Frontal or Closure: Which One Is Better for Summertime?

Hot Hairstyles or Not

It’s that hot outside, so now we are battling between decisions of extensions, braids, anything else that will help us beat the heat. It’s hard enough to find good edge control to withstand these crazy temperatures and hot humidity. Hairstyles can be just as hard to choose from because we want to be cute, but we don’t want to sweat. That’s not realistic for persons who have Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Any other time of year frontals and closures are an easy choice depending on the hairstyle you want. In this article, we will discuss the best options for you.When considering with may be a better option for you this season, consider the benefits of each as follows:

Benefits of a Frontal

Protects hairline

The width and length of a frontal provides much protection to the hairline and can even restore it. Many think that the adhesive used to apply and secure a frontal could actually do harm to your hairline. However, this is only true when it is not applied correctly. When applied correctly, you can have restored, protected edges and a properly laid frontal simultaneously.

Allows versatility

There is so much versatility when it comes to wearing frontals! You have more freedom to part it anyway you choose unlike a closure. This free range of parting the frontal hair allows for more options when it comes to styling. Who doesn’t like the endless options to easily switch up your hair with different looks and styles?

Confidence and comfort in wearability

When wearing a frontal you can have the confidence in know that it provides full coverage and this gives your hair a more realistic look. Allow yourself to be comfortable with a look knowing the faux frontal hairline can be pulled off as your own.

Benefits of a Closure

Low maintenance

With a closure, there is so little to be done when it comes to maintaining it unlike a frontal. There is the simplicity of blending, when there’s really nothing to blend.

Various sizes

There are various sizes for closures, which is great depending on your head size. This allows you to become more tailored with your look when wearing a closure.

Less complicated

Let go of any complications when wearing a closure and keep things simple with one option of a side part or middle part. Some may think it is a disadvantage to be limited in parting which leads to limited styling. But this is not necessarily true if you’re someone that keeps your look simple and consistent.

Keep your Composure with a Closure

Before we tap into what’s best for you lets explain the difference between a closure and a frontal. Starting with closures, I wore my first one and I honestly never went back to leave outs. For women just now catching on, closures done the right way look very realistic for that part you desire. The great thing about the closure is that it gives you a realistic look without unnecessary heat damage. It keeps all your hair protect underneath. In these summer temperatures, I would always suggest a frontal or closure. If your natural and you are leaving any portion of your hair out during the summer, you can almost guarantee the frizz humidity is turning your hair back into its natural state. Who knows how long you will be flat ironing?

The Future of your Frontal

Along with closures, frontals are a great accessory to add to your hairdo. Just like a closure, all of your hair is required to be braided down which helps protects from excessive heat damage. None of your hair is out, but now you have a realistic hairstyle that can be styled virtually in any aspect. The difference between a frontal and closure is that you have a lot more option of how to style your hair. Most closures provide you with one part which stays consistent through the style; you really can’t part it any other way besides the way you chose to have it parted. Frontals are more diverse and allow you to expand your hairdo options on a daily basis. You are not limited to parting; you can part it whichever way you desire or you are not limited to up and down. Private Label offers 360 frontals that surround your whole head. You can put it up in a bun without tying a scarf around your head so nobody will see your “kitchen.” When you put it up, it is going to resemble your real hair as if it is coming out of your scalp. You are free to do whatever you want. This why frontals are perfect for women who enjoy wearing weave but are limited with how far they could go with styling.

Coming To A Decision

This article is supposed to be about which is better for the summer: a frontal or a closure. I honestly can’t make that decision for anyone, but I can give you helpful things to remember when choosing between the two. Starting with closures, they would be my first pick for the summer. Although I’m limited with updos, you can’t go wrong with them. Closures only require to be sewn down in place and last a very long time. Most closures are one essential part. You can invest some money and buy a 4x4 or 5x5 closure. The extended closure gives you some range in parting. If the closure is sewn down directly in the middle, you can do middle or a side part and a low ponytail. That’s all the styles you would get out of it.

Don't Sweat It

If you don’t have a problem with sweating, I guess frontals wouldn’t be a bad idea either. The only issue would be frontal glue. Most people get their frontal glued down whether it’s a 180 or a 360 frontal. Adhesive can be very tricky because sweating in this heat; you don’t want your frontal sliding down or off. Ghost bond glue seems to be what everybody generally uses when dealing with frontals. But I can’t say how the adhesive withstands the heat because like I stated previously, it all depends on the person and how much they sweat. I would like to add that even if you sweat a little bit each day, you will notice a difference in your frontal as it loosens. That’s mostly the negative stuff about your frontal though, let talk about some positives if you do decide to wear one in this heat. I would suggest a 360 frontal from Private Label Extensions. I say that because, with a 360 frontal, you have a better chance of your frontal staying in place because it is wrapped all the way around the head. Even if you do sweat a bit, your 360 is sewn down on the inside all the way around so also if the glue loosens the frontal, there is no actual way of it being noticeable. And we can’t forget about the ponytail. With the 360 frontal you can style your hair up to avoid hair being on your neck, that’s something you can’t do with closure.

Trying to Beat The Heat

Both the closure and frontal has its positives and negatives. So, I can’t be the judge of what you chose to rock this summer but I can help you in the decision making process. My best advice to you will go with closure if you don’t want to carry your frontal glue everywhere you go. In my opinion, frontals are for fall, winter, and spring but I’ve seen people rock one all year long. It’s all about what you want to deal with. Keep it, cute ladies, the summertime is ours and make sure you slay either way with Private Label Extensions.

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