essence street style festival the flyest looks

Essence Street Style Festival: The Flyest Looks

What it is and The Best Looks

Ever since hearing about Essence fest, I’ve wanted to go. Every time one of my friends attended, they would talk about the ambiance in New Orleans and how it was the perfect place to host an event like Essence fest. Where better to host a FUBU event than in a setting with so much black ancestral influence?

At first, I thought the annual essence festival in NO was the only event hosted by Essence. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

They have tons of events and festivals that they host where many people from all over the country show off their looks. Some of the hottest and most fly looks have come from the people that attend these events!

For years, Essence has been a platform that showcases all things black beauty, and lifestyle. Within the past few years, Essence has continued to create and host events that showcase the hottest black celebrities, styles, hairstyles and more.

One event that has continuously caught my eye is the Essence Street Style Festival. This festival is full of vendors, performers, influencers and more.

This year, they hosted the festival in Brooklyn, and there were so many beautiful looks. Let’s get into them.


What Is Essence Street Style Festival

Essence Street Style Festival has been running for four years. It used to be free, but since it’s gain in popularity, the event is now ticketed. However, despite it being ticketed, it’s not expensive to attend. The cost this year was about $20-$25.

See! Inexpensive and fun! The event this year was noted in Brooklyn, but there’s been talk about it moving to a different city next year. It would be similar to a tour event.

The event is primarily meant to diversify what they can offer to the community. The director of events at Essence, Candace Montgomery, has talked about the importance of street style and allowing people to bring their visions to life.

This past event was hosted by Amanda Seales, with performers Teyana Taylor and Yemi Alade. Also, celebrity chef Kelis was at the event as well. This event is also famous for having some key sponsors such as Nike, Macy’s and SheaMoisture.

Overall, this event is a tribute to fashion, style, and influence curated by majority black women.

It’s the place to be for some inspiration on looks and styles!

Fly Hair And Beauty Looks!

Some of the best looks this year have come from the events hosted by Essence. When I went to the Essence fest last year, I saw some of the most beauty and hair looks imaginable. I was overwhelmed because everyone looked so beautiful.

No matter where I went, I saw beautiful faces with outstanding hairstyles. Some of these hairstyles seemed impossible to recreate, but some of them seemed simple.

I have about four favorite looks from the Essence Street Style Festival that I want to share with you!

Amanda Seales’ High Ponytail

Amanda Seales was seen at this year’s festival wearing a high ponytail. She’s always been known for wearing blonde hair, but at this festival, she brought her Insecure character “Tiffany” to life. She wore a dreaded high ponytail.

The tail part of the ponytail looks like it was created with extensions, probably yarn material. She looked amazing! To recreate this look, there are some things you’ll need.

First, you’ll need some edge control. To make high ponytails, you can use extensions. For me, I like to use braiding hair and some rubber bands to create the look I desire.

Slick up that hair and get your ponytail poppin’!


Kelis’ Colorful Dreads

Kelis was at the event receiving an award and wearing some of the most colorful dreads! She is known for having a shortcut with shaved sides. She’s also known for having colorful hairstyles at most of her appearances.

The colorful dreads were a fantastic way for her to express herself in her most authentic way. To achieve this look, you can get some dreaded synthetic crochet.

Make sure you get the appropriate colors that you want. Another way to complete this look would be to have someone install some faux locs for you.


The Looks Of The People!

Apart from the celebrities seen at this Essence event, some everyday people slayed their looks. First, I want to recognize the kids at the festival that stole the show!

Many of the children at the events had natural hairstyles that we adore! On little black girl had two puffs with accessories to complete the look. Another girl had a slick back with a puffy ponytail. Another child had her hair completely out, styled in a completely natural way.

Some other people at the festival made themselves stand out with the beauty and hair looks they wore. One woman has lavender colored hair that can be easily recreated with some human hair kinky straight extensions.

She paired the hair look with a natural, soft earthy makeup look along with a bold eyeliner look. These looks were just a glimpse into the beauty of the festival. One look that mainly stuck with me was a braided look with a beret.

This woman wore a red beret with red lipstick and braided her braids into a messy french braid. Love, love, love this look so much!


Essence Festival Love!

All in all, we love the looks that come from any festival but particularly the Essence festivals. At this year’s street style fest, we saw all the greatest hair looks from celebrities and attendees.

If you’re looking for some hair inspiration, don’t hesitate to head to a festival and get all the inspiration you need. I love going to these festivals, and I’m always happy to see how Essence tries to give everyone a platform.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to try out a new hairstyle, or a new beauty look, a festival might be the place for you. Try keeping up with Essences’ festival dates to see it in real life.

Have you been to an Essence Festival? Let us know your experience below!

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