10 must have drugstore products for your weave

Hair Product Haul: 10 Must Have Drugstore Products for Your Weave

Drug Store Haul

There is nothing more aggravating than getting a sew-in, and two weeks later it's already starting to get old. You know what I'm talking about, tangled hair, new growth peaking out, and not to mention tracks coming lose. We spend so much money on hair so that the style will last and we don't have to be bothered with it in the long run. But I also know that if you're a busy mom, a college student, a trainer or whatever that you don't have all the time in the world to worry about keeping our weave in the best condition. Well, what if I told you there are drugstore products that are a must-have when you get your new weave. This list will have you rushing to your nearest store and have your sew-in looking super fly. Our hair needs all the help it can get to remain smelling and looking good, so here are the best products to use.

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave in conditioner is seriously a must-have drugstore product for your weave (Check out this article: best leave in conditioner). Whether you buy human or synthetic hair, they both need more individual attention since it is missing the natural oils and nutrients that come from our scalp. If you're too busy or just too lazy to remove your tracks and wash the hair every week or so, then applying this conditioner is a good alternative. When you feel that your extensions are losing its luster, you should use a generous amount of leave-in product throughout your head. Doing a twist out method can give you better results. Once the product is finished drying, you can undo the twists and shine should be restored to your weave. Make sure that when you apply the leave-in conditioner to your hair that there are no added oils in your hair already. Weighing your extensions down with too much product will cause tangling and matting. If the weave still manages to lose its shine you can add a small handful of Argan oil to keep and maintain its luster. This method will only work so long though so I do suggest you take time out of your week to wash your weave so it can remain clean and ready to conquer the rest of the weeks to come. Make sure you never to turn your head upside when washing your weave, because this can cause tangling. Also never go to sleep with wet extensions, because this can cause unwanted matting, so, be sure to air dry your hair.

Weave Spray

Weave spray is something that a lot of people look over when they're in the beauty supply or drugstore. When you have a sew in your hair is braided underneath, so whenever it gets wet, it may be a while before it gets dry. Due to the extended time, it takes to for damp hair to dry this can lead to mold or bacteria in the tracks to form; this can cause a musty scent to develop. To keep your weave feeling fresh try spritzing the spray on to your hair once a day. This drugstore product is also good at detangling your weave. As time goes the fiber in your hair begins to get old, and this is what causes it to become so easy to tangle up. Another benefit of this spray is that it conditions your hair and scalp, and in the process helps to eliminate dryness and itching that can occur when your weave is in for a long time. The ingredients in this product help bring in moisture from the air and keep your extensions silky, smooth, shiny, and healthy. So, if your tracks are itchy, and your extensions don't look as popping as when you first got them in, then you should try to invest in some weave spray to keep your hair in perfect condition.

Color Preserve Shampoo or Conditioner

If you want your weave to last long and maintain its perfect color, it would be very beneficial to invest in a sulfate free shampoo. If your shampoo is free of sulfate that means it is a product that helps preserve the color and overall lust of your hair. I have told you recently how weave doesn't have the natural oils that come from our scalps, and to try to get these oils we like to wash our hair. Well, the more you clean your weave, the more color and nutrients will wash away. You may not see it right then and there, but you are gradually stripping away the hair color with every wash treatment you do. Investing in a good color preservative shampoo or conditioner will lock in your weaves natural hair color and shine. Remember that if the color is leaving its strands than the hair is becoming very weak, which will make it more susceptible of tangling. One last feature that makes the product a must have is that it helps to prevent breakage. If your weave has too many split ends or breaks off a lot, then it will shed, and this shortens the lifespan of your texture. You can find this product at your local beauty supply or drug store, so the next time you're out and about try not to overlook the incredible gem!

Heat Protectant

Now that you have your fresh sew-in I know that you can't wait to try our new styles. But before styling your weave with any heat, you need to use a heat protectant to keep your extensions from damage or broken off ends. This drugstore product is essential for maintaining your weaves health and beauty. What's is also right about heat protectant is that it adds shine to dull hair, and creates a soft to the touch finish. Trying to pick out the right heat protectant can be tricky, so some other products are you can find at a drug store that will work just as well. Coconut oil is an excellent natural heat protectant, and it is known to get rid of dandruff and bacteria that could be lying deep underneath the hair. Shea butter is an excellent heat protectant. This product is for your body, hair, and face, but it has a natural thermal conductivity that's is perfect for keeping your weave looking healthy and lasting longer. Shea butter adds a protective layer to that makes it very difficult for the heat from a flat iron to penetrate through the weave. Just remember that heat protectant is not only useful when you're straightening your hair. The sun and outside elements can also be damaging so spray this product lightly on your weave now and then when you leave the house.

