seven effective ways to grow your hair naturally

Seven Effective Ways to Grow Your Hair Naturally

Go Natural or Go Home!

Honestly, if you're going to force something, then it’s not meant to be. Seriously. Nowadays, everyone wants the long hair, #teamwaistlength but don’t want to put the work into growing it. So many people are quick to buy hair pills that claim to grow your hair but don’t realize there’re forcing that growth. Why not just grow your hair naturally? Have you ever thought about the effects those pills may have on your body? You really shouldn't have to worry about things like that. There are several ways to grow your hair naturally that are effective, as well. Below I will discuss a few of them in detail. Now, keep in mind that you won’t have long luxurious hair overnight! These aren’t pills! But with some time and TLC, your hair will surely be flowing beautifully! Continue reading below for simple ways to grow your hair naturally!

Clipping Ends

Clipping your ends is the most important thing to do regardless of what hair journey or hair goals you want. Sadly, it’s also the biggest step a lot of people skip over! So many of us want length over health, and that’s backward. You should want healthy hair first then worry about your length. Because truthfully, long hair lengths come when you have healthy ends. So don’t do a disservice to your hair by skipping that step.

Major Benefits of Clipping Your Ends

Promotes Growth

The ends of your hair are the oldest part, which is why it requires so much attention. Think of your hair like a running facet of water; if you allow the water just to run, everything will be smooth. But if you put a stopper in the sink, the water won’t have anywhere to run through. It will cause the sink to overflow and be a mess eventually. That’s just like your hair. Our hair grows from our scalp (new growth) and continues to grow until something makes it stop, like our ends. If you have dead or split ends, you aren’t allowing room to grow your hair. Eventually, your hair will stop growing until it’s cut.

Less Breakage

Have you ever been combing your hair and you get to the ends, and it becomes super tangled? That means your ends need to be clipped. The longer you go without them cut, your hair will eventually start snapping which then will lead to breakage. Once your hair begins to break off, it’s a downward tragedy from there. Breakage can also lead to dryness. All of this will prevent your hair from growing to a long length. So if you clip your ends, you will also prevent breakage. Most people say to clip your ends between three to six months, but I disagree. I say clip your ends when you need to. Everyone’s hair is different and also grows at a different rate. Monitor your hair and clip when needed so you can grow your hair and let your hair flourish naturally.

Inversion Method

Do you want to grow your hair super fast in a short amount of time? Then you must try the inversion method! This method is quick, and it also has been around for a very long time. Disclaimer: Please do your research on the type of health conditions that wouldn’t mix well with this method. (i.e. Pregnancy, high and low blood pressure, etc.)


Step #1

Allow your hair to be completely loose, and get yourself your favorite essential oil.

Step #2

It’s best to get on a bed for this type of method if you want to be super comfortable but a chair or over a sink is fine too. Slightly bend your head toward your feet. You don’t want to have your entire head bent over though.

Step #3

As your head is slightly bent, using your favorite oil, begin to massage your entire scalp for four to five minutes. Don’t just rub your scalp but become one with it by massaging your hair with your fingertips. The purpose of this method is to produce hair growth by having your blood circulated by the message. Many people can attest that although it’s a silly method, it works!

Wash With Coldwater

Cold water never gets the credit it’s due. Washing with cold water has so many benefits that it’s a shame more people don’t use it. It especially has great benefits for your hair as well. Cold water closes your hair cuticles, which locks in shine and moisture. By washing with cold water, it also strengthens the hair as well. Stronger hair means healthy hair, which of course will help you grow your hair. Healthy hair won’t be stagnating. Most of us normally wash with warm or hot water because that’s what we’ve always done and it also feels good! Now, cold water does not feel good, but it’s good for you though. If you think you can’t handle washing your hair with cold water, just wash with warm and then rinse with cold water for about 30 seconds towards the end of the wash. That way at least you’ll get some of the benefits.

Feed Your Hair

The way you feed your hair to grow long and healthy is to eat the right foods! Healthy hair first starts on the inside out. If you eat a lot of junk food and things that you know aren’t good for you that can have an impact on your hair. Besides eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water is crucial as well. Water is the best hair moisturizer we can ask for, and it's free. It helps circulate proteins in our hair for stronger cuticles. A stronger cuticle means less hair loss as well! If your hair keeps falling out, how in the world will you ever get to waist length? Breakage, hair snaps, and dryness will prevent that. Water cleanses out your body by removing toxins and other junk that’s left in us. So when you drink a glass of water, make sure you follow it up with another one!

