should I have a hair consultation before a switch up

Should I Have A Hair Consultation Before a Switch Up?

You Should Always Have a Say

I am assuming that since you are here, you probably have this urge to switch up your hair. Me too! I always do. So, the next question you are thinking since reading the title of this article: “do you have consultations, every time you switch up your look?” My real answer? No. Truthfully, I don’t always need one. But, I have been around the block a few times to know when I need one and when I don’t. Therefore, I am sharing my knowledge with you here so that you can see the formula and stop debating with yourself if you need to schedule that appointment. I’m here to help!

Types of Hair Consultations: Which One is Right for You?

Let’s get into the most common styles of consultations. Yes, there is more than one! Deciding which one is right for you, depending on the service, may help in determining if you need to schedule one or hold off. Time has also given way to a few other methods that allow individuals to receive reliable advice in the comfort of their homes. Others, however, may opt for the tried-and-true method of visiting a hair salon. These days, there are several types of consultations to choose from for hair appointments.

Hair Style/Color Simulations

Technology has afforded the beauty industry some pretty tremendous benefits. Computerized consultations make it possible to see what a person will look like after styling hair in a completely different way! Hair simulations, also called virtual hair styling, allow people to test different looks and determine which suits them best. This service is especially beneficial to those who have never colored their hair or are planning on a drastic hair change. Usually, the simulation offers a wide selection of colors and hairstyles to provide the best estimation of the result. Some salons offer simulation services, but it's also possible to do the work on your own with the help of hair simulation software. Using your photos to test styles and colors with, you can print out the images you like to take to the salon or show them to friends and family to weigh opinions.

Online Consultations

If you're a busy body like me who can't find the time to head to a salon, consider an online consultation. It's quick, simple and effortless. All you need is internet access! Select websites offer these consultations in chat formats. Some salons want you to have pictures of your current hairstyle and color to help you further. Anyone with a question or concern about color can chat with an expert consultant who is trained to guide users through the often tricky process of coloring hair. First-timers will especially appreciate this service.

The Traditional Consultation

Of course, nothing compares to an actual in-salon consultation. Sitting in a comfortable chair and allowing an experienced stylist to examine your hair and determine which color or colors would best suit your features is the ideal choice if you're a first-timer. When it comes to the stylist-client relationship, nothing is more important than communication. Walking into an appointment without at least some idea of what you want, can be detrimental to both of you, and it's always more helpful if the stylist and client are on the same page. You will feel more confident about the service you will be receiving.

How You Know When It Is Time To Schedule a Consultation

Consultations can be helpful in figuring out what your hair goals are and what is realistically achievable. If you are going through any of these situations, then you should probably schedule a consultation before you decide to change up your look:

If You Are Switching Stylists

You may be the new kid on the block, or maybe you don’t think your current stylist is working out for you anymore. It happens! When you find yourself in a situation like this, and you already have another stylist in mind, it is best to schedule a consultation. Maybe you think you don’t need to. After all, you have been stalking their hair Instagram page for a while now, and you already chose to do the switch. But, it is possible that during a consultation you may find out that the stylist you want may not be for you, after all. Maybe her or his prices are out of your range, or perhaps they can’t do the style you thought they could. Consultations with a new stylist give you the opportunity to feel out if that person is the best person for your hair. Reading reviews help a lot in this area, too. But for you to understand what you will get out of that person, schedule a consultation and see for yourself.

If You Are Chemically Altering Your Hair

If you're thinking of coloring your hair, perming your hair, getting a keratin treatment or anything that could chemically alter your hair forever, a hair consultation will come in extremely helpful. Whether you're a newbie to the world of chemicals or have done it for years but want to try something completely different, you'll benefit from this service. We've all heard those horror stories about chemically altering salon visits that went bad. You have to allow the stylist to analyze your hair and see if a chemical change is best for your strands right now. He or she may tell you that you should wait or that you can’t achieve the color you want in one visit. Finding the right person is only a matter of calling around and selecting someone who's willing and able to do the job. Of course, you can avoid this situation altogether by undergoing a hair color consultation. It also helps prevent disasters, gives people an idea of what might look best on them, and makes future appointments much more manageable.

