dry texture sprays your hair will love this fall

Dry Texture Sprays Your Hair Will Love This Fall

When Dry Textured Spray Is Good

When I was younger, I used to use hairspray all the time. Whenever I needed my curls to stay intact or maintain my edges. My mom used to hate it when I use hairspray because it left my hair in a weird texture. Luckily for me, and for anyone else that uses hair spray, a dry textured spray is here to save the day.

When I think of dry texture spray, I think of regular hairspray from back in the day. Hairspray from back in the day would leave hair feeling hard. However, as time has gone on, hair sprays have changed entirely.

Hairspray now is manufactured in a way that it doesn’t make hair challenging to manage.

Everywhere you look, people are wearing braids, wavy hair, or rocking the wild look. This is especially true for celebrities that have hairstylists at their beck and call. When you have resources like a consistent hairstylist, it’s easy to have a great hairstyle every time.

Since most of us don't have famous hair stylists on speed dial, we need to ensure that our hair product game is up to par. Luckily, dry texture spray has transformed into a product that’ll change the nature of your hair for the better, especially when it comes to styling.

Let’s get into some of the best texture sprays on the market.


Dry Texture? What Does It Do?

Now, when I say dry texture spray, I don’t mean dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is similar but not the same as a dry textured spray. Think of dry textured spray as the cousin to dry shampoo spray. A dry textured spray is applied to dry hair.

It’s weightless and capable of being used all over the hair, rather than just on the roots. It generally comes in a metal can and sprays in a beautiful, dry mist. It’s different from dry shampoo in the sense that it doesn’t leave residue.

Dry textured spray is not necessarily a new product but it’s been transformed into something new, and people love it! It's a versatile product. You’ll be able to achieve just about any hairstyle without weighing your hair down.

It’s also great for beach waves, second-day hair, texturized ponytails, and braiding -- any time you need a little rough volume. I've used it to pump up my hair a bit on days I dry it straight, and to help hold my waves when I air dry.

Here are three dry texture sprays I love.

IGK Down and Out Dirty Spray

This spray is one of the newest texturizing sprays to launch. IGK created this spray was designed as a boycott against all of the rough and terrible hairsprays in the hair industry.

IGK wanted to provide clients with the perfect morning-after hair, without all the awfulness of the morning after.

Texturizing sprays are perfect for the going out look. Whenever I want to add some edge to my look, I use a texturizing spray. This spray by IGK is made precisely for that.

It’s a quick solution for a bad hair day as well. It’s everything you need in a hairspray and more. Also, the ingredients are fantastic if you want to keep your hair clean.


Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray

This spray is enriched with argon oil, which is this brands’ specialty. This spray is extremely light weighted, and it works as a great spray to prep hair for styling.

Despite the prepping advantage, it’s also strong enough to be used as a finishing spray. The texturizing spray is used to provide texture to hair. The only downfall I’ve found is that it doesn’t come out until your completely wash it out.

You’ll need a full washday to get rid of it. Typically, hairsprays come out over time, especially as contact with hair continues.

However, despite its long-lasting quality, it doesn’t harden your hair, which is a quality I value.


Living Proof Dry Spray!

Living Proof is a brand that is notorious for using a technology called Expandable Textured Aero Spheres. It is essentially textured spheres that latch onto hair and give the soft, volume. Living proof is a fantastic dry textured spray that helps your style last all day.

Dry textured spray is incredible for creating movement, instead of just setting hair. If you know you’ll be running your hands through your hair consistently in the day, use Dry Volume Blast. Use this spray if you notice that your hair looks too neat.

To use it, start from your roots and spray down. After application, she your hair around with your hands. You should notice a difference in your hair right after use! Add some of this spray right after styling and see how voluminous your hair looks!


All in All!

Much like dry shampoo, dry spray is applied to dry hair. It won’t work if your hair is wet or damp. Dry spray can be used all over the hair. It doesn’t soak up oil as quickly or efficiently as dry shampoo, but it will give you tons of volume.

It will bring your hair back to life after a long day, while never making it hard after application. Whenever I need a quick spritz for volume, I use a dry spray. The great thing is that dry spray is terrific for extensions as well.

If you’re wearing extensions, don’t be afraid to use some dry spray on your weave or wig. It may not have the same, but it will give you some volume. This product works well on curls as well. So, every texture can benefit from dry spray.

Also, I love that it is so cost-effective. No matter what brand you use, dry spray doesn’t have to break your bank. Try to find some that work for your budget. Everyone should be able to reap the benefits of dry spray.

If you’ve never used it, try some of the suggestions above. If you have, comment below and let us know your favorites.

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