Elaine Denise: PLE Spotted Babe of The Week

We Spy With Our Little Eyes...

Good day to all of out PLE babes! We present to you all to our new blog segments entitled PLE Babe of the week.

We will be picking one person each week that uses Private Label Extensions Hair in a flossy babe way! Hair is nothing without you beautiful ladies who rock it and make the style their own. Inspiration is something significant that we need in this world. We want to continue to inspire everyone to be beautiful, feel confident, and love themselves in the best and most authentic way possible.

Private Label Extensions is more than a company, but a family and community who wants to uplift and support those who need it most. So, without further ado, let's get into our lovely PLE babe of the week!

Elaine Denise Body Wave Frontal

Elaine Denise: Babe of The Week!

Elaine Denise is an Atlanta stylist who specializes in custom wigs, protective hairstyles, and creating custom wigs for customers.

Much to our liking Elaine creates a gorgeous custom frontal wig using 22-inch Brazilian straight hair from Private Label Extensions. Let us be the first to say that you look, flawless honey!

You have to take a double look at the hairline on this unit, it's natural, and you wouldn't even question that this is her natural hair.

Elaine Denise Frontal

Her Instagram profile is full of fantastic custom wigs that she makes for her beautiful clients and if you want to you can schedule all appointments through her website, and it is a seamlessly smooth process.

When you enter the page, choose the construction of the wig, either a u-part or full lace frontal. From there you can select the size and length you want it to be. And if you love the unit that Elaine is rocking like we know you are then you even have the option to purchase your hair from Private Labels Extensions hair and have her create the wig for you with no extra charge.

If you have a very long wig or are interested in a cute flirty bob, Elaine also does custom cuts if you are too afraid to try it on your own. If you have a color, you have been trying to recreate she also does custom coloring for your wig unit or bundles.

It's clear that wigs are Elaine's specialty and it's something that she loves. What we love most about her is that she isn't afraid to share what she loves with all of us.

Custom Wig

Custom Wig

Brazilian Straight Weave

We love Brazilian straight hair for many reasons, one being that it is in its natural state and is not chemically processed or artificially dyed.

This hair has a reputation for its shiny, sleek look. Brazilian straight hair gives you the look of a full head of hair; three bundles and one closure will be more than enough for you to try out many different hairstyles.

Overall Brazilian hair is the most common hair texture in South Africa. Due to its softness, thickness, and silkiness, it's a top winner and a go-to for many women. Thanks to the durability of this hair it can blend into many styles as far as straight, curly, and wavy.

You cannot go wrong with this purchase, and Private Label Extensions offers terrific bundle deals for Brazilian silky straight hair.

Denise Straight Wig

Styles You Can Create With PLE Brazilian Straight Hair

I have told you a few different curl patterns you can try with Brazilian hair.

If you want to accomplish a straight bone look use titanium or flat ceramic iron. If you're interested in a wavy style you can put a mousse or foam on your strands and twist all the way to the end, let the product sit overnight and then untwist once dry. And if you're a sucker for candy curls, you should invest in a curling wand with different sizes ranging from small to big.

If you purchase a frontal like Elaine Denise did, you will be able to create a part to either side of your head or straight down the middle. Frontals also give you the option to pull your hair back or into a ponytail.

What we love most about Brazilian hair is how you can color these tresses is any way that you like. Some of you may know that synthetic or mixed blend weave cannot be dyed or bleached to take color; this is one of the many advantages of purchasing Brazilian hair

Denise Front Lace Body Wave Wig

How to Be The Next PLE Babe Of The Week

Become the next Private Label babe of the week!

All you have to do is buy Private Label Extensions hair and tag us in an Instagram post of you wearing it the best way you can. You can be creative and show us how you dye the unit. You can also DM us additional photos!

We show support and love; tag us in as many posts that you have. This blog post is the first post of many to come.

Look out, you might also become the next PLE spotted Babe of the week!

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