how to select hair ambassadors for your extensions business

How to Select Hair Ambassadors for Your Extensions Business

Build Your Own Squad

There are all kinds of ways to grow your hair business. Finding hair ambassadors is one of the best ways to grow!

I know you’ve tried a couple of ideas up to this point. Your efforts may have helped you see some success but not as much as you'd like.

I understand how easy it can be to get confused, frustrated, or even just decide to quit! I am telling you not to because there’s an aspect of your hair business that you probably haven’t thought to explore!

My job is to make sure you leverage yourself as the LEADER in this hair game, so I’m going to do just that!

Your next move is to establish your hair ambassador squad!

Want to know how to go about doing it? You know what to do! Grab your pen and paper because it’s time to create your strategy.

Hair Ambassadors 101

First, let me tell you this is going to be a generic approach to establishing your program to find, select, and leverage your hair ambassadors.

There are some specific traits and attributes which are essential to ensure you stand out from your competition by doing what others aren’t efficiently doing. You have an opportunity to create a unique experience that, if appropriately positioned, becomes the signature program for your hair company. A hair ambassador is someone who believes in your business, loves your hair, and is willing to rock different styles and colors.

They are your walking billboard, and those word-of-mouth referrals will take your coins, influence, clientele, relationships, and business to the next level.

A brand ambassador (Check out this article: brand ambassador contract) is an individual who represents your company. His or her job is to promote your product/company on a personal level and giving potential customers a one-on-one experience.

Any individual that represents your company should be a direct reflection of you. Make sure you set a stellar example, so it’s obvious what you expect from them.

Hair Extensions Photo Shoot

Hair Ambassadors: What to Look For:

Your main criteria should be the following:

A social media presence. You don’t want to choose anyone who posts once or twice every other month. Some individuals and companies have tons of followers on social media but lack engagement.

Make sure your potential ambassador has a social following, and they are engaging posts. Engagement is critical because you want his/her followers to engage any posts shared by asking questions and clicking the bio link.

Ability to sell! Your hair ambassador should have some grasp of selling because if someone asked them what type of hair they were wearing or where to get high-quality hair from she/he should not only tell the person about where to get the hair but also take them to your site and even walk them through the purchasing process.

It may seem like a lot, but it’s essential you set expectations to guarantee success.

Professionalism is a must! Some people will accuse you of being bougie or uppity. You need to ignore it and establish firm expectations for anyone who represents your company and brand.

Product Knowledge! Having a great understanding of the hair products you offer and deep knowledge of your product is a crucial requirement for this position.

You don’t need someone wearing your bundles and not knowing a thing about them. They should know the lengths and different styles available. Prices are essential as well but if he/she can’t remember all the details at least know where to go to get the information.

How to Find Hair Ambassadors

When searching for the ideal representative it's very important to look for key characteristic in your brand ambassador.

Here’s a step-by-step process to bring on flawless chicks ready to slay for your company:

Decide who your ideal client is.

It is so important that I can’t say it enough! You have to know who you are selling your hair products to market your business properly. Check out my Holiday Promotion Box article to find out how to identify your ideal client.

Your hair ambassadors should closely resemble your ideal client or at least have something in common with them. There’s nothing worse than trying to sell products in a manner that does not resonate with your ideal client.

For example, college students aren’t interested in retirement products so why would you invest lots of your marketing dollars marketing to them?

Your Inner Circle

The first place you should look for representatives for your hair company is your inner circle.

We all have a cute niece or a fly sister who always is on point. Her hair, fashion, and personality always have people giving her comments and asking “Where did you get your hair” or “Who styled your hair?"

Don’t limit yourself by thinking you can only have hair ambassadors who are from a specific culture or ethnicity.

Now, there are a few things to pay attention to before you reach out to your friends and family! Make sure they are meeting the criteria I mentioned above. If not, it’s no! Your job is to convey diversity, so no one in your target market feels left out.

Notice I haven’t advised you to approach them yet. Just create your list right now.

Brand ambassadors

Social Media

Social media is going to be a fantastic place to find hair brand ambassadors.

To make your search easier, look for specific hashtags and keywords. You may be asking yourself “what should I search for”?