Eat Healthier

As I mentioned earlier, eating right is another way to feed your hair. Fruits and veggies should be a priority, but you also want to look for foods that have biotin in them. Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 that helps in hair growth and healthy skin. Some people also just take biotin pills, which are healthy, but for those who don’t like pills, like me, there are other options.

Best Biotin Foods to Eat!

  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Cheese
I can name several dishes that you can make from each of those foods! Most of us eat them already but now that we know it can grow long hair, we should up our intake!


Making sure you’re getting a lot of protein also helps to grow your hair. But when you’re not getting enough of it, it can make your hair thin which sometimes leads to baldness. There are tons of foods that you can eat that will give you the protein you need though. Also, if you don’t like some of the foods I’m going to list, be mindful that you can purchase protein powder. If you’re someone who drinks a lot of shakes or smoothies you could add the protein powder to them or also in oatmeal. There’s always a way to be creative, but you have to find what works for you!

Best Protein Foods to Eat!

  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Salmon
  • Walnuts
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Legumes

Aloe Vera

I mean, you can’t get any more natural than aloe vera! It’s a plant that has amazing benefits. It can also help to grow your hair in more ways than one. Purchasing an aloe vera plant is easy and also cheap. You could either grow it or just purchase one from a plant store or your local grocery store for around $2. Once you get your plant, you want to take a sharp knife and cut it open. There you will notice jelly underneath the leaf. That’s where the magic is, and you can do so many things with it. A few good ones are; putting the jelly in your shampoo or conditioner (if you co-wash), use as a leave in and drink it (after you soak it to get liquid). Aloe vera is one natural item that you should always have around.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

  • Reduces shedding
  • Adds moisture
  • Improves elasticity
  • Keeps hair hydrated

Low Manipulation

This one is my favorite! Low maintenance is a great way to grow long hair naturally. All you have to do is leave your hair alone for the most part! That’s right! Letting your hair just do its thing without always being forced is sometimes needed. Now, that’s not to get confused with you still needing to wash your hair and clip your ends. But after you’re done washing it, just leave it be. Sometimes your hair can stop growing because there’s too much multiplication. That’s why sometimes you’ll see people with box braids during the summer because they just want to give their hair a break and let their scalp breath. Or they just let leave their hair wild and free, and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

How to low manipulate

There are a couple of ways to manipulate so you can ease off your ease a little. As I just mentioned, you still need to wash your hair but don’t wash it daily. Some people wash every day, but their hair doesn’t need to be that frequently. Reducing to just weekly can drastically change your hair pattern on how it grows. During those six days, your hair is breathing and being free rather constantly getting tangled under water and stripped of its natural oils. Another way is to use your hands when styling instead of combs and brushes. This method is a great way to incorporate low manipulation because when we use our hands, we’re automatically going to be gentler with it. With a comb and brush comes tension that can be counterproductive when trying to grow long hair. So hang the tools up for a while so your hair can thank you for it later!

Bonus Tip: Create a Regimen

I saved the best for last! No matter which route you decide on taking to get long healthy hair, be sure to create a regimen out of it. Regimens are so important because they keep you focused and consistent. When growing long hair, it's going to be important that you follow the regimen. You can’t get long hair if you’re hair doesn’t know what it’s doing. What I mean by that is, you’re essentially training your hair to be a certain way by following the regimen. If you only use aloe vera gel once a month, you’re not training your hair to become adjusted to its benefits. Create a weekly regimen step by step for all the things you want to do to achieve your hair goal. Write them out, and stick to them! Remember, when you write things out, you’re more likely to remember them. So start forming your list and pick a day that works well for your schedule.

Long Hair, Don’t Care

There you have it, effective ways to grow your hair naturally. Did you see that I didn’t add any hair products? That’s because its more so healthy actions that you need to do that will eventually lead to you growing long hair. Not to say that buying hair products that help with hair growth are bad, but a lot of times people don’t always know the ingredients in them or understand them. Some say that if one of the first three words in the ingredient list is water then its good to go. But there are still many other ingredients that may be harmful and prevent your hair from growing. There’s also no need to purchase hair growth pills that probably do more harm than help. Remember, great things take time and should never rush them. Always be mindful of how you’re taking care of your body. If we treat our bodies with love and care, our bodies will treat us good and show us great effects. If you continue to be natural and consistent, I promise you will have long luscious hair in no time.
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