New Feature Sends Your Order Tracking Updates all the Way Home!

Step-By-Step Shipment Notifications For Your Order!

You know longer have to treat your order like a jealous girlfriend! Private label Extensions has a new order tracking notification system that will let you know when your private label package is coming how with step-by-step email notifications. We know the importance of your order and understand your clients can't wait for their hair. This feature helps add value to our service as it leaves the Atlanta showroom where we ship all orders with care.

We are offering more features to make your white label hair shipping experience more convenient.

Shipping Hair Extensions with USPS

Order Tracking Updates

Let's take a look at the tracking updates you will receive when your order ships.

Info Received

This is to let you know that your packing slip and shipping label have been created. This could be anytime during the morning or afternoon. Shipments usually arrive at the Post Office late afternoon. Please remember that the USPS service updates the tracking and the initial scan might not show up online immediately.

In Transit

Your private label package is on the way! WooHoo! Since we ship all the wholesale hair orders from Atlanta via USPS Priority or Express mail then you should generally expect the delivery in 1 - 3 days depending on your distance from Atlanta. Also, smaller towns with slower logistics might be more towards the 3 days as well. But if you live in the country you are probably used to that!

Shipment Notifications

Out for Delivery

Oh baby, we are getting close to home! At this point your package is with the delivery courier and on the way to your home or business. Start thinking about the slay that is about to occur with the hair extensions!


Yassss Queen Yassss! You package of hair has safely arrived. Who doesn't love getting a package of hair extensions in the mail?

Failed Attempt

Wait what? It's not that bad. The postal service tried to deliver the package and they couldn't. Maybe it needed a signature and you were out to lunch? They will generally leave a not and try the next day. Get that package!


This rarely happens but something went wrong and the postal service is sending the package back. Our advanced shipping software will catch any errors in a shipping address and we will contact you if an issue arises so we don't get to this point.

The Private Label Extensions team is notified if there is a Failed Attempt or Exception so we can help figure out what is going on quickly. It is important you get your private label package!

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