10 stunning hairstyles for frizzy hair

10 Stunning Hairstyles For Frizzy Hair (Causes, Solutions & Essential Tips)

When you think of frizz, you probably think of a couple of things. Mia Thermopolis in Princess Diaries, Diana Ross, and her notorious puff and the inability to keep a sleek and frizz-free style. Humidity, genetics, vitamins, oils, and hair practice all contribute to frizzy hair.

What Causes Frizz?

Frizz occurs because of the cuticle layer of hair being lifted up and moisture passing through swelling the strands. Dehydration and improper diet cause frizz. Frizzy hair can be caused by a lack of vitamins, having overprocessed hair, sleeping without scarves, a drying shampoo regimen, and even the oils from your scalp not being evenly distributed. Additionally, your hair's porosity level can contribute to painful times with frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair

Combating Frizz From the Inside Out

Some reasons frizz occurs is directly related to the kinds of things put into your body and hair. Let's start with what goes into your body.

Drinking more water can help restore hydration and elasticity to your hair. Eating healthy is also key to good hair health. Consuming foods high in protein, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D contributes to having stronger more youthful hair.

Having stronger hair produces less frizz later down the line. Salmon, grapefruits, nuts, and blueberries are a few great food options for hair that give hair the extra strength it needs to fight frizz. Additionally, these foods will add shine to your hair, which may also be missing when dealing with frizz-prone hair.

Healthy Foods

Good Products to Use (Ingredients to look for)

Some people swear by the de-frizzing of hair by using dryer sheets, but the real tea is what you put in your hair, not crazy tricks and myths, is what comes out.

I'll be straight with you, I am all about hair health, but when fighting frizz, there are some not so healthy things that will be a part of your hair regimen. For instance, most oils that weigh down your hair will need to be added to give your hair the extra hydration it needs in order not to split and cause frizz. Shampoos usually encouraged to be silicone and sulfate free, will need to have silicone to create a barrier that blocks external moisture.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one thing I have learned to utilize and appreciate my frizzy-haired child. When pigtails and puffballs became a struggle, I turned to more natural ingredients to help smoothen her hair. I ended using a coconut oil mixture called Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Gro Hairdress. You can get this product for $4.99 at Target.

After wetting or washing her hair, I would allow it to air dry about eighty percent through, then I would add a small amount to her damp hair. When ready to style, I would add this product to her brush applying it like a jam or gel. This layer of grease helped coat the hair shaft and make tighter, firmer styles.

Coconut oil for Frizzy Hair


While silicones in shampoos and conditioners may be helpful to lock in moisture, they are still not. Still, attempt to avoid sulfate ridden hair products as they dry hair out. Sulfate-free products are great to use on your hair to reduce frizz on your hair and extensions to keep them soft and allow extended usage.

While you are ditching sulfates, look for shampoos high in glycerin, this coats the hair and locks in moisture for less frizz down the road. Good oil that I recommend, and that adds shine and reduces stray strands is Cantu Anti-Frizz Smoothing Oil. You can get it for $7.99 at your local beauty store.

Hair Mask

If all of the other tips are still not enough to strengthen the hair against frizzing, try a hydrating mask for your hair made with all-natural ingredients that will reinforce the hair cuticle. Hair masks are a great way to help maintain healthy hair.

One treatment that works wonders and is DIY for my crafty girls is an egg hair mask. An egg hair mask is made with a few simple ingredients. You will need one egg, fat-free yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil. The recipe will differ based on the length and thickness needed to coat your hair with real results. These work together to restore moisture and fuse protein and vitamins into the hair shaft. It is blended and applied to hair follicles with an applicator to be left on for approximately forty-minutes, recommended for weekly use in your hair regimen.

Keratin Treatment

A more drastic treatment for frizzy hair is a keratin treatment. The keratin does not straighten hair but rather a combination of minerals in the treatment does. This therapy will lock moisture into your hair and allow it to stay straightened for weeks.

Be careful when utilizing this option. If done improperly or over-used, it can cause irreversible damage to hair. This treatment can also be pricey. There are more affordable at-home alternatives starting at $10 like Tresemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment.

After applying the paste, you must repeatedly pass over your hair with a flat-iron, which may be considered a no-no for girls with thin, damaged, or natural hair. If you resort to this option, due to its intense nature, be sure to test a small portion of your hair first or consult with a professional hair stylist.

Keratin Treatment for Frizzy Hair

10 Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair

Once upon a time, I hated my short hair, and then one day my stylist showed me a picture of Keke Palmer looking flawless with a pixie cut. What I am saying is channel your inner Diana Ross and rock your frizzy fro girl! Now that you know how to combat frizziness from the inside out, here are a few ways to style it and embrace it!

1. Afro

You can never go wrong with a fro! An afro or bush is the most natural way to wear your hair, and this does not just apply to Black Women. All women can allow their hair to do it's the thing, rock it how it comes and embrace your frizz!

Pixie cut

2. Curls

When in doubt, puff it out. That's my motto for frizzy or extremely curly hair, having a daughter with extremely frizzy hair myself, I find a nice twist out to be a top style choice, after the coveted fro of course. Braid or twist your hair, and take it down. You can use a wand curler, perm or flexy rods to achieve a variety of curls.

However, you do it get those strands nice and curled. Then, prepare yourself and comb them out! Fluff your hair to its potential. Embrace your added volume and your hair's tendency not to conform. Your frizz will blend in and add an extra flair to your style.

