hair business tools equipped to win in the hair industry

Hair Business Tools: Equipped to Win in the Hair Industry

Tools For Success

Private Label Extensions is rolling out new tools to help your hair business succeed. Take a DIY approach to set up your hair business online with Private Label Extensions free tools. When creating a hair brand, you have a never-ending list of things to take care of and overwhelming responsibilities. From building your team to finding the right products to sell, finding a venue to set up shop; there always seems to be something to do. Private Label Extensions is excited to help eliminate stress and is introducing new, free tools that will help your hair brand or business succeed. Private Label Extensions is equipping business owners in the hair industry with free and easy to use resources necessary for all aspects of your business. Whether you're creating a business name or calculating product prices, these tools will help get you organized and propel your hair business. Get familiar with Private Label Extensions free and easy to use tools to build your hair business.

Free Logo Maker

Visuals are so important when establishing a brand; it’s what your consumers and even the competition will associate you with every time they hear your business name. We know, when starting a business, there are many things you already have to pay for. And most graphic designers cost hundreds of dollars. No worries, Private Label Extensions is looking out for your budget and providing you with the free logo maker tool. Yes, completely free! Take a break from your to-do list and tap into your creative side creating an image that represents your brand. With just a few simple steps, you can have a logo designed in minutes; Choose your ideal model, select a few colors and your perfect font type, and create. The beauty in the Private Label Extensions free logo maker tool is that it’s simple to use and you can always upgrade your image.

Profit Margin Calculator

You went in business to generate money, not to lose out! You may not be a math person and numbers make you cringe, but that’s okay. Private Label Extensions has a free tool that’s perfect for you. Use our profit margin calculator to get your margins based on the amount of money you want to make from each product. Easily enter your numbers and have this tool determine your numbers for your sale prices, profit, and the margin percentages. It’s simple to use and can help eliminate the cost of an accountant when you’re first starting off in business.

Privacy Policy Generator

There are so many things to take care of for your hair brand and establishing trust and privacy with your consumers is essential. If this is your first time creating a privacy policy, Private Label Extensions has the perfect tool for you: The Privacy Policy Generator. It’s a free and easy to use, tool. Just enter a few details about your business and how your website will be using customer’s information. Generating traffic on your site is a goal, but you need to let your customers know that their data is safe and secure. For example, when someone comes to your website to purchase a product, do they need to use their email? Will that email be used for future marketing purposes such as newsletters? The privacy policy generator will be able to ‘put that aspect of your website into words for your customers with a simple click.

Bundle Deal Calculator

Bundles are a girl's best friend, a stylist’s source of income, and a must-have for your daily slay these days. Customers love appreciation. If this is your first sale, you may be wary of giving a discount while still generating a reasonable profit. Private Label Extensions has an easy to use the tool: Bundle Deal Calculator. This free tool will help you create the price of the bundles, your profit, as well as your margins.

Terms of Service Generator

Creating your conditions of service page sounds like you have more words to write. Perhaps you don’t have the time to sit down and craft a full page for your terms of service. Private Label Extensions has a free and easy to use tool to help: Terms of Service Generator. One thing this will do is help to inform those who enter your website, that everything they see from your logo to the words you use to describe your services and products, are owned by you. Having the rules or disclaimers of your website, brand, and your products, clearly outlined is very important and legally required when you’re collecting data from your customers.

Name Generator

It’s time to get creative and give your business a name: something catchy and original, but still professional. Private Label Extensions has a name generator tool that will help you establish the perfect name for your hair business. Creating a name for your hair business has never been easier. You’ll be able to set up a title, find a domain name, and set up your business social media. A few things to remember: simplicity is key, make sure the name you want to create is easy to say and understand, and easy to spell. The Private Label Extensions name generator is entirely free to use, take a few hours to have a creative session, and create a business name that you will love.

Return Policy Generator

Every product won’t please each customer, and that’s okay. To protect yourself, your business, and establish rules for returns, your website needs a return policy. Use the return policy generator tool provided by Private Label Extensions to get started and create your return policy in minutes. The policy return policy generator is easy to use, and it’s completely free. All you have to do is enter a few details about your business and click a few boxes. A few things to consider: How many days will your customers have to return a product? Will you pay for the shipping or will you leave that to the customer? These are details that you can enter with a click of a button using the return policy generator.

Don't Be Overwhelmed by The Needs of Your Online Hair Business

Establishing your hair business can seem overwhelming, which is why Private Label Extensions is excited to share these free and easy to use tools with business owners who want to take a DIY approach to setting up aspects of their websites. Are you not an entrepreneur yet but browsing to get a feel for how to successfully set up your hair business? Private Label Extensions helps you get started on your entrepreneurship journey and helps to build your brand from the very beginning. Take advantage of all that Private Label Extensions have to offer and establish your hair business.
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