Is It Worth It? Ways to Find Effective Workshops & Hair Classes

Education Is the Key

Something everyone should realize by now is that no matter what field we enter into, it is going to require some form of higher education.

That does not have to mean you necessarily need to go to college or join the military (although, I encourage you to do your research and choose what is best for you), but it means that you must seek out higher forms of education for the career option you want to go in life.

When it comes to learning the ins and outs of the hair industry, school is the very least you could do to gain some knowledge. Why is that?


Benefits of Attending Hair Workshops and Classes

The Industry is Ever-Changing

When it comes to the hair industry, some new tools and techniques rise to the surface every single day, and we see it on social media all the time!

Who can keep up with all of this? Well, if you want your business to flourish, you may want to look into taking a few classes to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Women want the newest things done to their hair that they see their favorite celebrities wearing in television.

And if you can’t provide that dream, they will find somebody who will. Do not be the stylist that was left behind!

Personal Development Opportunity

You know that feeling when you picked up on a new skill? You feel accomplished and even more well-rounded than before.

It is fun to get to know yourself and if you are interested in the hair and beauty field, then taking some classes may help you discover what other cool things you can do! You may have also discovered some new things about yourself that you did not know.

As a result, you will have more confidence in your abilities and will automatically want to update your services to show your clients what all you can do! Take that chance on yourself!


You Passion Will Become Your Career

Your passion is most likely styling hair, operating a hair related business or anything regarding hair.

The point is, you chose this life! Hair is your niche, and if you want to get good at something, then you have to do it every single day for the rest of your life.

That means staying updated on the latest trends, making sure your clients get the best service possible and keeping your morals and values in line. Take the time to discover what you want out of your business. Do you want to see growth? Is this a hobby? Is this your career?

Find out where you stand so that you can move forward and act accordingly.

You Can Mingle With People Who Can Relate

There is nothing better than discovering that you were not the only one who did not do their homework last night when you get to homeroom.

Next thing you know papers are quickly getting passed around before the first bell rings so that everyone has a chance to get an A on that assignment.

It can be the same deal with those hair classes you want to take (although, I encourage everyone actually to do their homework the night before). You will be able to mix and mingle with people who are going through the same struggles as you and you can also learn from one another to get some different perspectives in a manner.

This future relationship can be the reason you succeeded so much in your career!


Ways to Find Them

Word of Mouth

People will always talk.

If you want to find some great beauty and hair classes, then ask your peers, professors, parents or anybody else who may know something about the field you want to be in for the rest of your life.

People, in general, know way more than they appear to do so not hesitate to ask the right questions. You never know who may have the answers!

Online Google Search

It is that simple.

A quick Google search will give you access to thousands of beauty and hair classes in your area or online and a more specified Google search will provide you with access to the costs and benefits of each course or class you decide to take.

Take some time out of your day researching what you want out of your hair classes and tune it to your current schedule. If you are a busy bee, then maybe online courses are what is best for you.

If you are best working with a teacher or professor, then it may be time for you to join the class!


Social Media

Like Google, social media will tell you pretty much anything you would want to know about any upcoming beauty and hair classes or workshops in your area.

If you are following beauty influencers, then they may be posting about some upcoming classes that you should take advantage of at the time. Look into exactly what you want and start asking questions!

The internet is vast and social media is the best interactive place to get your answers quickly and easily.

Local Salon/Stylist

You may think you compete with the stylists from the salon across the street.

But truth be told we all want to succeed so do not be afraid to ask for help. If you see a business flourishing, it does not hurt to ask if they know about any local hair classes in the area that you can take to get on their level of expertise.

They will feel flattered that you are seeking their help and if you humble yourself enough, they will tell you what you need to know and more.

Local Hair and Beauty Stores

Sometimes we can’t find things if we are not looking for them.

Did you know that your local hair store or salon could offer classes themselves? Hair companies are always looking to expand their businesses, and they realize that affordable education could be the way to do so. Check them out!

Head over to any local spots and see what they have to offer. If they do not provide the classes themselves, then it is possible that they know businesses or companies who do.

Do not block your blessings!


Classes and Workshops Already in Session

Fortunately, there are already a few hair classes and workshops that we can look into to expand our skillsets and businesses.

