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The hair blogging community has become increasingly oversaturated. These days, there are so many different hair bloggers out there that it’s difficult to know which hair blogger to trust. On the other hand, it’s great that there are so many bloggers because the public has a variety of options to choose from when it comes to topics such as hair.

I didn’t realize the importance of hair bloggers until about last year. Hair bloggers have helped me find a look that works for me. They also help when I’m looking for a new look to spice things up. Hair bloggers are amazing because, despite any sponsorship, most of them will give their unfiltered opinion on the product they’re talking about.

Reviews are essential to brands and blogging has become a huge part of brand management for different hair companies. Since blogging is so important, what makes a blogger trustworthy?

Let’s look at the top hair bloggers in 2018, and what makes them so amazing!


What To Look For In A Hair Blogger

When it comes to hair blogging, it’s important to pay attention to those that cater to what you need. Are you natural? Look for hair bloggers that have natural hair and review products specified for natural hair.

If you love extensions, it would only make sense to follow those that review and actively use extensions. Versatility is equally important as well. Versatile hair bloggers will have everything you need, especially if you’re someone that’s always switching it up.

No matter what you’re looking for, be willing to do the proper research to find hair bloggers that have honest opinions. Also, keep in mind that followers aren’t the only aspects that matter. Look at their engagement.

Do people trust what they say or do they use their following to get deals with brands?

Hair bloggers that are honest are most important, no matter how many followers they have.


Top Hair Bloggers In 2018

This list is compiled of a variety of hair bloggers that have been in the hair scene or that are just starting. These bloggers cover every kind of hair type, including extensions.

They give great reviews and love what they do. Be mindful that this list was made based on who we felt was the best. We hope you enjoy our list and if there’s anyone that you think we’re missing, don’t be afraid to let us know.

Let’s get into these fabulous bloggers!

Zeinab, Zeze

Zeinab, known as @naturally_zeze is an East African hair blogger living in London. She has a youtube channel where she discusses her favorite products.

She has loose curls that she caters to a variety of different products and showcases the versatility of her hair bye showing her different audience styles.

She’s been featured on Essence, and People Magazine and is consistently growing!


Jessika Petten, JessicaPetten

Jessika is another versatile hair blogger that does it all. She’s an MUA, a hairstylist, a bakery owner, and a traveler.

She’s worked all over the world, and we don’t think she’ll be stopping any time soon! This hair blogger is known for always switching it up and adding vibrant colors to her look.

She makes the color look easy, and if you follow her blog, she’ll give you all the advice you need.


Lesley, Freshlengths

Lesley is a 20-something blogger based in London. This hair blogger is part Nigerian, and part English with tight coils for locs.

She describes herself as a product junkie, so she’s used just about every favorite brand. has 3c hair that varies between loose and tight in some areas.

She’s been blogging for sometimes and is growing. Brands love her, and so do we!

Makeba, Ynotkeeb

Makeeba is a fitness enthusiast with a love for hair. She’s a professional hairstylist that has had work featured in the MetGala.

She has Youtube Chanel where she reviews different products, showcases different styles, and gives the best tips. She’s currently based out of L.A.


Chínwé Jûliét, IgboCurls

Chínwé is a blogger and entrepreneur from Nigeria that focuses on caring for her natural 4C hair. Her hair big, bouncy, and healthy and her blog give you all the tools you need to get healthy 4c hair.

She offers all kinds of tips such as how to trim 4c hair, how to manage during wash day, and what different products to use for styling.

Make sure to check out her content.

Madeline, Pilotmadeline

Madeline is a globetrotting hair blogger that does it all. She not only talks about her favorite products to use for her luscious blond hair, but she also gives us all the best travel inspo!

Madeline has an audience that loves her hair opinions and content. They trust her with it all.

Her aesthetic paired with her hair care makes her a fantastic hair blogger.

Sarah Angius, Sarahangius

Sarah is a super versatile hair blogger that can do just about any hairstyle possible. She’s creative and fun on her page, and gives mini-tutorials sometimes!