If You Are Getting a New Cut or Something Considered Permanent

This situation can go hand in hand with chemically altering hair appointments. Things like cutting your hair, locking your hair, or anything of that nature can end up being your worst nightmare. It is true that things like this may not seem permanent, after all, it is just hair! But, the new look will last for a while. During this time, you have to sit in your hairstyle no matter what it is because it can’t change so quickly. If you end up getting a haircut that you hate, that’s at least a month of figuring out how to compensate for your mistake. Don’t make this mistake! Schedule a consultation and relieve yourself of any potential fears. The more details you can give your stylist the better off you will be because both of you will be on the same page. Bring in pictures and show him or her exactly what you want. Doing this will also make the hair stylist feel better about performing the service on you. Contrary to popular belief, hair stylists don’t want to see you leave the salon chair upset about how you look.

If You Don’t Know What You Want

You are in a dilemma where you want to switch up your look, but you can’t put your finger on what you want exactly. That is the perfect time to schedule a consultation! In this situation, it may be best to plan a few queries, especially if they are free. Don’t drastically change your appearance without first confirming with yourself and your stylists that it is 100% what you want. When at your consultation tell your stylist about the problem you are having deciding on a final look. They can analyze your current hair’s state and let you know what the best options are. They can ask you about your personality and determine which best fits your attitude and overall purpose. With each visit, you will be closer and closer to picking out what works best for you. In the end, you may end up with a style you never in your life thought you would pick.

If You Need That Extra Push

You may have been pondering a specific look for a while, but every time you attempt to get it you hold yourself back finally. Maybe in a way you are scared of the change. The look may be something you have never tried or something you never even thought about trying, and you can’t decide if you should do it or not. That is when it is time to schedule a hair consultation. You can show your stylist your idea and they will (hopefully) truthfully let you know what your options are and what would be best for your personality, hair type, lifestyle and even head shape. A trustworthy hair stylist will let you know what they can do and what they are not able to do. The outstanding ones will refer you to a friend or colleague who can perform the service.

Tips for a Successful Hair Consultation

Looking at these circumstances, you probably determined that consultation is needed. Did you decide that it is time to schedule an appointment? Remember, the more detailed the meeting is, the happier you will likely be at the end of the service! Following the guidelines below should help you gain the most out of your hair consultation:

Tip #1

Arrive on time for the meeting. Most discussions when scheduling them are only about 30 to an hour long, and they are usually free. That means the stylist is setting time aside today to make sure you get everything you need out of your appointment if you decide to schedule with him or her. Be respectful and show up with your questions and pictures ready. I’m also going to mention here that if your consultation happens at the shampoo bowl while he or she is washing your hair, then it might be time to move on. The query needs to happen in front of a mirror, with your hair dry so both you and the stylist can see what your hair is doing. The consultation needs to be all talk and no action unless the action is scheduling another appointment right then and there.

Tip #2

Have a general idea of what you want. Some clients spend a few days thinking about what they want for their next style, and others that just thought about it a moment before they walked into the salon chair. Both are fine, and it is a good idea to have some concept of what you are looking for in a hairstyle. If you don’t, then you are giving your stylist free range to do what they think you want them to do. And it will not be pretty if you can’t figure out what you are looking for at that time.

Tip #3

Know yourself and your hair! If you know what works for your lifestyle and how much time you want to spend styling your hair, then you are making your life and the stylist’s job even more comfortable. Know how often wish to return for an appointment. These types of things are essential for the stylist to know the answers to so he/she can create a look that you can replicate based on your time and availability. Don’t get a style that requires your undivided attention at least four days out of the week, when you don’t even have a minute to spare.

Consult with Yourself before Scheduling an Appointment

There are times where consultation is needed to get the look you want. Some stylists require you to come in for one before they do any style on you and some meetings cost money. Fortunately, when money is involved, the payment for the consultation is taken out of the charge for your appointment. A general rule of thumb for if you don’t know whether or not to schedule a consultation: If you think you need one, do it. Usually, when making hair decisions, you already know what you want and who you want to do it. The moment you find yourself lost or confused, it’s the perfect time to bring out the appointment schedule and do your research. What is your experience like with hair consultations? Are you for them or are you not too much of a fan? Let me know in the comments!
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