Take note that some of these classes only relate to makeup or other beauty topics, but the hair was my main focus when choosing the courses to show you all.

Multiple Cities: Sephora Beauty Classes

Yes, everyone!

The mecca for all things beauty hosts frequent in-store events where makeup enthusiasts can learn how to do everything, from applying "no makeup" to putting on falsies like a pro. Check their online schedule for up to date details on what's happening in your city!

Everyone dreams of working at Sephora, but to learn from the best beauty mecca up to date? A dream come true is an understatement.

New York: Make Up For Ever Academy

If you want the real deal like, structured classes and hands-on training, then this academy may be the one for you!

From intense, one-day training to weeks-long programs, Make Up For Ever's expert academy is the beauty enthusiast that genuinely wants to capture expert-level skills.


Detroit (Or Online): Everette’s Natural Hair and Beauty School

If you are starting out in the hair and beauty industry and need a push to get your business and skillset off the ground, then this school is for you!

This Detroit based salon and beauty school offer online courses for beginners. They teach everything from hair techniques to marketing strategies. Sheila Everette-Hale teaches this 3-day boot camp. You can sign up for online or onsite classes on the company’s site.

New York: Beauty United

Presented by New York makeup artist and educator Nick Posley, this masterclass is for those wanting to learn both everyday and editorial makeup looks.

The class offers several package levels, which all feature a makeup demo, question and answer session, and meet and greet. If you want the best out of your coin, then this class is probably for you!

New York: 'Let's Get It Twisted' Natural Hair & Art Festival

This workshop focuses on the celebration, maintenance, and styling of natural hair.

Catering to both men and women, the festival offers live demonstrations how on to style and care for natural hair, in addition to having local product vendors on site giving sample and selling products.

There is also a cultural art element to the festival.

Online: Taliah Waajid Seminars

This natural hair care brand also offers seminars on how to care for and maintain natural hair.

Taught by Taliah and her team, the courses instruct stylists or those just wanting to learn more about natural hair, ways in which to protect their strands, in addition to the best products to use and techniques.

You can learn more about upcoming course dates and enroll online on the company’s site.

New York: ChicStudios NYC Red Carpet Trends Workshop

If you have trouble staying up to date on the latest makeup trends, this class will make sure you never fall behind again!

This makeup academy offers free live demos and instructions on trending makeup looks. This one covers explicitly red carpet trends and provides more info on their extensive and in-depth artistry courses.


Philadelphia: Beyond Basics Part 2

If you are obsessed with natural hair as much as I am, then you will adore this next class.

This class by J. Saleem Hair Designs in Philadelphia teaches you the latest not only in styling trends but ways to maintain and protect relaxed and natural curls. If you do not use this class you’re your clients, use it for yourself. You can never learn too much about natural hair.

You will be able to form the pros about the best products to use on different types of Black hair.

Online: Bobbi Brown How-Tos

World-renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown offers free online guides on different beauty basics, from skincare 101 to bridal looks.

Guess what the best part about this is? The quick guides are free, and you can move at your own pace! You have no excuse on why you should not know something in this area if the reading materials are right at your fingertips!

You can browse the list at

Chicago: America’s Beauty Show

This event is held annually in Chicago, and it attracts both the professional and beginner hairstylists.

The hair shows are a significant attraction, so you do not want to miss being around for that! But, this expo also offers workshops on everything from coloring to extensions.

Go mix and mingle, learn new skills and enjoy the fun!

Multiple Cities: Beautycon

We have all heard of things like Comic-Con and Dragon Con, but what about a convention that is right up your alley?

This subscription service hosts an annual conference where beauty pros and influencers come together to share all of their insight and advice. You will learn how to style makeup and hair and how to use social media to show off your skills.

Skills and marketing are the perfect combinations!


Discover What is Best for You and Your Business

Once you realize the best move for yourself, picking and choosing hair classes will be as easy as learning the material.

Remember what your career aspirations and passions are because they will be the key to helping you discover if these types of hair classes and workshops are worth the cost and time.

Have you taken any hair classes or been to any workshops? What did you learn? Was the session worth it? I would love to hear what lessons you all have been to and how they have helped you elevate further in your careers! Drop a comment below!

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