prep your hair in the best way possible to get the results you desire. Here are several essential tips you can follow that will help get you ready to color those locks and add some fun hair colors to your life!

Tip #1

Do not wash your hair right before you color it.

Although it may seem like a good idea to clean your hair a few hours before you dye it, it may cause more harm than good. It is better to wash your hair at least 24-48 hours beforehand or color on dirty hair.

Color does not only have a better hold on dirty hair; clean hair may be too slippery. And if you do wash your hair before coloring, the bleach or hair dye may cause your scalp to burn since it does not have the natural oils to protect it.

Tip #2

Get the right type of hair dye.

Whether you have natural kinks, silky straight hair, or decide to dye your wigs, weaves, or hair extensions, it is a good idea to buy the proper dye. Every hair type has its unique kind of dye as well as wigs and weaves.

Make sure to do your research on the right dyeing brands to keep your hair healthy and have the dye take to your hair type properly.

Tip #3

Always use gloves.

Gloves are a good idea to protect your fingers and nails from staining. Some dyeing techniques require using your hands, and it takes months before hair dye will be removed entirely from your fingertips.

You can easily avoid that by taking a few seconds to throw on some gloves.


Tip #4

Apply petroleum jelly.

This step, though overlooked, is essential. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly around your hairline and over your ears to protect your skin from staining.

Tip #5

Complete a strand test.

This step is not necessary but is helpful if you are not entirely sure about how the color you chose will look on your hair. What you want to do is choose a strand of hair to test.

It's best to select a strand that will not be visible with your typical hairstyle. Choosing a non-visible strand makes it is easy to cover up if you decide not to dye your hair.

Then separate the rest of your hair using a hair tie so that the strand does not touch the rest of the hair after the hair color is applied.


Tip #6

Apply the hair color and leave it for the amount of time recommended on the box.

Then wait 24 hours to make sure you are happy with the hair color results. It is vital that you only mix a small amount of hair dye and not the whole box to make sure the hair color does not go to waste.

Tip #7

Take a shower after you dye your hair. It is not necessary, but this is a great way to thoroughly wash out your hair and make sure all the hair dye is out.


Five Coloring Techniques to Try On Your Hair

There are several different ways to dye your hair that will give it a bit of personal flair. Having proper coloring techniques will make hair dying easier.

Here is a quick guide to 5 examples of different coloring techniques to dye your hair that may leave you a little inspired to try one of these fantastic looks.



Balayage is a coloring technique developed by the French in the 1970s.

It is a freehand technique where the color added by hand instead of the regular foiling or cap highlighting techniques. It can work for even the shortest hairstyles such as a pixie cut. However, it shows up best in longer hair.

In Balayage, there are dark pieces left on the bottom to create dimension and a more natural look. With highlights stemming from close to the roots towards the ends of the hair.

This technique looks like natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair. Balayage is an excellent option because you can achieve a softer effect or add colors that make your hair pop. This style is great if you want to switch up your hair but make it look natural. The natural highlights can make all the difference.

If you're going to give it a shot here is how you can achieve the look at home.


How to get the look

Part your hair

There are different ways you can choose to part your hair. The recommended way is to do a hot cross bun method which is parting your hair into four equal sections which make it easier to dye your hairpiece by piece. This step is crucial because you want to take your time when preparing to dye your hair so that it comes out nicely.

Dye your hair

Balayage is all about the contrast between dark and blonde, so be careful not to get any of the dye in areas you want to keep dark.

You want to pull the dye through your hair from the middle of the strand to the bottom using the comb applicator, avoiding your roots entirely. The amount of hair you cover will depend on how thick you want your highlights to be.

This difference varies with each person. You may use hair clips to section off and color smaller, more targeted strands.


To achieve a more natural look, use your fingers (make sure you are wearing gloves!) to work the dye into the tips of your hair, blending the color using downward strokes. Then you wait for the amount of time stated on the box, and wash the dye out carefully section by section.

It is important to remember to be very careful when dying your hair by this method as you want it to look as natural as possible. But the hard work pays off!

Balayage is a beautiful dyeing technique that will have your hair looking amazing.

Dip Dye

This vibrant two-tone coloring technique is a fun way to add a little umph to your hair!

The great thing about dip dye is that it is such a simple way to add a little fun color to your hair. It is super easy, and any color will look great with this method.

Dip dye is a statement hairstyle as the two different colors do not ease into each other. They do not blend which makes the process even easier to achieve.

You can have a more natural look with dip dye by dyeing your hair 4 or 5 shades lighter than the natural color, or you can go for a bolder look by going for pinks, blues, and greens.


How to get the look

Bleach your tips

To achieve this look, you first want to bleach the ends, so the color shows up.

Place the tips of your hair on folded aluminum foil or a plastic bag. Brush the hair evenly with the bleach mixture before wrapping it in the aluminum foil, or spread the bleach on the tips of your hair equally before covering your tips with the plastic bag and securing it with a rubber band.

