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Girls Trip Movie And The "Flossy Posse" Hair Inspiration

The Flossy Posse is reunited and better than ever. Girls' trip hands-down was one of the best and most successful movies of 2017. From the laugh out loud moments, heartwarming emotional speeches, and of course the fantastic hairstyles, viewers were in love with this film from beginning to end.

The most significant accomplishment of Girls Trip is that it is the first black leading role movie to make over 100 million dollars at the box office. What made this achievement even more gratifying was that the stars, producers, writers, and directors were all African American! I can't name one woman who has yet to watch this fantastic comedy.

This movie was so great that I had to watch it again just to give you all an excellent representation of how these starring actresses connected so well to their character, and how they had the perfect hairstyles to match.

And if you are one of the few who has yet to have seen it I suggest you give it a view, because it is never too late to be swept away in this comedic, drama-filled storyline.

Girls Trip Movie hairstyles

About the Movie

This movie stars, Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Hadish. Just a little summary for those who have yet to see it "Girls Trip" is about four women and best friends from college, who take a trip to New Orleans for an Essence Festival.

This group of young ladies refers to themselves as the Flossy Posse. While on this trip they find themselves in wild shenanigans, messed up situations, and ultimately on the path of bettering themselves, and their friendships. This movie states a timeless message that you are never too busy to have a little fun, and you are never too old for a Girls Trip!

"Flossy Posse” Hair Inspiration

The "Flossy Posse" Hair Inspiration

Now let's get into the Flossy Posse's beautiful characters and awesome hairdo's to match. Each actress plays a significant role not only in the movie but also in the friend group. I will be walking you through the four leading characters' personalities, and how their hair complimented so well with how they acted in the movie.


First, let's start with Ryan who is played by Regina Hall. She is the success story, boss, and narrator of the film. Her character shows the struggles of how hard it is to juggle between your career and family life.

Although throughout the movie she deals with hard-hitting career choices, and a not so faithful husband, Ryan remains refined and flawless; and so does her hair.

Someone as goal-driven and fortunate as Ryan must have the hairstyle to match. She rocks a shoulder-length ombre bob for most of the movie. She switches it up with a loose pattern wave bob which also screams chic. Her hair, as well as her character in the film, shows simplicity and classiness. When viewers look at Ryan, they see that young entrepreneur business women that may live deep inside every one of us.

A woman of Ryan's high social status is encouraged to rock a simple hairdo, that's edgy, but can still make everyone fall in love. Regina Hall, you did your thing, your hair was gorgeous, and us young boss ladies are so proud of you!

Ombre bob


Next up is Sasha, she's the know-it-all in her friend group, you know the one you go to for all the tea and drama. Sasha is always one step ahead of all the celebrity gossip. She probably would know if Kylie Jenner is pregnant or not right now, and just like Ryan, she is also a workaholic.

Queen Latifah embodied this character so well and had the best hairstyles to match. Throughout the whole movie, Sasha rocked multiple mohawk looks. Now, these aren't your typical mohawk styles, Queen's character added a spicy and fun spin to this unique hair look.

In one hairstyle Sasha is slicking half or a quarter of her hair to the back, and the remaining half of the hair is left out. She wore the remaining leave out hair as curly or straight. By far I think fans' favorite hair look had to be on Sasha's first night out with her friend group. She rocked a bumped up front mohawk, with long bone straight ponytail extensions added to the side.

It could only take someone who is ahead of all the latest trends to pull off this look! If your that girl in the friend group who is passionate about what she does and success is her ultimate end goal, you could steal a few pointers from Sasha's lookbook. A bold, robust, and vibrant young lady. Queen Latifah played her role effortlessly, and a job was well done!

Straight ponytail extensions


Next, we have Lisa who was portrayed by Jada Pinkett Smith. She is the mom in the movie, the mom of the group, and a mom in real life. Her character in the film is very conservative and doesn't know how to cut loose, like how she used to in her former college days.

Jada Pinkett told interviewers that she could relate to this part so well, she then goes on to say it is normal that when you become a mother that you dedicate so much time to your kids and work you forget how to have fun. Lisa was an excellent representation of how it looks to be a woman in the motherhood world, and her hair expressed that as well.

From Drab to Fab

Luckily in the film, the Flossy Posse was there to help Lisa find her old live free college ways. In the movie, Lisa's hair look was more on the reserved side. She wore it in a pulled back, sleek ponytail, with bangs left out for the earlier part of the film, needless to say, she still looked flawless! But throughout the movie, her wardrobe and hair took a transformation.

Lisa went from drab mom to hot mom in a matter of seconds. She ditched the ponytail, and her hair was then worn down, in a loose curl wave pattern. Besides this switch up, she also sported her hair bone straight with rocking bangs. These hairstyles framed Jada's face so well, and I never knew bangs could look so good on one person, but Lisa owned these looks through the entire movie.

Despite Lisa's overprotective ways, what we loved about her character the most was how friendship oriented she was. She truly believed that no matter what hardships life may have brought, the Flossy Posse would always have her back. From her hair, all the way to her character Jada Pinkett Smith gave us elegant, graceful, sexy mom vibes. Keep inspiring these lovely ladies out here Lisa!

Loose curl wave pattern


Now last, but certainly not least is Dina. It's easy to say that Tiffany Hadish stole the movie away with her role as Dina. Do you know that one friend who is entirely out of pocket? No matter how hard you try you just cannot tame them? That was Dina! She was a fan favorite! Dina had no filter, and her outrageous, raunchy, hilarious personality had every viewer wanting to be her best friend.

Dina's hair was wild and beautiful just like her. She wore her hair down, and styled it into big tight curls; she would even sometimes rock this look with her hair bumped up in the front. Her hair just like her personality was wild and showed that she just wanted to have fun and let loose.

It takes a real party girl like Dina to pull off this curly hair look. But why was Dina's character so much fun? She showed us that we all need that one loyal ride-or-die friend in our group. We need someone's that's going to have our back through the good times and the bad. Tiffany Hadish we just want to say thank you for slaying your looks and winning over our hearts!

Big tight curls

Why Women Loved This Film

The hairstyles in this movie were nothing short of flawless, but what was the real reason why women loved this movie so much? I think there are three main points to why Girls Trip won over our hearts. One reason was that every woman has at least one Sasha, Lisa, Ryan, or Dina in their friend group. Female viewers were able to pick a character that they relate so much to and truly become inspired.

Whether you are the crazy wild friend who always gets into trouble or, the bossy, businesswoman who thinks she has it all figured out; we opened ourselves up to receive the message that every actress had to offer in this film.

 Flawless Hairstyles

Real Life Drama

Another reason for the love of the movie was the real-life drama, and laugh out loud hilarious moments it brought to viewers. At some point, a few of us women have gone through either, infidelity or having our jobs on the line. Many of us have gone through a rough divorce/breakup. This movie was able to relate to a lot of its audience, and at the same time make us laugh with tears of joy.

Lastly, we fell in love with this movie because it was the ultimate portrayal of black girl magic!

Not only were the starring ladies all black, but they're all successful. These women are doing their own thing on and off the movie set. This film proved that powerful and wonderful things could happen when we accept who we are and join forces together.

Life is becoming just a little too much, there is always enough time to plan a small Girls Trip!

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