How Dry Shampoo Does More Harm Than Good

Is Dry Shampoo Harming Your Hair?

Picture this: it’s a hot, summer day and you’re outside at a backyard barbeque having the best time! You’re dancing around, eating good food and enjoying the beautiful weather. Now that the fun is over, you’re heading straight to the shower to get cleaned up. There’s only one problem – all of the sweat and outside scents are still in your hair, and you don’t have time to wash your hair. We’ve all been there. So, what do you do to refresh your hair without thoroughly washing it? The quick fix that most of us are probably familiar with from past use is to apply dry shampoo. Using dry shampoo in your hair is a fast and efficient way to make your hair look and feel cleaner, right? Fast, yes. Efficient, maybe not so much.

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a product that comes in the form of a powder or spray which works to “cleanse” the hair without the use of water. The product soaks up the excess oils in your hair and gives it a fresher scent, eliminating the time it takes to wash your hair. For years, people have turned to dry shampoo to revive their hair and to control their greasy scalp. It also works if you’re looking to add more body to your hair or to add more “hold” when styling. Although many tend to turn to dry shampoo because of its various benefits, the effects of excessively using dry shampoo are damaging to the health of your hair.

Why You Shouldn’t Make a Habit of Using Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo does more harm than good to your hair. Let’s start with the basics – it is not an alternative to your regular wash routine. It’s only an option for you when you’re in need of a fast solution to oily, dirty hair. It does not give you the cleaning that your hair needs on a regular basis. Dry shampoo can sometimes leave behind residue because a lot of the products use formulas that are heavy on the hair. You’re adding another product on top of the leave-in products that you already have in your hair. I don’t know about you, but I hate the feeling of having product build-up in my hair! For all of my hair color lovers, please note that dry shampoo is designed to create a matte look, so it is going to make your color appear dull. If you want to maintain hair color that looks healthy and shiny, you should think twice before applying this product. Now, that we’ve touched the surface of why dry shampoo is bad for your hair, let me welcome you to Hair and Scalp Health: 101. Take some notes – you’re going to need them if you’re a dry shampoo lover! Beyond hair color, there’s the issue of scalp damage. Shampooing your hair during wash day requires exfoliation which successfully rids your hair of bacteria, dirt, dead skin and other forms of build-up that occurs between washes. It does not have the same capabilities, so you should never rely solely on this product. Without regular exfoliation, you are putting your scalp at risk for clogged follicles and an increased amount of dandruff.

Hair Loss Risk

If you are highly dependent on dry shampoo, there’s also the risk of hair loss. Since it clogs the follicles, it also weakens them which can sometimes lead to shedding. Aside from irritating your scalp, it may also clump your hair follicles and strands. When brushing, you may shed a little more than you usually would without dry shampoo. Since this product soaks up the oils within your hair and scalp, it is likely that it will strip your hair of the oils that are considered to be nutrients that you need for healthy hair. On the flip side, dry shampoo can also make your hair feel as if it is dry and that causes it to produce excess oils that will weigh your hair and scalp down. Bottom line: dry shampoo “confuses” the hair and results in your oils becoming unbalanced. Hair Tip: If you’re going to use dry shampoo, please only use products that you do not contain talc, which is a clay mineral that is within most baby powders. There have been many reports that link talc to various types of cancer.

There Are Several Alternatives

To avoid the harm of dry shampoo, try some other options that will revive your hair as needed without the harmful side effects.

Spray a Little Hair Perfume

Remember that summer cookout you were enjoying? I know your hair smells like every piece of barbequed meat you had on your plate! Hair perfume does not cleanse your hair, but it will remove any unwanted scent from your hair while conditioning your strands.

Try Some Dry Conditioner

Want to add moisture to your hair while making it shiny again? Dry conditioner is a great product to use in the place of dry shampoo (or even after using too much dry shampoo). These products are not the same – dry conditioner hydrates your hair and gives it some bounce!

Use a Daily Serum or Shine Spray

If you’ve had a little too much fun in the sun and you've exposed your hair to way too much heat, you’ll most likely experience dryness. In this case, you won’t need dry shampoo, just a boost of shine! A daily serum or shine spray will give you all the shine you need to revitalize the look of your hair.

If You’re Hooked, Use Dry Shampoo in Moderation

Although dry shampoo does a lot of harm, most of the damage occurs when you use it too often. I’ve said it before, but I want to stress that using this product will not take the place of washing your hair thoroughly with regular shampoo. It only places a mask on what’s going on underneath. It is not and should not be your only quick solution to limp or dirty hair. If you’re not a fan of dry shampoo, what techniques do you use to keep your tresses refreshed between washes?
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