Camelia Katoozian, CameliaKatoozian

If you’re looking for a hair blogger that has cohesive content, then Camelia is the one for you. Her videos are super fun and cute, and they show you how to do different things with your hair.

In a quick few minutes, Camelia will show you how to color hair, condition hair, and trim it.

Wow! Her hair is also really long, so she shows her audience how to manage length as well.

Check her out; she’s terrific!

Este Are, Estaregrams

Este Are is a film lover that showcases her love for hair, travel, and beauty. She does incredible and creative reviews on hair extensions, beauty and more.

She’s also a mother with an adorable son. This hair blogger is one you don’t want to miss.

Maya, ShamelessMaya

Maya Washington is an amazing youtube producer and star. This blogger is well known for her #BESHAMELESS tag which had a huge following just in a few months.

She’s a hair blogger that talks about her big chop and how it changed her life. She’s been growing her hair out ever since, and she looks gorgeous!


Vicky Logan, Victoriouslogan

Vicky is a blogger that specializes in a variety of things.

I first discovered her as a hair blogger that was reviewing a wig I was dying to try. She’s funny, outgoing, and super sweet.

Her blog consists of different fashion ideas, fantastic makeup look, and fabulous hair. Check her out to get snatched!


Beauty Can Braid is a hair blogger that focuses specifically on braiding hair. There are so many different ways to style braids, and this page shows you how!

Their work is phenomenal and fun.


Lauryn, LaursCurls

If you’re looking for tips on hair care, Lauryn is the hair blogger for you. She’s well versed in the world of hair care, and she’s an up and coming blogger.

She also does skin-care and loves to give tips on different skincare products.

She’s got the goodies for you and loves doing giveaways!

Ty Alexander, GorgeousinGrey

Ty is an author, hair blogger, and self-care advocate. She specializes in hair grey hair no matter what style she’s rocking.

She’s worked with tons of brands and is based out of NYC and the DMV.

She’s so inspirational and inspires women not to be afraid of the grey!


Kandee Johnson, KandeeJohnson

I first heard of Kandee some months ago. She’s grown exponentially in the past years, and she now has 1.7 million followers!

She specializes in glam and hair, and she is lots of fun!

Check her page out for a fun, colorful, and creative hair page!



Jennie Jenkins is a blogger from England that has the best reviews on extensions and wigs. She’s fashionable, gorgeous, and honest about what she likes and doesn’t like.

This influencer is also into makeup and traveling so you get a little bit of everything by following her.

She’s been sponsored by huge brands, including BET.

Kim, TheChicNatural

Kim is my favorite when it comes to wig hack tutorials! If you’re looking to get a wig and style it, she is the person for you! She has tried so many wigs and reviewed so many different hair companies.

She’s don’t it all when it comes to hair.

You won’t regret following her.


Nikki Walton’s, CurlyNikki

Nikki is one of the most popular hair bloggers out there because of her unique way of talking about hair. She isn’t just a hair blogger but also a master's degree in Psychology.

She’s a psychotherapist that serves as an online hair therapist. She helps women struggling to embrace their hair.

She’s versatile, amazing, and helpful!

René Daniella, Ownbyfemme

René is known on social media for her blonde afro which she cares for by using a variety of different organic products.

She’s a vegan enthusiast and can give you all the needed tools to live a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to hair.

Abby Smith, TwistMePretty

Abby is an incredible entrepreneur that does it all while having fantastic hair at all times! Her hair is ALWAYS fabulous.

She’s always sharing tips and tricks to upkeep hair while being extremely busy. She’s always encouraging her audience to try new things.


Love This List?

This list is long and vast, but it has a lot of our favorite hair bloggers in 2018! Hair blogging is a growing industry and if you’re looking to start, don’t hesitate to use this list.

Get some ideas and be patient with your process. Let us know who’s your favorite on this list; we’d love to see!

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