top 10 hair products to boost your fine limp hair

Top 10 Hair Products To Boost Your Fine, Limp Hair

Work What Ya Got

Sometimes in life, we’re not always satisfied! When it comes to hair, the ones who have thick hair often wish they had thinner hair while the thinner hair folks often wish they had thicker hair. But the reality is, we all should learn how to care for the hair that we have. For those who have fine, limp hair, it’s sometimes a struggle trying to manage that type of hair. Sometimes, the hair may seem see-through, or flat and that’s just not a cute look. Continue reading below as I give an overview of what you can use on your hair, specific products and a few tips for fine, limp hair!

Overview of Products

Using light products, for the most part, is going to be crucial. Some people don’t pay the texture of products any mind but they should. You can look at a product or touch it and see that if it’s heavy or thick. You want to stay away from those products. I’m not saying every single thick product isn’t good, but for the most part, people with fine, limp hair should look for specific types of products. You need products that will add volume and bounce. When you're shopping around for shampoos, its best to get a PH balanced shampoo. Shampoos, in general, can be harsh for the most part because of the ingredient sulfate. Sulfate can weight your hair down, strip your natural oils and cause irritation to the scalp. If you have limp hair, then you want to stay far away from anything that may be damaging in any way. Now that we’ve covered the foundation continue reading below to find out the top 10 products that you can use for fine, limp hair!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

All right, so I mentioned earlier that for the most part, you should stay away from thick products. When I said, “most part” that meant that the 2% belongs to Jamaican Black Castor Oil! This product is the best. Yes, it is extremely super thick, but it has great benefits for anyone with fine, limp hair. This all-natural product helps thicken the hair and revitalizes your scalp. Now, because this product is thick, it’s not to be used all over your hair. It’s pretty much just a scalp base product. Although, you can apply to your entire head if that works for you. But usually, that’s not the case. You could part your hair in about six sections and massage this product into your scalp. It will also add volume to it since it’s thickening the hair. You can’t go wrong with this product. If you wanted to, you could even add it to your water spray or favorite conditioners. It’s under $15 and will last a very long time.

Garnier Fructis Body Boost Shampoo

When you’re looking to make your hair fuller, this product will do just that. Garnier, of course, has a whole line of hair products. So to maximize the benefits you could purchase the whole set. But if you just wanted to get this stand only product, that works as well. When washing with this shampoo, it’s going to pump your hair up. Some people have said they notice a fuller look on the second and third day. Also, this is not a moisturizing product so be sure to add your moisture or oils after washing your hair otherwise it may leave your hair full with a little frizz. You can find this product just about anywhere too.

TRESemme’ Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Now, we already know, shampoos and cause dryness and if it has sulfate in it, then you should stay away from it. However, dry shampoos are slowly taking over the game. They are super healthy and allows your hair to come alive if you need it to, and it's not washing day!. If you take that knowledge and combine it with TRESemme’ fresh start volumizing dry shampoo, then you’re in for a surprise! This product is on the thick side, but it doesn’t weight the hair down. The product evaporates within a few minutes and leaves the hair oil free. Having too much oil in your hair can also weigh it down so because it doesn’t have that effect that works in your favor. This product will leave your hair extremely bouncy and for a long time!

Terressentials Lavender Garden Hair Wash

This product extracts the dirt out of your hair and scalp and leaves your tresses clean! It doesn’t weight the hair down at all since it’s purpose is to extract. Unlike most shampoos that strip your natural oils, this product doesn’t. When you apply this product, you’re going to want to let it sit for a while after massaging it to your scalp, just as you would with a conditioner. After a few minutes you rinse it, and you’ll walk away with clean hair.

Rose Water

Rosewater makes limp, fine hair texture soft and shiny. Typically to achieve shine on most hair, you would apply grease or hairspray. However, those types of products can weight your hair down quite a bit. Rose water is a liquid, which means it a lightweight product. Besides the fact that it’s all-natural, it’s packed with multiple vitamins and aids in hair growth. Even if you’re suffering from hair loss and frizz, rose water will be able to treat that. Because this is a super healthy product, you will most likely only find it at health stores and not your general shopping stores. You can use Rosewater alone, or you can add it to your favorite products.