Shine Mist

A high shine glossy mist is the perfect product for your weave. Believe it, or not everyone can tell the difference between dull and lustrous hair. This product helps add a little extra sheen to your everyday hairstyles. You know when you put a top coat of polish on your nails to make the paint last longer, think of a shine mist as the same exact thing. An excellent shine serum can be your best bet for a lifeless or dull weave. What is also great about this product is that it can help smooth out the strands of your extensions, so no more dealing with frizzy hair when humidity hits. Shine spray gives your weave a smooth finish, so your brush or comb will be able to slide through it with ease. This product is a must have so head to your local drug store today.

Hair Prep Spray

You have probably never heard of this one, and if you have, you know that prep spray is a lifesaver when it comes to maintaining your weave and hair. This product detangles and conditions your locks while adding a significant layer of protection when it comes down to using heat on your hair. This spray can work on all weave textures from, kinky, to straight, even curly or wavy. What's even more amazing is that this product is gluten-free and also free of sulfates, this means the color in your weave will remain intact after constant washing and styling. Hair prep spray is very lightweight; this means it will not make your weave heavy, thus causing it to matte or tangle up. If you want your extensions to look and feel refreshed this product is a must have to buy!

Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the best oils to use for hair treatment; this works on your natural mane, and for those beautiful extensions. This drugstore product is used to condition the hair and moisturize it at the same time. This product is which in Vitamin A, C, and E. With Argan oil a little goes a long way; this is what makes it last for such a long time. Why everyone falls in love with this drugstore product is because it treats the hair that is underneath; it gets rid of dandruff and soothes your scalp while still being able to rock your luscious weave. You can take away the frizz and flyaways as well will this product. So if I were you, I would invest in some argan oil as soon as possible!

Hair Mousse

Who doesn't want the added volume to their hair? When you get a sew-in as time goes on it can become flat with all its add bounce disappearing. Hair mousse gives your weave the volume it had when you first bought it, plus giving your curls an extra lift. Use this drugstore product on damp hair slowly work into your scalp with your fingertips, once you have it all throughout your weave begin to blow dry it out. Before you know it, your extensions will come back to life. This drugstore product is also useful for hold. I know some of us may be tempted to use hairspray, but that can cause our extensions to become stiff and also dry them out. Hair mousse comes in many different levels of hold, and volume so is sure to read the labels before purchasing to know which form will be best for your weave type. This product is a sure fire must have.

Dry Shampoo

If you're a girl on the go then dry shampoo is a must-have for your weave, it helps clean and absorbs any sweat, dirt, or oils laying beneath your tracks. This product can come in a powder form or spray. If you have been wanting to wash your hair but don't quite have the time to do so, you're in luck. Run some of the dry shampoo into your hair, especially in the spots where oil and dirt build up the most. Your hair will look and feel fresh, and you will have done all of this in a matter of seconds. Baby powder can also do the trick if you have some of that laying around the house. Please do not get in the habit of not washing your weave at all; this product is just to give you a little more extra time before your wash day. So if you're a busy lady and can't find the right time to wash your extensions try purchasing some dry shampoo at your local drug store.

Hair Wax/Pomade

Pomade is an excellent drugstore product for giving your extensions a little more added texture. Hair wax can also slick down those flyaways and hold your hairstyle a lot longer throughout the day. So, now you don't have to be afraid to try out those problematic styles cause with this drugstore product will make it last all through the night. A lot of people love eco styler gel, and I do myself, but that product is for your natural hair, and I will explain why. Eco Styler is a water-based gel this is excellent on our hair cause water equals moisture. On the other hand, using a water-based gel on your weave will dry it out causing the hair to tangle more easily. If you add hair oil with the wax, this will give you extra hold and add an extra hint of shine and gloss to your hair. Long story short using hair wax is perfect to maintain the overall health of your weave and making sure no matter how you style your extensions they look flawless. This drugstore product is a must-have!

Which Drug Store Product is Your Must Have?

There you have it, ten excellent drugstore products that are a must-have for your weave. Don't let all that money you spent on your beautiful hair go to waste. Go down to your local drug store today and pick up these excellent buys. Which drugstore product is your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below.
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