Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of a Drastic Hair Change

It’s Time for a Change

You have probably been thinking about an extreme hair change for a while now. That could be new hair color, a bold haircut or even just the act of straightening it, for the first time in a while. Whatever it is, do not psych yourself out. The thought of a significant hair change can seem scary at first, but getting over that initial fear and just doing it is the key to liberation. We have all done it before. We think about a new hairstyle we have been dying to try out, but we fear all the possible cons that come with it. What if you end up hating it? What if the damage is irreversible? What if people stare at it? These thoughts are common, but I am here to tell you to reach for the stars and let go of all your inhibitions. If you’ve wanted a new drastic look for a while, go for it! If you need a little more convincing, I am here to help. After all, I had to go through this a few times. I’ve had bold hair colors, and now I’m on my way to getting real dreadlocks for the first time. What I am trying to say is, getting over that initial fear was something I had to have the will to do. I had to remind myself of why I was doing this dramatic change in the first place. So to spread the love, I’ll give you reasons I told myself as to why you shouldn't be afraid of a radical hair change.

Why Should You Let Yourself Make This Change?

You Will Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes the little things we do can make a big difference. Life is about taking risks and experiencing new things. We always need to push ourselves, so that we can grow as people. This experience could be something as small as changing your hair. For women, our hair is a part of us. If our hair looks good, then we feel good. Taking a risk with our hair shows courage and vulnerability. Strive to be happy. When you play it safe, are you living or just existing? Drake said it best "Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.” Live! When your new look works out, you'll realize that trying something new isn't all that scary. It all starts with a new look. Why do you think most women in movies who are going through significant life changes, change their hair first? It’s a bold statement to everyone around her!

You Will Feel like a Brand New Person *Rihanna’s Voice*

Switching up your look is fun in general! You get to keep your peers guessing, and you will feel like you are stepping out of your routine. Whenever you are feeling bored with your life or that you are stuck in a rut, change up your hair! Something as simple as a new haircut or a color change can liven up your life and make you feel better. You’ll look at your life from a new perspective, and it can contribute to other things in your life. A new hairdo could help you form new ideas! Every day could feel like a new adventure.

It Will Help You Embrace Change

We all know change is a part of our lives. Nothing stays the same forever, and for some of us, that is hard to accept. It can be scary to think about how things are today, and it's entirely different the next day, mainly if we are used to something. Even though changing your hair doesn’t seem like much of a change compared to everything else, it can remind you that evolution doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game! I got that from the movie “A Cinderella Story.” Anyway, when in doubt switch it up. Don’t let your fear keep you from going for your goals, and this includes your hair!

You May Discover That you like it more than Other Styles

You never know until you try, am I right? For all you know, you may prefer your hair to be a darker color. Chopping your hair into an asymmetrical bob could be the best decision you ever made. Maybe, dying your hair a spring color was the push you needed to complete all of your tasks for the month! You will never know until you take that leap of faith. Think of this change as a way of getting to know yourself a little better than before. Open your eyes and mind to the possibility of liking something else. After all, there is a reason you don’t want your current style. You need a new lease on life, and it could all start with the discovery of a new hairstyle. This new hair could be your new trademark!

Honestly, It Is Only Hair

I know I say that our hair is necessary, a lot. Most of the time I refer to it as our glory, and I mean it, but I want to reiterate that out hair is our property and under our full control. It is not the other way around. We can do what we want to our heads because it is our choice. As long as you are alive, your hair will always grow. The option of wigs and extensions will still be available. Your hair will eventually grow out to its regular color and texture. Therefore, it isn’t anything to stress over. Don’t be stuck in a hair rut, because you are afraid to take a chance. It’s just hair! It is there for our decoration, experimentation, and enjoyment. Have fun with it!

