are hair books really worth investing in

Hair Books: Are They Really Worth Investing In? Find Out Here!

What are Hair Books?

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love books. Hair books are the best resource for obtaining information that we previously didn’t have before. Whenever I need a different perspective on a particular topic, I pick up a book that discusses that topic. If I feel that I need to expand my knowledge on a subject, I find a library and start studying. There are books for just about everything in life, including hair. Many people think that there’s no need to read something that can be visually learned, or understood. I disagree. Of course, it depends on who you are, what your purpose with hair is, and why you need more info; However, you are always in the position to learn more. The history behind hair, especially black hair, is vast and exciting. There are some books out there that intertwine the history of black people to their relationship with hair. Some texts give you a full display of hair history visually and artistically. The hair books you’ll be interested in will depend on your role. I’ve narrowed it down to about three essential roles. The hair books that I’ll list are for academics looking to learn hair history, parents wanting to expand their knowledge of hair, and hairstylists wishing to know more about how to do hair. If you fit any of these descriptions, these hair books are for you. If not, no worries, these books might still spark an interest in you.

What’s Your Relationship To Hair?

People have different relationships to hair. Some people need their hair to fit their everyday life, and schedule. Other people need to know how to do someone else’s hair, particularly their child’s hair. Over the last few years, the number of hairstylists has spiked, so many people need to know how to do hair of all kinds. No matter what your relationship is to hair, investing in hair books might be the right move. For me, I’m an academic. I don’t study hair, but I’m curious to know the history of it. It’s always interesting to know what people’s relationship to hair has been, and how it has transformed over the years. Some of my friends have mentioned reading hair books to see what the best growth method is. My colleagues that are parents have expressed how hair books helped them with busy mornings. Again, it all depends on your relationship with hair and how a hair book would benefit you.

Best Hair Books For Parents

As a black girl, I never felt like I had the proper representation when it came to hair. I didn’t like my kinky hair because I was always made fun of. My parents were still reassuring, but they knew that I lacked the representation that I needed to feel comfortable. Over the last decade, different child authors have come out with books meant to help little black children embrace their natural hair. Even if you’re not the parent of a black child, having one of these books will help children in your vicinity. If you’re a teacher, or a someone that works with children, having these books on hand will be helpful! My favorite hair book for children is “I Love My Cotton Candy Hair!” This book was written and illustrated by Nicole L. Updegraff. It’s a story that centers on the importance of self-love, and acceptance. The illustrations inside the book are fun and creative. The author is dedicated to creating confidence in children that need it. This is a hair book worth investing in if you have children, especially black children, in your spaces!

Best Hair Books For Hairstylists!

If you’re a hairstylist, your relationship to hair is much more professional than other people. You see hair as your way of living, and how you pay your bills. Due to the nature of your career, it’s essential to know as much about hair as possible. As a hairstylist, it’s vital to understand how to build clientele as well. You’ll need to see the business side as well as the hair side. After reading some reviews, I’ve got two books that are a must read for those that are hairstylists or those wishing to be. “Fully Booked: The Hair Stylist’s Guide To Building A Client Attraction System” was written by Marquetta Breslin. This book talks about how to build a client list, and attract more clients. Another book to read is “The Natural Hair Bible: The 10 Commandments of Black Hair Care.” This book is fantastic for anyone looking to be a hairstylist. It’s essential that, as a hairstylist, you know how to cater to all types of hair. By doing this, you’ll have way more business than average, and you’ll be at an advantage. The more that you cater to a wide variety of people, the more entrusted you’ll be as a hairstylist. I like knowing that I have a hairstylist that can provide to my hair in all phases. Reading these hair books might put you in a great spot!

Best Hair Books For Anyone Else!

As an academic, I love learning about the history of hair. Some of the most important relationships we have with hair as a community are based on the experiences we’ve had in the past. If you’re someone that’s interested in learning as much as I am, then try reading “Hair Story: Untangling The Roots OF Black Hair In America.” This book explores the significance of hair in the African American community. Lori Tharps and Ayana Byrd wrote it. Another book to indulge in, just for fun, is “If You Love It, It Will Grow: A Guide To Healthy Beautiful Natural Hair.” This book was written by Dr. Phoenyx Austin and offers a holistic method to growing hair. This book is necessary for anyone looking for a different approach on how to improve their hair naturally, and healthily. These hair books have completely changed the way that I look at hair!

So, Should You Invest?

There are plenty of different reasons to invest in hair books. Whether you’re a parent, a hairstylist, or just an average person, reading a hair book or two can change how you view hair. A hair book doesn’t have to be just about business. Sometimes, the information we find in them is vital to our everyday haircare regimens. Try out the books we listed, or try getting some new ones. Let us know how you like it, and whether you feel it’s worth the investment!
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