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The team at Private Label Extensions focuses on helping others become successful in the hair weave industry.

We consider our services a one-stop-shop for everything you need to get started. Our Hair Agency services have everything you need from wholesale hair, branding, packaging, websites, technology, dropshipping, and more!

Our team is not only focused on helping launch your brand but also making sure you know the next steps towards success.

Most people spend at least a few minutes on Facebook so we thought we would add an extra layer of support with a Facebook community packed with hair extension business owners. Together we can grow our businesses stronger than ever!

Because the hair industry is so big, with estimates around $10 Billion a year, we feel there is plenty of room for us all to make great profits and reach a comfortable level of success.

The Private Label Extensions team invites you to join our Start a Hair Extensions Business Facebook Group.


Frequently Asked Hair Business Questions

This is an ACTIVE group with tons of questions, answers, ideas, and tips shared daily.

I have put together a list of some of the more common questions along with some answers to help you get moving into this awesome industry of selling weave.

How do I get started?

Well, that is a tough question. It really depends on where you are in the whole process of getting started.

I can say, the best thing to do is educate yourself on how to get started. Earlier this year I wrote this article about how to sell hair extensions.

With well over 1k Facebook shares, it is probably one of the most shared articles about starting a hair business on the internet. Please take some time and read it first here:

How to Sell Hair Extensions

Now that you have an action plan it is time to start putting together all the pieces for your hair business.

I Don't Have a Lot of Money. Can I still Sell Weave?

Of course!

Over the past few years, we have heard this time and time again.

This is the reason we created the #1 Hair Weave Dropship program.

Imagine not having to buy all the hair extensions inventory upfront and still have orders sent to your customers. That is what we do with drop shipping.

Why try and re-create the wheel? Our team already has 1,000's of bundles in stock, multiple staff members to pack/ship orders all day, and the technology & equipment. To add people to our system at this point is easy!

Let's get into a few of the dropship questions that are often asked.

- How do I buy hair for my clients?

Once you have a dropshipping membership or website with us you would simply log in to your membership and buy at wholesale while you sell at retail. You might have sold (3) bundles for $200 to a friend. You now have the money. Then you login to dropship bundles and purchase the same bundles for wholesale. Let's just say $125. You would then have a $75 profit and not even have to touch the hair because we can ship it directly to your client for you!

- What about branding the bundles?

Yes, this is part of the dropshipping service. You can purchase hang tags with your logo from us or feel free to send us your own. We can pack your orders in custom packaging (sorry no boxes) like silk bags, throw in your hair care or thank you card, and more! Our goal is to make you look as good as possible to your customers.

- Do I need to buy bundles?

Technically not until you sell them, no. We do strongly advise having some hair on hand to show potential clients. Other than that we will ship the hair directly to your retail client.

- How fast do you ship the hair?

Just like our wholesale hair at Private Label Extensions, we ship the hair generally the same day if ordered before 3 PM ET.

Hair Extension Marketing

Marketing is a big challenge for newcomers to the hair business.

We are often asked about marketing. It is a huge part of what you will need to do to become successful.

I recently wrote the most comprehensive list of tips for hair extension marketing that you can use to help get on the right track. You can even download the list as it is about 40 pages long.

The key to selling hair is to have CONSISTENT MARKETING. You can't just post on Instagram once in a while. You need to create a schedule and do it daily or more! If you are going to sell hair it is crucial you are focused and always promoting your bundles.

More Hair Extension Questions

If you are selling hair extensions, you have to be very knowledgeable about the weave. Here are some top articles for you to study that will help you become an expert when talking to clients about hair.

We can't explain how important education is for success in the hair industry as well as any business venture you might embark on.

I know the above articles will help!

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