the future of hair blogging you need to know now

The Future of Hair Blogging You Need To Know Now!

Hair Blog Growth

If you haven’t been living under a rock the past few years, then you will know that blogging is the ‘thing’ to do. People have blogs on just about every subject there is and some even blog about themselves. But if we could take a step back and analyze some of the most popular types of blog, we would see that hair blogging is up there! Hair blogging has transformed on so many levels that it is a big business now. The same goes for Youtube, another platform that has blown up to greatness. People realize its different ways to share their knowledge with the world and taking advantage of it. The future of hair blogging is bright so continue reading below to find out how!

Share Knowledge

Back in the day, like way back, whenever people wanted to learn more about hair, they asked someone. They typically asked whoever was doing their hair. Now, we have all types of knowledge on hair blogging at our fingertips. Studies show ‘blogging’ starting in the late 1990’s, but it became popular in the last ten years at least. If memory serves me correctly, hair blogging started out as people just sharing their experiences. If they got a bad relaxer or bad hairstyle, they wrote about it on their platform. But now it’s deeper than that. Most hair companies and hair providers, who have websites that sell products, have a blog section. Its become a necessity to inform their customers on the products they offer. In the past, we would buy a product online and find out how to use it later. However, consumers are now well versed on things beforehand. The future of blogging will continue to grow in that same direction, I’m sure. I imagined more people would hop on the blogging bandwagon and begin to share their thoughts, stories, and wisdom with the world, in an in-depth fashion.

Interaction Section

I believe the more hair blogging grows, the more they will be able to contact with their readers. We’re starting to see more people take time to comment on the blogs they read which are making a connection with their Writer. Relationships may even begin to form because people will start to find someone who can help them. Especially on the importance of hair care. Typically when people have questions about their hair, they have to pay a consultation fee to a hairstylist. But with hair bloggers, we can become their Internet mentor. We’ll be able to assist in answering their questions and guiding them, for free.

Opportunities Created

Do you remember when blogging was a one-man band? Well, I sure do. For the most part, it’s still that way. There’s a small percentage of bloggers that have a full staff, and by the way, the Internet is moving, I predict a lot more going that route. You have to think; most people are borderline addicts when it comes to social media, which means a lot of us are on our phone. Those who aren’t scrolling all day long, are reading, something! People love to read, especially on their phone because of it being right there. This method is where bloggers have an advantage; it’s their primary focus to provide meaningful content, that people need. So if the Bronner Brothers have an upcoming show, bloggers can begin to write content on things people may be searching for relating to the event. Maybe, how to prepare for a show that big, hair suggestions, etc. What all of this means is that the more traffic one brings in, the busier they become, and the faster they grow. Why not have teams of people helping you? If your blog is growing, you should want to find new ways of reaching people and figure out ways to stand out. Who will write if someone also needs to focus on marketing? I’ll tell you one thing; the big blog sites have staff on board. Hair blogging is turning into more than just a ‘blog.’

Get Some Coins

Who doesn’t like some coins? And no, we aren’t talking about pennies here. I believe the future of blogging is going to set every blogger up for greatness. More and more people are starting to get familiar with SEO and monetization; which are critical factors in getting paid. Hair blogging will be more than just posting an article on how to trim your hair and more about impacting the customer and setting your blog format correctly. You see, the pieces will still have a purpose but with more love on the back-end for the Writer! When you create a blog that allows you to make money, it also opens the door to being self-employed. How many people are tired of their 9-5 gig when they know they have dreams? Too many people! Some of those folks are hair bloggers are part-time when they could be full-time. Especially with new hair trends that hop on the scene so often; someone needs to discuss them. People realize that there is enough money on the Internet for all to have!

The Future is Now

So, I think we can agree that the future for hair blogging is bright, but we can only guess, right? Of course, nobody can predict the future but the likelihood of it is expanding is pretty high! I do believe we will see an increase in hair bloggers on the scene real soon. The future of hair itself is continually evolving so we’ll need folks to write about it of course. Although, there is a buzz going around that believes the reader base isn’t there anymore. That because of social media many people are satisfied with ‘bite-sized’ content. Well, I beg to differ. There are still readers of the world who enjoy their 2,000-word article on what hair extensions are the best to purchase. So if you ask me, the blogosphere is growing more each day, providing people with great content! Are you a hair blogger? If so, what do you predict to be the outcome of your blog? Let me know in the comment section below!
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