Coconut Oil

I remember the first time I saw coconut oil; I thought to myself that this was some serious grease! However, it’s not greasy at all. In the winter months, the coconut oil turns into a solid, but after five seconds of rubbing it in your hands, it turns into a liquid. This product is light and has great benefits for anyone who has fine limb hair. Coconut oil is amazing for dandruff! If you have a dandruff issue, that can lead to your hair becoming limp. So having a super cleansed scalp is a going to always work in your favor. Coconut oil also helps stimulate hair growth as well. Stimulating hair growth stops you from having fine hair, over time. It will become fuller if you're consistent with the product. Also, coconut oil isn’t just for your hair. You can eat it and also cook with it. Therefore there’s more than one way to get it into your system.

Loreal EverSleek Precious Oil Treatment

Most times after people wash their hair they use a deep conditioner or leave in. But when you have limp hair, those products can be too heavy if you don’t find the right ones. Therefore using serums are great because they’re lite. Many people confuse oils and serums, but in fact, they are very different. For starters, oils are thicker than serums. Serums are a combination of vitamins and antioxidants, which makes a great product for fine hair. Serums are also water-based. This Lorreal product is a serum (although oil is in the title). I don’t think you can have a “serum treatment.” Also, with this product, a little goes a long way, so you don’t need much to achieve the benefits of this product.

Palmer Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

Because you have fine, limp hair, feeding it protein will do wonders. This Palmer protein pack deep conditioner is great and also has a really good slip. It penetrates your scalp well, which also adds strength. If you have limp hair, it needs strength and protein, so this product provides that. It’s also really thick, but that’s good since it’s a deep conditioner. The average time to leave a deep conditioner on is about 30 minutes. However, in my personal experience, the longer it’s on for, the better results you will have. So treat your hair with some TLC and slap this deep conditioner on it. After you leave it on for a while, rinse it out, and your hair will thank you later!

Giovanni Direct Leave-in Weightless Moisture Conditioner

Sometimes you don’t know how a product will turn out on your hair, so you’re nervous, right? Well, be assured that you won’t have to second-guess with this product at all. The title alone lets you know it’s a weightless moisturizer. Now, it can be a little pricey but if you shop around you can find it for cheaper. It also doesn’t come in a large bottle, but I promise it works wonders! This product restores the hair follicles while building body. Because it’s weightless, it's thin but provides a lot of benefits. Now beware, once you apply this product, it will begin to form on your hair. That’s right, just like a moose product would. Because of that effect, you may think it needs to be rinsed out, but it doesn’t. This product is, in fact, a leave-in conditioner; it just penetrates the hair shaft well.

Caviar Clinical Daily Root & Scalp Stimulator

This product is one to add to your list of favorite hair products! This Caviar product comes in a cute little bottle that has a spray top and does wonders for the hair. After you have washed your hair, you want to spray this product all over and then give your scalp a good massage. Now, this product may cause some redness on your scalp at first, but have no worries. To receive the full benefits of this product, its best to be consistent and always massage it in. After some time, you should begin to see hair growth. This product is also really lightweight and adds shine! Tips: As mentioned earlier, using a wide tooth comb should be your best friend! Along with a tangle teaser and hair pick because these two tools will help lift your hair when it needs it. Hair products are important, but certain tools can help a lot as well. If you’re rocking curly hair and it’s limp, picking it out will allow it to become bigger and gives volume.

A Diffuser

A diffuser is an old-school tool that has always been beneficial. When you have fine, limp hair, you want to do everything you can to add volume to your hair. A diffuser will give you just that. It will add volume and bounce to your hair allowing your tresses to stay in place and not be limp. It also adds moisture to your hair as well, which gives it some life!

Application is Key

Regardless of what type of hair you have, how you apply a product to your hair matters, especially with fine, limp hair. Applying product all over and throughout your hair is going to change your hair dramatically. If the product isn’t distributed evenly with fine hair, it doesn’t always come out looking nice. Drenching the hair with the product on fine hair is a great a thing. It will allow the hair to look more full.

Go From Fine Hair to Full Hair

Remember, when there’s a will there’s a way! For years, people with fine, limp hair have always run into issues. From not finding the right product to having to avoid certain hairstyles because of their texture. But worry no more! This list and tips are just what you need to have the beautiful hair you desire. Now, will all these products work for you? Maybe not, however, when searching for the right product it's important to embrace the trial and error phase. Don’t give up on your hair. Try these products, be consistent until you have reached the level at which you want your hair. Do you have fine, limp hair? What are some things you do that help your hair become fuller? Let me know in the comment section!
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