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New Wholesale System by Private Label Extensions

The industry has changed a lot since I first got started back in 2014.

Everyone was talking about the latest “A” grade hair, frontals became hot on the scene, and now we are bringing back HD lace which has actually been around for decades.

In 2019, I wanted to think about what was next! Why not create a dream hair solution or the Dream Team of hair!

We found it, launched it, and it’s already HOT!

Introducing… Private Label Wholesale.


How to do it better?

I am always asking myself questions in business and life.

In business, I am always listening to feedback from our customer service staff, retail staff, and in our Facebook Group.

Competition for wholesale hair and dropshipping has picked up since we first started Dropship Bundles in 2016, Private Label Extensions in 2016, and Dropship Beauty in 2018.

Clients love the exclusiveness of our Dropshipping. It has grown to be a huge success not only for us but our clients that are making their business dreams come true.

But what about wholesale hair and lashes?

The system to make an exclusive wholesale site becomes a little more complicated, but I think we figured it out.

In my last trip to China, I worked on creating a powerhouse of direct supply. My thoughts were why not get some of the top manufacturers of hair, lashes, and other products together and create a Dream Team of supply?

Because of our insane order volume growth, it was a lot easier for me than expected. I thought some groups would fight not to work with everyone and be selfish. Not the case.

I find that in the USA the collaboration in the hair industry just isn’t there.

I recently had a call with a guy in the marketing department of one of the most famous hair companies in the USA. He was thinking of using an advanced service we use for their website and I was a referral. One of the first things he said when I got on the phone was, “I can’t believe you actually got on the phone and I am speaking with you.”

My explanation was there is enough business out there for all of us!

So after a few weeks and a ton of meetings I was all set on the supply side. Up next, technology.


Tech Options

As many of my followers know, I am a huge fan of Shopify. It makes everything about e-commerce easy. The only downfall is if you don’t use their payments system.

Because of the nature of the new wholesale system I had to have an almost foolproof payments system, even if it’s not the most user-friendly interface. I will get into that a little later.

My technology platform choice for the new Private Label Wholesale site was WordPress. The advantage of WordPress in some instances is that it’s super easy to make custom development changes.

We decided on our initial products and went to work on creating the new site.

There were a few hiccups with some of the plugins used so I had to pay extra for some more advanced features. Overall, the setup costs were very inexpensive. That is the best way to start off a new venture!


Members Only – Sorry but not sorry, Public!

How could I bring an exclusive wholesale shopping service to business owners?

Simple. Make it members only!

There is a little more legwork when onboarding this type of clients as you have to first Apply to Join and later get access after you are approved.

We are allowing all business owners, stylists, salon owners, and e-commerce clients to have access. Through the online form, we ask a bunch of questions like, “do you have a tax-id” or “business license.” My goal was to have a closed system strictly for those in the industry.

Up next was the client onboarding.

Before getting access we do a client call with an account representative from our company. The goal is to quickly walk the new client through the entire system and answer any questions. This helps reduce questions that may later come up during the order process.

Let’s go over some of the basics for Private Label Wholesale.

Streamlined Process and Wholesale Rules

A Few Basics:

  • Minimum orders are $500.
  • Orders are shipped DIRECT from the manufacturer center where we stock all of our products from multiple manufacturers.
  • We only accept payments and ship to PayPal confirmed addresses. If you are not sure if you have a PayPal confirmed account and address please contact PayPal BEFORE placing an order on the website.
  • Some products are in-stock and others take a few days to make. Your entire order will ship when the order is ready. We make it clear on each product page how long it takes for some products to be made.
  • Popular items are in-stock and ready to ship immediately!
  • Easy returns to our Atlanta headquarters.
  • No in-store pickup or in-store purchases with this direct manufacturer pricing. No exceptions.

Minimum Order?

Yes, if you are really buying wholesale you will be spending over $500. Otherwise, you can just order directly on this website with no minimums.

We have some tricky code that hides the PayPal checkout button if the order is not over $500!


Fraud Reduction – PayPal Confirmed Only!

One of the most important parts of this system is handling payments.

I am not the biggest fan of the PayPal checkout system but I will deal with it because of the added security for both the buyer and seller.

Private Label Wholesale only has the PayPal checkout option and we will only ship to PayPal confirmed address. This is part of the onboarding call because it’s so important.

You can still use a credit card by adding it to your PayPal account. When checking out you are always giving the option to use your PayPal balance OR a credit card that is saved and confirmed on your account.

Shipments to PayPal confirmed addresses protect the seller and is backed by PayPal. Try something funny and you could be kicked off the PayPal system.

We really don’t have time for the fraudsters.

More Products?

Yes, more products are on the way and will continually be added. If there is something you want us to add just drop a message in the comments below!

If you are a manufacturer reading this please feel free to reach out to us. I require a manufacturing inspection and testing before adding products to the website.

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