celebrity hair trend get flawless with glass hair

Celebrity Hair Trend: Get Flawless with Glass Hair

Achieve Sophisticated Baddie Status With This On-Trend Style

Glass hair is glossing over the red carpet lately and needless to say we are in love! Celebrity hairstyles are always fascinating and give hair inspiration at just the right time. From flooding the red carpet to our TL's, glass hair is making itself known as the new "it" style for this Fall/Winter season. If you have not heard of this trend, then you may be surprised what follows the description of this catchy name. Recently, this hairstyle became a trend by Kim and Khloe Kardashian, but this classic style has graced the faces of many celebrities and women across the globe for a while. Let’s dive into what is glass hair, where it came from and how with a few easy steps you can achieve this million dollar look!

What Is Glass Hair?

According to Refinery29, glass hair is a sleek and polished look paired with a blunt bob and finished off with an immense amount of shine mimicking the sharpness and mirroring effect of glass. Popularized by Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist, Chris Appleton, glass hair has been rocked by the Kardashians, Jourdan Dunn, and Ashley Graham to name a few. In the simplicity of the style, the unique wow-factor of the hair is in the shine. Opposed to the rigid and geometric bobs of the 60s, this generation’s glass hair is sleek, soft and movable. Not a flyaway can be seen in sight and celebrities are upgrading this look to another level with color and stylized bob cuts. Not only does glass hair rule the red carpet with classic Coco Chanel vibes, but the everyday boss lady at the office and Instagram baddie are sporting glass hair with a variety of personal style. That’s one way to break the glass ceiling!

Where did Glass Hair Come From?

Even in the hype of this minimalist and elegant style, I had to ask myself where did the glass hair trend originate from? As I began my search, I realized that, with most trends, they are a remix of a past style. History repeats itself includes the world of hair and fashion. For some, glass hair is nothing more than a silk press made popular by African American women seeking to lay down her coils and kinks in the absence of relaxer. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Angela Bassett, and Kelly Rowland set the stage as the hairstyle's trendsetters. I remembered being a teenager with the dream of having soft, shiny straight hair but regretted my decision once I knew that it would cost me in dryer time, flat iron passes and long-term heat damage. Although I agree that some aspects of glass hair are silk press inspired, the glass hair trend looks as if the hairstyles of Hairspray and Living Single came together for a millennial showstopper style. Glass hair has shine and a stiff look and a blunt cut without a bump at the ends. The best part of this style is that you have room to customize the look to compliment your personal style, lifestyle, and preference. If you are a researcher by nature, then feel free to do your digging about the origins of this style. Otherwise, let’s get to the good part where you learn how to achieve this Internet-breaking style for yourself!

How To Get The Look

Although celebrity hairstylists rave on the simplicity of this trend, glass hair requires a little extra care to achieve, maintain and slay. There are two things you want to consider as you prepare to kill with glass hair:

1. Choose Your Weapon

Glass hair can be achieved both with your own hair or with straight style extensions. The pro with using extensions is that you do not have to worry about heat or color damage to your own hair. PLE offers a variety of extensions in beautiful dyes to fit your mood whether you are ready for a sew-in, clip-ins, tape-ins or a wig. Personally, I think that extensions are best for this style since it requires heat and the end result to come across stiff. However, if you want to go ale naturale, you do not have to shy away from this style. When using your own hair, ensure that you have treated your hair to some thorough TLC by detoxifying and moisturizing in order to get the best results.

2. It’s All In The Details

To master the glass hair trend without too many errors requires you to have the right products at your disposal. Celebrity hair stylists recommend that you use a moisture-rich serum and taming gel to have the best glass-like results. For your hair to look shiny, it needs moisture and shine. Healthy hair is the name of the game here, ladies! Serums help to lock in your hair’s moisture and prevent hair puffs when you encounter some humidity. You have struck gold to get a product that is both a serum and heat protectant. You never want to heat style your hair without protecting it. Lastly, flyaways cannot come to this party. Notorious of the glass hairstyle is its perfectly molded coif, and any loose hairs will give the opposite effect. Invest in some creams that are specially formulated to tame your flyaways without adding water or moisture to your hair. For best results, begin this style by washing your hair and add products to damp hair. This method will not only lock in the moisture but also ensure a shiny, sleek look once your hair is completely dry. Now, here are a few tips for getting the best glass hairstyle!

Patience Is Flawless

Sister, this is not the time to wait until you have exactly five minutes until your Uber arrives to begin this style. Patience is a virtue and needed to create this elegant look. When straightening the hair, you want to use smaller sections of hair and use as few passes as possible. You want to use a flat iron that allows you control of the temperature settings (not a flat iron that simply has “off” and “on” buttons). That way you can set your iron to a temperature that will give you the straightest hair without heat damage. When you use your flat iron with smaller sections, you ensure that the heat and metal plates are straightening each strand of hair and leaving no curl uncurled. Minimal passes with your iron will also reduce your risk of heat damage because you are not adding more and more heat to a few strands of hair. Do not worry! With a little time and effort, you too can look like the ultimate girl boss. Glass hair is flawless, and that is where patience and time comes in handy. You will also need to exercise patience if you are cutting or bobbing your hair yourself.

Blunt Is Bold

You will also need to exercise patience if you are cutting or bobbing your hair yourself. Although some celebs are rocking the glass hairstyle with seemingly reckless haircuts, the bob on this style is very intentional and strategic. I would first decide how the fall of the hair would best frame my face first before picking up the scissors. Kim K has styled this look with both a 90s style short bob and a longer shoulder length style. Both look fabulous, and it depends on your preference. Whichever length you choose, be bold in going for a blunt cut. Do not cut your hair all at once, unless uneven ends is your thing. Visually mark where you want your hair to fall and then begin cutting in small sections. I always advise cutting your hair about half of an inch longer than you intended to get a feel for the style. You can always cut more hair, but you cannot add on once you’ve taken hair off. Remember to be bold and blunt with this style and who knows maybe that will translate to some new found confidence!

Have Fun!

Ultimately, the nature of trends is that they are short-lived and are then sent off into history to cycle through the beauty and fashion time warp. Have fun! Do not take yourself too seriously and enjoy trying out a new style. You may find a new signature look or a learning lesson about yourself and your personal style. In an attempt to guide you out of the box, I have labeled these tips instead of rules. You are free to test the waters of hairstyles and trends to see what looks the best on you.

A Look Sharp Enough To Kill

With the timelessness of glass hair, we can expect it to show up on red carpets, fashion shows, and Instagram for a while. With the changing of the weather as we transition into Autumn, there is no better time to switch it up on them and try something new. You may be surprised at what you will find. What do you think about the glass hairstyle and its rise in popularity? Would you try it? Let us know in the comment section below!
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