It’s straightforward so let me use the following example:

You live in Baltimore, Maryland, and are looking for hair ambassadors in your local area. Start looking in your local area for ambassadors because it will be easier for you to host casting calls, photoshoots, and meetups. Search on Instagram using #baltimoremakeupartist which will bring up over 21, 236 posts.

Scroll it quickly to find selfies/photos of people who draw your interest. I found a natural hair salon with over 36K followers. Finding a hair salon or stylist in your city can be a great way to connect with opportunities for your company.

As I was scrolling their page, I discovered a cool musical artist on their page.

Although she doesn’t have a considerable following, she is driven, focused on her craft, and fits a demographic. Before you add her to your list to contact, scroll her Instagram feed to make sure there’s nothing on it that is not in line with your company messaging. If there’s any question about anything you see, I would suggest you not contact them.

Casting Calls

Casting calls are an excellent way to get the word out about your hair business!

Also, hosting a casting call at a new boutique, restaurant, or community building brings visibility to you and the company. It becomes a win-win for both of you and can lead to a lasting relationship.

Your casting call should be specific as to what you’re looking for in your ambassadors. Don’t leave people guessing because it will only confuse on the day of the event.

Make sure you have someone available to take photos of those who attended the casting call. Look at this as your opportunity to have your own America’s Next Top Model, but instead, you’re looking for your Next Top Hair Ambassadors (somebody, please take this idea, run with it, and tag me so I can jump for joy).

Ensure you and your team remain professional and respectful during the casting call and establish a follow-up strategy for all attendees.

Before your casting call, I suggest you have four to seven hair ambassadors already. They will be a part of your casting call staff.

I want you to imagine how professional that it is going to look and the first impression registrants will get from seeing your hair ambassadors in action.

Social media

Influencer Marketplaces

Some of the steps above can take a lot of your time and energy.

A fast and cost-effective way to hire hair ambassadors for your hair brand is to use an influencer marketplace. Sites like Beauty Clout allow your brand to search thousands of influencers in one place.

The advantage is there is a lot less back and forth and most of the influencers on the platform have a good idea of how to make your product look good and sell it.

To get started just create an account and start searching for influencers that match your audience. Create a campaign for your hair extensions. Then start inviting influencers to bid on joining your brand as a hair ambassador.

The process is easy and could be a great way to get a few new hair ambassadors promoting your brand!

 Promoting your brand

How to Hire Hair Ambassadors

To select your first hair ambassadors (the ones I mentioned above), you will create a selection process that is to duplicate. Make sure in your selection process you describe responsibilities, duties, expectations, and compensation.

If you are reaching out to friends or people on social media, I suggest you email them with a simple message like the following:

“Hi! I’m LaTaye Davis CEO of The Hair Experience by L, and I am seeking hair ambassadors. I would like to speak with you about an exclusive opportunity I’m offering only to those I am confident possess the qualities my brand exemplifies on a daily basis. If you are interested in joining a growing brand positioned to be a leader and innovator in the hair industry, click the link to schedule a consultation."

Use Calendly to schedule your consultations. The free option allows you to have only one link active at a time, but it works for me because I stagger my events, consults, and conference calls. It’s FREE so there’s no charge to use it and as your hair business grows you can then invest in upgrading your options.

Create a Google Voice company phone number. Use this phone number for all business-related calls. I strongly advise you to utilize your phone number to conduct business calls with individuals you don’t know.

The great thing about Google Voice is you can record the call. All you have to do is give the individual your Google Voice phone number, schedule a time for them to call you. You then will press the number four when you answer the call, and it will inform both parties you are recording the call.

Recording it is good if you want to refer back to the consultation call for any information you may have missed.

If you are hosting a casting call, you can edit the above message as a call-to-action to get people to register. Eventbrite is a great tool to use for event promotion and sales.

Get to the Next Level with Hair Ambassadors!

I hope the steps above help you to move forward in your hair business and take it to the next level.

The only one stopping you is you!

I’m issuing you a challenge right now! Select a launch date or a seasonal launch date for your hair extension business.

Start planning now to have ten ambassadors 90 days before the launch! You can do it, and I will be cheering for you all the way! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Furthermore, make sure to share this with others who you think may benefit.

Always remember...stop trying to prove the haters wrong and start proving yourself right!

The future is looking good right now!

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