fancy 3d mink lash branding options

Fancy 3D Mink Lash Branding Options!

Give Your 3D Mink Lash Cases a POP!

We are big fans of ways to make products stand out with simple solutions.

What could grab a potential customer's attention more than glitter?

Today we launched a fun and sassy way to get more attention to your 3D Mink & 3D Mink Thinline lashes with perfectly cut glitter paper. The paper directly fits inside the bottom of the case underneath the section.

Have a look below:

Glitter Paper Color Options

We have launched with three color options for you to choose from that will hopefully match your branding appearance. The glitter paper is easily placed on the bottom of the lash case and underneath the plastic piece that holds the actual lashes.

In just seconds you can transform the 3D mink lash cases into an eye-catching masterpiece!


This vivid purple purplish-red color really gets attention!

Your 3D Mink Lashes float directly above the glittery background and can really get a WOW from your customers.



Add some class with that sass using our glittery gold backgrounds for your mink lashes!



Another classic color that looks great with glitter. The lashes stand out the most with this color.


Purchasing Options

The glitter paper is packaged in sets of 10, 50, and 100.
  • 10 for $5 or 50 cents each
  • 50 for $12 or 24 cents each
  • 100 for $20 or 20 cents each

You can save by buying in bulk!

What Sets You Apart?

You should always ask yourself what is setting yourself apart from other brands. Having a great product is not always enough. You have to look at your packaging and branding!

We love the glitter paper because it is truly eye-catching. This week we have had some samples in our Atlanta showroom just before launching and visitors gravitate to our Mink Lash case.

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