why diffusers are perfect to achieve the best curl pattern

Why Diffusers Are Perfect to Achieve The Best Curl Pattern

Curl Definition Is The Ultimate Goal

When we decide to become natural, the main thing we care about is our curl pattern and definition of those said curls. After using so many chemicals in our hair before becoming natural, our hair has lost its curls, or we never knew it had curls. For the first few months of being natural, there are so many products to choose from to see which works best for your hair. We try so many products to achieve the perfect curl definition and overlook a critical tool that’s sole purpose is to define our curls; the hair diffuser.

What Is A Diffuser

A hair diffuser is an attachment that goes on your any blow dryer. It is designed to release the air from the blow dryer over a large area of hair. Diffusers are the middleman between your hair and the blow dryer. We all know that direct heat can be damaging to our hair and our curls; so using a diffuser while natural is the best option for drying. There are several types of hair diffusers that one can use on their curls; flat vented, mitt and even finger diffusers. All of which lifts the hair which helps add body and volume while defining your curls, all at the same time. Do not mistake diffusers as curl creators, they cannot create the curls you have always wanted, but they help to define them. Because a diffuser acts as a buffer between the heat from the blow dryer and your hair, it will help to bring out your curls, even more, using less or low temperature.

Why Should You Diffuse

Although it seems like such a small appliance, diffusers make a world of difference. Not only is this better than using a hairdryer when you have curls but it helps to retain your original volume amongst other significant benefits. Use a diffuser because:
  • When used correctly, prevents frizzy hair
  • It is not damaging to your natural curl pattern
  • A quicker way to dry your hair
  • Less heat but better drying
  • Retains length and fullness; no shrinkage
When you blow dry, wet hair without a diffuser, you will typically see fuzzier hair and your curls do not stand out. When a diffuser attachment is attached, it helps the air to circulate the curl and not go through it. This process helps the curls to become defined and less frizzy.

WOC and Diffusers

Regardless of your hair texture, we can too use diffusers on your hair, and it works just fine. Others may work better for different textures, but this is a universal hair tool that anyone can use. That is what makes hair diffusers so impressive, kinks and coils do not get excluded. WOC struggle with shrinkage and diffusers are a great way to combat that and make our hair big and curly but defined. If you aren’t looking for bigger hair, this isn’t the tool for you but who doesn't love a big curly fro?! We love anything that does create heat damage, so again this is an excellent tool for anyone especially natural woc. It is entirely safe for you to diffuse your curls every day if needed, no harm done. For my ladies with kinkier hair, try to use a low setting diffuser and do not place it so close to your hair, it will cause your hair to shrink more. It isn't rocketing science, but it helps to know how to diffuse your hair if you never tried.

How Easy Is It to Diffuse

Diffusing your hair is just as easy as blow drying. The time you would spend usually blow drying your hair is cut in half when you decide to use a diffuser instead. Once you are finishing washing your hair before you begin to dry your hair, wrap your wet or damp hair in a t-shirt, not a towel. Drying your natural hair with a towel can cause frizzy hair, from my experience. Opposed to the t-shirt, maintains the texture and curl pattern. Finger coil or separate your hair to detangle it. This quick process will help when you began to diffuse it; this process gives you the type of the curl you are looking for. Lift your hair and place the diffuser on it starting at the bottom, you want to bunch up your hair to ensure that it is defining the curls. Three easy steps are all you need to achieve defined curls. Once you have completed these steps, then feel free to apply a light curl defining lotion or gel to sell in the moisture to make sure your curls stay bouncy throughout the day.

Popular Diffusers to Try Out

Although it seems like just another plastic hair appliance, there are many different diffusers people use for their curls, coils, and kinks. All of which serve the same purpose but what girl doesn't love options ?!

DevaCurl DevaFuser

An excellent tool for all types of curly hair doesn't matter the race, texture or curl pattern. It has a 360-degree air flow which helps give that natural curl definition we all love. It fits on just about any blow dryer you can find. This diffuser also has a cold air setting to help keep the curls in place and not add heat damage. Find this product online at Amazon.

Nano Titanium Finger Diffuser by Babyliss

Professionals more commonly use a universal finger diffuser so you'll find this in Sally's beauty and Amazon in the professional beauty sections. Your hair will not get caught in it, despite how it looks. Another excellent diffuser attachment for curly hair textures. Defined curls can be achieved using this on low heat. For my ladies with long, thick and curly hair, try the Xtava black orchid diffuser. With a large attachment, this diffuser is sure to thoroughly dry your hair and retain the length and bounce of your curls. Traveling and want to pack lightly? Take The curly co. Collapsible hair diffuser with you for that perfect vacation curl. It fits on any model of the dryer so attach it to the one in the room and make sure your curls are popping the entire vacation. There are so many more diffuser options you can try out, all of which are very inexpensive. If you don't care about the newest diffuser, your local hair store will have some basic ones that still can get the job done.

Diffuse Your Curls More

Hair diffusers are life savers for those natural ladies who do not have time to blow dry their hair but cannot just wash and go. I struggle with the wash and go sometimes, and I have tried a diffuser, and it does help define my curls and keep them from becoming frizzy and puffy. You can take any regular blow dryer and transform it into a hair miracle by just adding a diffuser attachment. So next time you want more defined curls, put down the oily product and give a diffuser a try!
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