It Can Feel Empowering

Something is exciting and nerve wrecking with knowing you are about to make a drastic change to your hair, especially when you are minutes away from it happening. It can feel energizing, and you will in a way feel like you have gained your power back a little bit! After all, as I said, it’s your hair! Do what you want with it. Step out of the salon chair knowing you look your best with your new look. The anxiety you experience when thinking about is genuine, but it can also be exhilarating and an overall positive experience. Your hair doesn’t define you, you do. Your friends may have a say, but at the end of the day, it is your opinion that matters.

For Those Who Still Need a Little Help, I Got You

Although I believe these reasons are pretty convincing, you may still be on edge. If you are anything like me, then you know that wanting a style and doing it are two different things. I know how it feels. There were nights when I'd lost sleep over debating getting a hairstyle. All kind of thoughts crossed my mind and about half of them said: “no, don’t do it!” So, to further help with your dilemma I’ve come up with some survival tactics that can help. At least this way, you won’t be in shock after seeing yourself a little differently!

Ways to Cope and Prepare for the “Change”

You May Need to Sleep On the Idea

You may be in shock when you first realize you want a new hairstyle. Not only that but a dramatic haircut that you never saw yourself wearing. Give yourself time to keep the idea in your head. Imagine yourself wearing the style at different events and in different situations. Imagine wearing it around your friends and family. Think about how you will act with your new hairstyle and what outfits you will wear with it. Take as much time as you need and keep pictures on your phone of your ideas. Don’t make any judgments right away. You’ll never know whether you dislike the hairstyle or are just surprised by it until you give yourself time to adjust.

Know What You Want, Exactly

Adjusting to a new hairstyle is not always easy. It may take you a few days to even a few weeks to start accepting your new look. To make things easier for yourself, have the exact picture of what you want. I do not mean a picture in your head. I am talking about an actual picture of what you want. Bring the image to the person you want to do your hair and make sure they can give you exactly what you want. It is your hair, and you are in charge of it, so don’t let anyone including salon stylists tell you that a particular style would look better another way. Other options could stress you out more and keep you from getting the style altogether. Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration! Be 100% of what you want. Otherwise, you could regret it.

Choose A Stylist You Trust

When picking out your style, you have to find someone you trust to do it for you. Don’t settle for the friend that is trying to get their portfolio up, because you don’t want this new experience to turn into a traumatic one. Pick a stylist who specializes in what you want. Ask for pictures of their work ahead of time. Compile a list of all possible stylists and narrow it down by asking all of the appropriate questions. Once you pick your stylist, schedule a meeting before your appointment to show them your ideas, and make sure that they know what you want.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust. You Will Need It

The initial shock of a new look can be long-lasting and give you a sense of regret, but this does not necessarily mean you don’t like that style. You need time to adjust to it! I remember when I died my entire hair red. As soon as I got in my car, I started crying. I had no idea that a few days later, it would grow on me and become my trademark. Take a deep breath and give yourself time to adjust to your style. Most people learn to love their new look in less than a week, but if you don’t after this time, then try something else. There is nothing wrong with deciding you don’t like your new look. At least you know to try another look! Don’t stop until you find what works for you. Change isn’t permanent. You can quickly change it back if you hate it. A drastic hair change isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay, but you shouldn’t let fear stop you from experimenting and trying one out. Although, sometimes it helps to change your perspective on things. Rather than yearning for your old look, adopt a positive mindset and embrace the new style.

See What Your Friends Think

I know I said that only your opinion matters, but sometimes finding out what our friends think can push us and motivate us. You may feel a little self-conscious about your idea for your new hairstyle and assume that all of your friends may hate it, but they could surprise you. Leave it to your trusted friends to tell you the truth. If it’s a rough hairstyle, they’ll let you know in uncertain times. Wait until you hear the opinions of your most straight-talking friends and you might feel much more comfortable with the new look.

Always Remember This

Nothing is permanent. I said before that change is bound to happen in one way or another. That includes your hair. If you don’t like your style, you can always switch it back, even if it takes a little while and some effort. Get over the fear of having a new hairstyle. You’ll start to embrace a brand new adventure! What style have you wanted to try? Tell me in the comments!
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