Curly Hair

3. Wavy Hair

Wavy hair like long soft waves or a shaggy bob cut is messy and fun. These styles thrive on strands being out of place and jagged, perfect for a fuzzified hairstyle. This hairstyle can be an extension of the last one, just give your curls a few days to drop or run your wide-tooth comb through your curls to give a messy effect.

Wavy Hair

4. Messy Half Up Half Down

This is a style that many celebrities have put their spin on. Instead of straight hair slicked back, you can leave out wisps and curls, or pull wavy hair back into a ponytail. Clip in's such as the 4C Hair Natural Clip-In Extensions or Natural Black Clip-In Extensions is perfect for this style.

Messy Half Up and Down Hair

5. Halo Braid

Say Hello to the halo! Halo braids are quick and easy styles that require minimal maintenance. It can be a go-to style for girls with frizzy hair. A halo braid is a single extended braid that wraps around the head. Little curls and wisps of hair make the halo braid cuter so have no fear of frizz!

Halo braids

6. Messy Side Braid

A messy side braid has waves, frizz, curls, and everything in between. Allow your baby hairs and frizz to flourish. Rocking a side braid like Ciara allows stray hairs to be an enhancement to your hairstyle instead of a burden or nuisance.

Start with clean and brushed hair, decide where your part will be, or if you will have one. You can rock two braids or one braid to the side.

A great style achieved with long extensions is called the Butterfly Braid, and who can forget the beloved French Braid. For this look, I would suggest using Private Label Extensions 20 inches and up for a long, detailed braid in the Malaysian Body Wave or Brazilian Body Wave or our Loose Wave texture.

Messy Side Braids

7. Sew-In

A sew-in installation can be just the thing to get away from the dreaded frizz. All of your hair can be braided underneath unless you want some leave-out.

Just a heads up, your hair underneath may become frizzy quickly requiring more-than desirable removal of installations. To reduce this, be sure to wash and condition your hair thoroughly before an install. Also, use a good blow dryer with a brush to get hair as straight and neat as possible before braiding.

Once hair is braided, apply a sealant or oils to help hair retain moisture. Moisture is the key to minimizing frizz. Your sew-in could help you achieve a few of the styles on the list, merely style your extensions as you would your real hair, without the stress of managing your natural hair. Private Label Extensions has a wide variety of hair that could help you get the look, with bundle deals starting as low as $80.

sew-in installation

8. Wig

A wig is a great style to combat frizz; considering all your luscious locks tucked away. A wig unit offers a new look and covers the frizzy hair. Private Label Extensions provide full lace wigs that would work as a solution to fussing with kinky hair.

Wig for Frizzy Hair

9. Poetic Justice Braids

While frizz can still fight its way through at the roots of braids, and throughout the braid itself, it is a great way to tuck all of your hair away. Braids are a protective style, and will, for the most part, offer a healthy and frizz-free alternative.

Adding edge control or gel to the front of the hair and directly to the braids will help curb the visible appearance of frizz. Also using a light mousse to lay down fly-aways.

Frizz Free Poetic Braids

10. Curly High Ponytail

Last but not least, a curly high ponytail like Rihanna is sporting. Think Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & the City. This look doesn't require hair to be super neat, and it can be accomplished by curling your natural hair or using extensions like the Brazilian Deep Wave hair offered on the Private Label Extensions website. I would recommend getting at least two bundles of 16 inches for a full and longer length ponytail.

Curly High Ponytail

Quick Fixes For Frizzy Fun

1. Bobby Pins- Colorful and decorative bobby pins have been all the rage this year. Pop a few in a straight line or add crosses for added dramatics. This accessory instantly turns any style into a masterpiece.

2. Head Bands & Turban Styles- While these two accessories won't stop the frizz, they can sure add some fun. Use your favorite edge control or mousse and slick back the front of your hair, and pop on your headband! Or let your hair hang free and wrap a scarf around the back or sides. You can have a mohawk, a topknot, the possibilities are endless, but one thing you will have is style!

Head Bands & Turban Styles

Essential Tips & Tools for Styling

1. Diffuser- A diffuser is an instrument that is used to curb the occurrence of frizz and allow the definition of curls, as well as volume. Diffusers are for wet hair or hair with a leave-in conditioner.

2. A flat iron- Keep the heat low on your flat iron. The higher the temperature, the more your hair cuticle will swell. Flat-ironing your hair at a temperature of 365 and lower will minimize frizz.

flat iron

Easy Ways to Fight Frizz!

Here are some easy ways to minimize frizz.

Shampoo Less

Yes, I am looking at you my every three days washer, put the shampoo down, and don't even mention a co-wash. Frizz can be created through frequent shampooing. Regularly washing your hair strips the hair strands of its natural oils which leads to dry scalp and damaged hair. Cleaning your hair less frequently allows moisture and oils to spread throughout your hair and seep into the cuticle. Skipping a wash day or two could help your hair appear less frizzy.

Avoid Rough Towel Drying

Do not scrunch hair up or rub it ferociously with a towel after washing as this will cause damage. Rough towel drying causes hair to tangle, weakens the hair shaft and can cause frizz.

Avoid Rough Towel

As with any issue you have with your hair, remember to remain patient. Do not throw a bunch of new techniques or products at your hair at once. Give your hair time to flourish and adjust. If your frizzy strands will not cooperate, try and try again. All hair is perfect in it's on way!

What are some ways that you fight frizz or embrace it?

Let us know in the comments. As always, we'd love to hear from you!

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