10 helpful digital media tools for your successful hair business

Digital Media Tools For Your Successful Hair Business: 10 Helpful Tools

Use These Tools, Change Your Business

Digital media is always evolving, and as business owners, it’s essential to keep up.

However, despite the need to keep up, it’s important to know that your niche might require different marketing than others. For example, running a clothing business is not going to be the same as running a car business.

For clothes, you’ll need to cater to a specific audience that cares about what you’re selling. Digital marketing has changed since the internet became popular. We’ve gone from utilizing billboards and televisions to making use of internet ads and social media marketing. All of these tools are essential for building and engaging with your audience, and you’ll want to make sure you know which ones work for your business.

If you run a hair business, you’ll want to pay attention to all the tools we’ve got for you to be successful. The great thing about digital marketing is that there’s not a linear pathway. There are tons of ways for your business to grow and succeed. All you have to do is try! Don’t be afraid to try it all, especially if you don’t know where to start.

You might find the perfect formula for your business and your audience.


Why Digital Media?

I’m glad you asked. Digital media tools are essential for any business but especially for hair businesses. When it comes to hair, people want to see it all. They want to look at the hair, the process of installation, the process of care, and how to style it. The more open you are with your hair business, the more people will be willing to try it out and purchase your products.

Digital media allows you to present your business in creative ways that are fun and engaging for your audience. The more tools you utilize, the more engaging you’ll be as a hair company, and the more your audience will trust your authenticity. Speaking of authenticity, using different digital platforms is a great way to increase your businesses authenticity. Being authentic means being honest about what you’re selling and the quality of it.

Overall, digital media tools are fantastic for anyone looking to start a business, especially a hair business. So, let get into it. Here are ten ways to use digital media tools!


Develop your Brand Message

Your brand message is what will define your hair business. Think of it as your digital first impression. For a hair business, you’ll want to have a brand message that caters to your current and potential audience.

This message should include something about why you started your business, your goals for your hair business, and how you want to be a part of the community! Be creative and fun with your digital message and don’t forget to be inviting!

branded thank you cards

Pick No More Than Four Platforms

As a hair business, some platforms apply to what you do and some that don’t. Depending on how you want to represent your brand, you’ll want to pick up tp four platforms that cater to your brand. For example, if you know that your hair brand wouldn’t be marketable on Twitter, it’s best not to use that platform.

You’ll want to target your digital media usage and ensure you’re putting all your resources into the platforms that will give you results. Most hair businesses use IG, Youtube, Pinterest, and Facebook! These four platforms are great for displaying visuals, such as photos of the hair you’re selling.

Youtube is a great place to showcase tutorials for the hair you’re selling. For example, it would be great to show your customers how to style the hair you’re selling.

Not only is it helpful to make use of 4 platforms, but it’s also a great way to have fun engaging with your audience.

Have a Blog

Blogging is a great digital marketing tool for any company in any niche of business. Blogging helps keep your audience and customers informed, and it’s an excellent way for people to learn about your business.

The PLE blog has thousands of articles about hair, and topics related to business and beauty. It’s filled with tons of information that helps our customers, and new business owners that want to sell hair.

Your blog can be filled with anything, but try to stick to topics that relate to hair.


Stay On Trend

Whenever you decide to post something on your platforms, you’ll want to make sure you stay on trend. Do the proper research and see what’s relevant at the moment and then make a post about that. Not only is it essential to stay on trend, but it’s important to stay on topic too. As a hair company, don’t worry about things that don’t relate to hair, beauty or anything in proximity to hair. If you feel like you’re running out of ideas, think about some posts you can create about the products you’re selling. Staying on trend will help your brand remain relevant in the world of digital media.

Use Great Editing Tools

When you’re creating content for your brand, you’ll want to ensure that you’re utilizing amazing editing tools. These tools will help you edit your material to perfection. They will also assist you in creating the perfect aesthetic that you desire for your brand. Most photo and video editing tools are simple and easy to use apps these days.

For example, VSCO is a great photo editing tool that has all kinds of presets, and insider tips for you to make use of. The platform has grown exponentially. They’ve even added the ability to edit videos.

If you’re someone that’s more traditional, you can also use programs on the desktop such as Photoshop and Adobe.

Email Marketing

Email has been around since the 1970s. Many people still use and rely on email, and it’s a big part of the digital world. Despite email being deemed as “old school,” it’s one of the most effective marketing tools concerning reach and growth.

Building an email list will help your hair company thrive? Why? Well, for starters, it’s a great way to keep people informed about sales or anything you might need to let your audience know. There are some great email marketing platforms to use. My personal favorite is MailChimp since it has excellent plans for small businesses!


Retargeting Tools

Ever notice how ads from websites you’ve visited pop up on other sites? Well, that’s called retargeting, and many companies take advantage of this fantastic tool. Retargeting is merely placing ads of your business on other websites. This means that you can get customers back to your site, especially if they have an unfulfilled cart.

As a hair business, you’ll want to make use of this so that you can fulfill more orders with less effort. A great retargeting tool to use is AdRoll. This company has about 35,000 users and counting, and it’s only set to grow from there! Check them out to see what they can do for your hair business.

Content Creation

Outside of the editing tools, there are some tools you can utilize for creating content. For example, Canva is a great tool for any business that needs a platform to build a simple campaign to post. Here at PLE, we love to use Canva to create fliers, photos or anything that we need to post on our platforms.


Analytics, Analytics, Analytics

Analytics are essential for anyone needing to know how well their website is doing as far clicks, visits, and engagement. There are plenty of analytic tools to use to track your success. For example, Google analytics has become increasingly popular.

It gives you information about different areas of your website, such as which page has the most traffic. If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics, there’s also Adobe Analytics, which is an excellent platform for growing companies.

Your Brand is Your Bag

Ultimately, digital media tools will be what creates, builds and brings your brand success. Use this list to help you choose which tool you’ll want to use most. You can use one, or you can use all of them and see which ones give you the best result.
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