hair display it sells more hair extensions

Hair Display: It Sells More Hair Extensions!

Hair Extension Stands Rock!

Looking to sell more hair extensions? There are a lot of people wondering how to do the same.

We have a proven way to do so and it is simple.

Having an awesome hair display really works. It helps us sell thousands of dollars in our showroom every day. Customers can't stop taking photos of it. Really!

How do you set up a great looking hair display? It's easy! Take a look. 

A Hair Display Sells!

Let us introduce you to our little friend, the hair extension stand. We absolutely love these stands because they are rock solid. They are heavy duty and built to last. Oh, and they also look awesome.

These hair extension stands started working for us about two years ago. Wait. Does the hair extension stand work for you?

Yeah, they do! They help us sell hair every day in our Atlanta showroom.

As soon as clients walk into the office they instantly gravitate toward our hair display. Hundreds of people have added photos of it all over social media.

The hair display looks so good that we even use a photo of it for our Facebook advertising. This particular ad is actually our best performer. Take a look below:


Have you seen this ad before? You might soon.

It's amazing that our hair display is so awesome that it not only sells hair extensions in our showroom but a photo of it helps sell hair online.

Are you starting to see the importance of a beautiful hair display?


Hair Display Setup

Some things you have to do to sell can be tough. Setting up your own hair extension website could take you weeks to launch.

The great part of setting up your display is that it can be done in 30 minutes or less depending on how many hair extensions you showcase.

All you need are our awesome hair extension stands and luxurious hair extensions. Assembling the hair extension stands really only takes a minute.

Hook the bundle of hair onto the adjustable h-hook and you have your first stand complete.

You can use longer hair for the back of the display and shorter bundles in the front. You will notice in our particular display we have the clip-in hair extensions in the back because they are 20" long. In the front, we use some of our shorter sew-in extensions.

The stands hold hair up to 32" long but you do have to be reasonable on the cost associated with using longer hair extensions.

Hair Display Questions?

We are here to help!

Do you have any questions about how to set up the perfect hair extension display?

Just drop a message in the comments section below.

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