Keep in mind that if you use aluminum foil, the directions may call for using a hairdryer. However, a highlighter kit should always give you instructions on how long to leave the bleach mixture in your hair based on your hair color. Pay close attention! You do not want to cause damage.

After you have left the bleach in for the amount of time on the box, wash your hair out. It's essential to not over-bleach your hair.

Add the second color

If you want a color that differs from the usual brown to a blonde gradient, like red or blue, switch to new gloves and apply color to your hair. Follow the instructions from the coloring kit.

However, if you just want the blonde, you do not have to follow this step.

This dyeing process is straightforward. It takes little effort and is a fascinating way to switch up your hair. Make sure to wear gloves and add petroleum jelly to your edges to keep your skin safe!


Ombre is a French word meaning shaded or shading.

Ombre hair color is darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is such an exciting way to dye your hair, and you can make it look more natural by going a few shades lighter than your roots.

Ombre is a bit similar to dip dye. However, the difference is that ombre blends into your hair no matter the color.


How to get the look

Apply The Color

Get tools ready and apply color to the tips.

Apply the color to the tips of your hair, a section of about 3 inches high, with a brush or your hands (wearing gloves). Be sure not to leave a sharp line. This method is important to make your hair look natural and blended.

Now secure the foils by folding them around the hair, but do not fasten them too tightly. The hair strands need space for the color to develop.

Wait for the color to develop

Leave the color to form on the ends of your hair. Make sure to leave the color in for the amount of time listed on the box subtracted by an extra 10 minutes.

The reason for this is when applying the second layer for 10 minutes, you do not want to over-dye the bottom half.

Add more dye traveling up your hair

Once you have opened up the foil and can see that the tips look like the color you want, add some color higher up the hair – about another 2.5 inches up (again not leaving any blunt lines).

Put the foils back and leave this to develop. About 10 minutes should be enough, but remember to check. You do not want to leave the color in for a long time, so it does not over-develop.

If the hair gets over-developed, the ombre look will not be as effective.


Once you are satisfied with how much the hair color has turned out, you need to rinse the dye out of your hair.

Taking your time is critical. Achieving the ombre look is not difficult but if not done correctly will not look right. The key is to get the blended look so be very careful.


Highlights are partial or spot hair coloring in which just a few sections of hair are dyed.

The parts of hair are dyed a few shades lighter than your base color. The primary purpose of adding highlights to your hair is to brighten up the overall tone of your hair and add softness and gorgeous depth to it.

Your natural hair color determines the shade of your highlights. No matter what the base color of your hair, you should never go more than a few shades lighter than it so that they look natural. Going lighter than a few shades may risk your hair looking like stripes similar to a zebra.

No one wants that!


How to get the look

Choose the Right Shade

You want your highlights to look natural. So here is a color guide that works well for skin tone.

If your eyes are brown, blue, or hazel with blue or green flecks, you have a cool skin tone and should choose shades that are cool-toned as well – such as ashy brown, beige blonde, burgundy red, and blue-hued blacks. Cool skin tones usually look best in silver jewelry, so if you naturally gravitate to silver, this is you.

If your eyes are brown, blue, or hazel with brown flecks, your skin is likely warm-toned, and you look best in gold jewelry. Choose hair colors that are similarly golden-toned, like golden brown, wheat-toned blonde, auburn red, and black with reddish tones.


Apply the Color

You want to apply the dye first to the hair that's visible when it's combed into your usual style and then move onto the bottom layers.

Brush the dye as close to the roots as possible, and then drag the color down the length of your hair while it's flat on your head. Continue the process until the entire first layer is saturated.

Then, use a clip or hair tie to separate the first inch of the top section and continue the process on the next layer.


Once your hair has sat for the right amount of time, make sure you are rinsing your hair off at the right time.

Half and half head dye

We have seen celebrities such as Nicki Minaj slay this look with the half blonde half blue hair. Half and half hair colors are becoming popular.

It is a remarkable hairstyle that I am sure people will never forget. Choosing to dye your hair in this fashion is a bold new look. Which makes it significant because it is not as common as the other types of ways to dye your hair.

You can mix and match any two colors you would lie and have your hair looking stunning!


How to get the look

Separate your hair evenly down the middle. To get the half and half look you want to separate your hair and tie off the two sections evenly.

Dye the first half. You then want to take the first section and dye your hair the color of choice. Cover the part with the dye and leave it in for the amount of time listed on the box.

Dye the second half. You then want to take the second portion of your hair and repeat the same process using the second color of your choice. Once you have left it in for the proper amount of time, you then want to rinse it out.

Do a final rinse

To make sure everything is washed correctly, you then want to do the last wash of your complete head to make sure all of the dye is out.

And that's the look. It is as simple as that, and you have the dynamic two-toned dye look!

What look do you feel confident to rock?

There are so many ways to give your hair a little flavor. Dyeing your hair is a great way to do that. What look is your favorite from this list of 5? Be bold and creative and try one of these fantastic looks and if you are feeling frisky try a few different colors.

Make sure to be patient and take your time with your hair and I guarantee you will get the results you desired. Before and after colored hair care is supercritical.

Do not be afraid to try something a little different!

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